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6 ways to make your crop pest-resistant

    6 ways to make your crop pest-resistant

6 ways to make your crop pest-resistant

18 Jul, 2020

6 ways to make your crop pest-resistant.

Pests are the major reason for crop damage and yield loss. They are dangerous enough to eat a significant amount of crop and can reduce crop output to a great extent if they are not processed properly on time.  Therefore, here are some great methods that one can adopt to get rid of these dangerous pests.



Pesticides are the chemical used to kill pests. It includes insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides. Rodenticides are given with some food as a bait to rodents, insecticides are sprayed on the crops and fungicides are sprayed on seeds before sowing. The method of using pesticides is most commonly used by farmers but the use of pesticides contaminate the harvest which can result in various deadly diseases.

Therefore, now let us look at some ways that can help us to fight pests without using any type of chemical.


2.Crop Rotation

 It is a technique that involves the cultivation of different type of crop season by season. The primary benefit of this method is that the pests don't get familiar with the same type of crop and hence the intensity of pest attack will slow down gradually. Besides, crop rotation also enriches the soil with more nutrients due to the use of different nutrients for different crop and hence enhances crop fertility.



It is the type of method that involves simultaneous cultivation of two or more than two types of the crop on the same field. Due to this, there is adequate space between the same type of crop and it reduces the dire attack of pests. The method also saves a farmer from undergoing huge loss in a single farming season as he has a backup plan with the other one.


4.Using pests to kill pests

Farmers can use some pests to kill the unwanted one. For this, we have to maintain a balance in ecology so that the problem can get solved naturally.


5.Maintaining Crop Diversity

One should try his hands on different species so that the possibility of each getting damaged reduces. Also, it increases our farming knowledge and makes ourselves more familiar with a different type of farming.


6. Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides is the need of an hour to protect ourselves from harmful chemicals and to be away from there toxicity. Organic Pesticides involves the use of Neem, livestock urine, Timur(a Nepali spice), garlic, etc.

 Effective use of these methods can save our crop from getting destroyed and also save us from suffering a huge loss. So, try the one which suits you the best.



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