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"Subsidies related to the water system every farmer should know."

    "Subsidies related to the water system every farmer should know."

"Subsidies related to the water system every farmer should know."

"Subsidies related to the water system every farmer should know."


Water is one of the necessary requirements for any plant to grow properly. Usually due to scarcity of water in some areas and as a proper water management system requires a large investment to be done most of the farmers ignore it. And earlier one of the prominent reasons was lack of policies and facilities for the same issue. Government has come up with some policies with the purpose of helping farmers to get a proper water system on their farm. Here, are some subsidies and policies by the government


●        Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana:

This yojana was proposed by the government of India to increase the irrigation system in farms. Under this yojana,90% subsidy on drip irrigation and  75% subsidy on the sprinkler. The thought behind this scheme is just to increase the yields of farmers.PMKSY includes the following initiatives: PMKSY(Har khet ko pani), PMKSY(Watershed) and PMKSY(Per Drop More Crop-PDMC).


●        Micro Irrigation Fund:

NABARD has come up with the Micro-irrigation fund in 2018-19. Under this fund, the amount of Rs.5000 crore will be used for the encouragement of micro-irrigation. It will also focus on the enhancement of farming facilities by the state government policies.


●        National Mission of sustainable agriculture:

The mission of this scheme is sustainable agriculture. By the term sustainable agriculture here we mean methods or techniques of agriculture which will make effective use of the present resources in such a way that it would not affect our future generations.

Under this scheme, you can get help from the government for the following:


1.      Drip irrigation.

2.      Sprinkler irrigation.

3.      Water harvesting system.

4.      Water carrying pipes.

5.      For bore well, shallow tube well and dug well.


●        State Government schemes

In addition to these central government schemes, there are many state governments schemes for example.


1.      Free of cost boring structure(Uttar Pradesh).

2.      Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana(Maharashtra)

3.      Solar pump subsidy (Madhya Pradesh)

4.      Water tank subsidy (Rajasthan)


These are only a few schemes and subsidies of governments but farmers should check on various government platforms such as the department of agriculture, cooperation and farmers welfare and even on the state government website. As now the government has become quite aware of farmers problems they have formed many schemes for them. Farmers should just have to be little aware and they should just know how to take advantage of it.



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