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Ways to manage water in Farming

    Ways to manage water in Farming

Ways to manage water in Farming

Ways to manage water in Farming


Water is a very important element of our life and we must use it properly otherwise an unwanted usage of water may lead to the severe water crisis in the near future.

In farming, irrigation is very important and hence the water requirement is also that much significant. Therefore, we must develop some habits of managing water, so that we would not face any serious issue of water scarcity in future. Below are some ways from which one can manage water efficiently.

1.Drip Irrigation


It is the type of irrigation that directly irrigate the roots of plants and saves water from evaporating whereas the spraying technique of water results in more water loss. Moreover, a timer must be set for irrigating the field. Irrigation in the cooler part of the day will even save more water. This distinct irrigation technique saves up to 80% of more water than conventional methods.


2.Dry Farming

Some farmers in California have adopted the method of dry farming that uses soil moisture to grow. The method increases the flavour but results in a lesser yield. Wine grapes, olives, Apples can be cultivated through dry farming but special attention is required during tillage season in this farming.


3. Capturing and Storing Water


Water conservation is the best method to get rid of water scarcity. we should conserve water in ponds, wells etc. This will lead to decrease our dependence on municipality and also many aquatic species would have their habitat. In India, a significant amount of rainwater is not conserved and get mixed into the oceans.


4.Rotational Grazing


In this livestock are moved between the fields to improve pasture regrowth. It makes our field more water-absorbent and reduces water runoff. At the same time, it provides food to their livestock therefore, it has a double advantage and must be practised by farmers to prevent water loss.


5.Go Organic


The chemical fertilizers are one on the reason for water contamination. Organic farming involves the use of organic manure that enriches the soil nutrients at the same time increases water absorbing capacity. The method also gives more output and increases groundwater level by 20%.

Conservation of water is everyone's responsibility and we all should contribute little or more towards this. Water is the most basic necessity of life and if we manage it effectively then this will be very beneficial for all of us in the long run.



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