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"5 Tricks to get more yields from your land"

    "5 Tricks to get more yields from your land"

5 Tricks to get more yields from your land

18 Jul, 2020

"5 Tricks to get more yields from your land"


Many farmers work hard day and night in their field but still, they can't make that much output from it. The biggest reason for this problem is less attention towards some small things. Farmers have to just do some simple things by which they can increase their production. Here are some tricks for the same:

●        Regular soil quality check:

You should do soil testing at regular intervals. This will let you know the composition of your soil, the number of minerals, the quantity of NPK and nutrients. On the basis of the test report, you will get clarity about which crop type is perfect for your field.

It is advisable to always do the proper soil quality check but if you don't want to then here are some tests which you can do by yourself.


●        High-Quality seed:

Most of the time farmers go for low-quality seed instead of quality seeds to save money but they don't understand that in whole it wouldn't be profitable. You can also use hybrid seeds for better results.


Image showing the difference between high-quality chia seeds and low-quality chia seeds.



●        Proper watering system:

This point is misapprehended by almost everyone. The proper watering system doesn't mean watering in quantity it means 'quality watering with available quantity'.Improper watering leads to salinisation and waterlogging around crops. To avoid such problems you should use a special sprinkler, pump and drip system. In water scared water you should go for Borwell, rainwater harvesting.


Image showing a well-developed irrigation system.


 ●        Artificial ecosystem:

Some crops grow well in certain environmental conditions. You can artificially create a similar kind of ecosystem around them which will bolster their growth. The correct amount of sunlight, moisture and wind helps crops to nourish properly.


Image showing an artificial ecosystem.


●        Improvement of soil quality:

The continuous production of the crops on the same piece of land results in low-quality soil. For the maintenance of quality, farmers should practice crop rotation, biological pest control. Even they should use legumes, green manure and earthworms for the betterment of soil.


Image showing earthworms in the field.

 These points will appear small to you but surely they will create immense change in your production quality and amount. And to do these you don't require some big and expensive equipment, just some simple things and basic knowledge on how to use them. So try them and see the change.



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