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Tractor Super Seeder in India

As indicated by its name Super Seeder has one of the most advanced technologies among all the other agriculture implements present in the market. It helps farmers to sow wheat without wasting the paddy crop residue left in the field. Hence, it enables farmers to sow wheat simultaneously while harvesting paddy thus making their work efficient and time-saving. It has far more advantages than the traditional system as it helps to naturally maintain the nutrients of the soil with the help of crop residues as well as it reduces the need of burning crop residues. Price of Super Seeder in India: Rs. 2.00-3.00 Lacs*

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Recently Asked Question about Super Seeder Tractor Implements :

Super Seeder is a combination of a rotary tiller and a seed planter with press wheels.

The price of a Super Seeder is Rs. 2.00 lacs* to 3.00 lacs*.

A super seeder is used to sow wheat without wasting the paddy crop residue left in the field.

The best Super seeder in India is Soiltech super seeder, Ks agrotech super seeder, Gomselmash super seeder, and Jagatjit super seeder.

At tractorgyan, you can find the Latest super seeder models in India.

The best Super seeder Brands in India are Soiltech, KS Agrotech, Gomselmash, and Jagatjit.

The amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about Super Seeder subsidy you can visit

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Super Seeder price list.

Mainly There are 2 types of super seeders: automatic super seeders and semi-automatic super seeders.

To operate the Super Seeder minimum of 45 - 60 hp or above tractor is required.

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About Tractor Super Seeder 

A tractor super seeder is an agricultural tool or an tractor implement which is a combination of a Rotary tiller and speed planter with the press wheels it is deliberately used for planting out a wide variety of seeds and it is often used for removing the stubble over the roots and shoots of the crops. The super seeder prices are between Rs. 2 to 4 lakhs respectively.

What are the Uses of super seeder machines in agriculture?

It is one of the growing needs of every farmer in agriculture some of the uses of tractor super seeders are,

  • The seeder is a tractor-mounted device that chops and lifts rice straw, plants wheat in the ground, and then spreads the straw as mulch over the sowed area. 
  • In the field, it also cultivates the paddy straw. 
  • This method saves water while also being environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of the soil. Farmers sometimes burn paddy residue during the wheat-sowing season, which reduces soil fertility and emits pollutants that are detrimental to people, animals, and the environment.

Famous Tractor Super Seeder brands in India:-

Super seeders are precisely used in agricultural activities, and we know that in India agriculture is the only activity that is practiced primarily. Some of the famous super seeder machines in India are as follows,

1.Ks Agrotech super seeder

A 45 HP implement power, the KS agrotech Super Seeder is incredibly affordable and fuel efficient. 

The price of KS agrotech super seeder is approximately around 70,000 – 25,00,000

2.Punni super seeder

The Punni Super Seeder comes with Four different speeds. 

As opposed to the conventional lever type adjustment, a precise system for seed and fertilizer rate control allows for smooth and exact adjustment 

The price of Punni Super Seeder is around 2,70,000

3.Shaktiman Super seeder

The shaktiman Super seeder features a height of 1645 MM with a tilling width of 2114/48.2 with a tractor power of 55 to 65 HP. It has a 3-point hitch type of CAT – II with a rotor swing diameter of 498/16.6.

The price of shakitman super seeder is 2,30,000.

4.Soiltech super seeder

Soiltech super seeder is an implement with a  Power of 40–60 HP that offers fuel-efficient labor. It is a tool made by the Soiltech company, which is renowned for its top-notch niche products.

The price of Solitech super seeder is 80,000 to 1,00,000.

5. Gomselmesh super seeder

Gomselmash Super Seeder is an implement with a  power of 55 HP and beyond and is highly economical and fuel efficient. It is incompatible despite having outstanding quality and effectiveness.

The Gomselmesh super seeders start from 15000 respectively.

6. Jagjit Super seeder

The Jagjit super seeder models have a power of 55 and above with multispeed and aluminum fitted roller type mechanism

The Jagjit super seeder prices start from 15000 respectively.

What are the Specifications of super seeder machines?

  • Environmentally friendly and productive for farmers. Using a seeder that seeds the entire farm is a considerably more shrewd and logical choice than kneeling and planting the fields. 
  • The tractor super seeder implement has a special time design and complex working mechanisms that improve work. 
  • ​​The tractor-driven Seeder machine is the Ultimate One Pass Sowing Solution Machine that prepares the ground by removing paddy stubbles, mixing them with the soil, and sowing seeds all at once. 
  • Rotavator and seed drill are combined to form the super seeder machine. 
  • The super seeders' JLF-type blades guarantee effective soil and residue mixing.
  • It can be utilized for functional tasks and procedures as well as tillage, depending on the needs of the farmers. 
  • Compared to the investment made for other alternatives, it saves the farmer significant money.
  • It is a single-pass solution that satisfies the demands of modern farming and prevents crop residue from burning. It contains an easy-to-use metering mechanism that makes switching between seed varieties possible while reducing seed waste and assuring greater germination. 
  • For greater performance and longevity, cast iron and aluminum were used in the construction of the metering device. 
  • Combining a seed planter with a rotary tiller is minimal maintenance and simple to use.

Is it always preferable to use super seeder equipment to seed the farm in the best and most efficient manner possible? 

Price of super seeders Implement in India 2022

The super seeder prices start from Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs respectively. The super seeder machines are very economical or say affordable and value for money to use. As they are like a great boon to your agricultural activities.

Where you can find the latest tractor super seeders in India?

Visit Tractor Gyan for an in-depth explanation, characteristics, and pricing ranges, as well as for guidance on selecting the best option if you're seeking the best super seeder for your farm. We try to provide the finest service possible to our audience.



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