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New VST Zetor Tractors with Amazing Features and Power Like Never Before

New VST Zetor Tractors with Amazing Features and Power Like Never Before

    New VST Zetor Tractors with Amazing Features and Power Like Never Before

06 May, 2024

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. never disappoints Indian farmers and this tractor manufacturer keeps on fueling innovation in the tractor domain. It has established itself as a pioneer in the 4WD tractor domain and now has something interesting to offer. 

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. has partnered with Zetor and has launched 3 tractors offering timeless, tough, and trusted performance. They are designed after rigorous testing and are delivered with cutting-edge technology integration so that farmers of India experience updated performance. 

VST and Zetor: The Powerful Duo 

Both VST and Zetor are the key players of the tractor industry in their respective operational countries. Zetor was established in 1946 and started empowering the Indian agricultural sector in the 1960s by exporting thousands of Czech tractors to India. The company supplied over 60,000 tractors to Indian farmers between 1970 and 1990 by partnering with HMT. 

Including India, it exports its quality tractors to over 136+ countries and has sold 1.3 million tractors between 1946 and 2021. VST Tiller Tractor LTD. was established in 1967 and has a global presence in over 40 countries. With over 70% share of the power tiller market and manufacturing facilities having a low carbon footprint, this tractor manufacturer leveraged innovation at multiplier fronts. 

Now that both these leaders of the tractor industry are ready to join hands, we’re sure that the launched tractors are bound to be a true testament to quality, excellence, and unmatched performance. 

Models Based on Global Technology and Made in India Principles 

In this launch event, VST and Zetor launched three models, VST Zetor 4211, VST Zetor 4511, and VST Zetor 5011. The HP range for all these models is 42 HP, 45 HP, and 50 HP respectively. 

All these three models are the ideal combination of the Made-in-India approach of VST and the Global Technology approach of Zetor. 

As a result, these models come with cutting-edge features such as: 

Highly Efficient VZ engine with UCWLT 

This range is delivered with a high-performing VZ engine with UCWLT or Unit Cylinder Wet Liner Technology, along with a Lube Oil Cooler system. Because of these technologies, the engine tends to deliver great performance in all types of conditions. 

Powerful Hydraulic Controls

These tractors feature VZ hydraulics with auto depth & draft control and VZ matic system. This advanced hydraulics ensures that weight lifting is easy and less strenuous for the operators.  The maximum lifting capacity of these models is 1800 KG, which is enough for moderate to semi heavy-duty farming and commercial activities. The PTO used in this tractor range is of  GSPTO types. 

Efficient Controls 

You will get side shift gear and modern instrument controls for better accessibility. The side shift position ensures that farmers can reach the gear shift control easily while the modern instrument controls provide accurate performance-related data. 

Heavy Duty Box Type Front Axle 

Adding to the strength of the tractors, this range features a heavy-duty box-type front axle. The box-shaped design provides sturdy structures that withstand heavy loads. It also leads to better weight distribution. 

Spacious Platform for Added Comfort 

To ensure that farmers don’t feel fatigued during long-hour operations, this range has a wide VZ Deluxe seat. The seat has an adjustable feature so that farmers can adjust the seat according to their height. 

Helical Gear Box 

The VZ Helical gearbox used in this range of tractors comes with a forced lubrication system. This transmission system is best known to transmit power from the engine to the wheels seamlessly. The helical gear mesh promoted smoother and quieter operations.

Excellent Design Elements 

These three tractor models have modern and highly functional design elements. For instance, they come with integrated car-like headlamps for better visibility, a highly stylish SMC bonnet, and a heat deflector for comfortable usage. 
Additionally, you get to see compact packaging with under hood Muffler, a Dashboard with a Digital Cluster, and fully covered fenders.

A New Era of Functionality Begins 

With this partnership, VST and Zetor lay the foundation for redefining the Made in India approach and empowering it with international quality standards. VST Zetor 4211, VST Zetor 4511, and VST Zetor 5011 are three revolutionary models through which these two leading tractor manufacturers are offering an opportunity to Indian farmers to experience modern farm mechanization, comfort, and trusted performance in one go.

VST Press Release

Bangalore, 6th May 2024 : VST ZETOR Private Ltd., the joint venture between VST Tillers Tractors Ltd and HTC Investments a.s (Owner of the “ZETOR” brand), announced the launch of three best-in-class higher HP tractors in the country today. Mr. Antony Cherukara, Managing Director, VST Zetor and Mr. Filip Soka, Vice Chairman, VST Zetor, jointly announced the launch in Bengaluru. The three new tractors launched in the range of 41 to 50 HP are VST ZETOR 4211, VST ZETOR 4511, and VST ZETOR 5011. These products are jointly developed by VST & ZETOR after rigorous testing and technological integration post taking valuable inputs from the farming community in India. 

VST Zetor tractors developed at VST Zetor plant in India, features an indigenously made powerful, best-in-class DI Engine, fully constant mesh transmission with helical gears and VZmatic hydraulics. Its wider Platform, dual diaphragm clutch, optimum turning Radius, adjustable premium seat, dual-acting power steering and aerodynamic styling ensure ease of operation with desired comfort.

VST ZETOR tractors are best suited for a wide range of applications starting from land preparation to post-harvest operations. It is highly compatible with all heavy-duty non-agriculture tasks along with all primary, secondary tillage and haulage applications of Agriculture.

Mr. Antony Cherukara, MD VST Zetor, said “The launch of these tractors is a significant milestone as with these models we are entering into the 60% of the tractor industry of India, i.e. the higher HP segment. These tractors will help to strengthen our brand and build a much stronger tractor portfolio to cater to a wide range of farming applications and geographical market needs. VST Zetor has launched these tractors after thorough research and understanding of the requirements of the Indian farming community. These tractors are engineering marvels developed with the FAST FRUGAL and FUTURE READY approach of VST with TRUSTED, TIMELESS & TOUGH Identity of ZETOR, to offer technological efficiency for better earnings to the farmer. Going with its vision statement to emerge as the best solution provider for farm mechanization VST Zetor will introduce many more products in the Indian and International markets soon”.

Mr. Filip Soka, Vice Chairman of VST ZETOR, highlighted ZETOR's 60-year legacy in India, renowned for its durability, reliability, and versatility. “Today, we fulfill the long-awaited desire to see ZETOR tractors in action on Indian soil. Our launch unveils three models tailored to meet the diverse needs of Indian farmers. Leveraging VST's expertise in 4WD compact tractors, well-received in Europe, this collaboration promises to raise agricultural standards in India”.

“With a global presence in 130+ countries, our partnership with VST aims to strengthen our footprint in India, the world's largest tractor market. Together, we empower Indian farmers with machinery embodying trust, timelessness, and toughness”.

Some of the Key features of the VST Zetor Tractors are -

  • VZ Series Powerful Engines with Unit Cylinder Wet Liner Technology (UC-WLT)

  • Helical Constant Mesh Gearbox with Forced Lubrication System

  • Heavy Duty Rear Axle & Cold Forged Differential Gear

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulics with Auto Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) and VZ-Matic

  • Side Gear Shift, Under Hood Muffler, Heavy Duty Fenders

  • Heavy-duty Box type Front Axle for application versatility.

  • Spacious Wider Platform with Adjustable Deluxe Seat

Taking operational comfort to the next level These Tractors have Integrated Car-like Headlamps, Compact packaging with under hood Muffler, a Stylish SMC Bonnet, a Stylish Dashboard with a Digital Cluster, a Heat Deflector, a Stylish & fully Covered Fenders, a Side Shift lever and GSPTO. 

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