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"Vertical Farming: Modern spacious way of farming."

    "Vertical Farming: Modern spacious way of farming."

"Vertical Farming: Modern spacious way of farming."

26 Jul, 2020

Have you seen those vertical pillars of the metro bridge in Pune or maybe in Delhi, Bangalore? The green and fresh plants on the wall clean the air and increase the aesthetic beauty of the city.


This is only one application of vertical farming. Basically, Vertical farming is just like normal farming but in it, you have to grow plants in vertical plates or layers. Through this way, one can grow a great number of plants on just a few square feets of land.


Why does vertical farming appear like the perfect farming way for the present time?

As with the increase in population, one gets to see cities, towns and roads full of people, houses and industries. We only have limited space left for farming and it calls for something under which we can get high yields on a small piece of land. Vertical farming let us do exactly the same thing. It not only solves our space issue but it also comes with some complimentary benefits like-


●         As, If we go for vertical farming then we don't have to destroy the forest and natural habits of flora and fauna which will help in biodiversity conservation.


●        Even we can do vertical farming through various methods which will help us to grow certain plants all year.


●        Let you save the extra money by minimising the expenditure on labours and transportation because it requires less workforce and you can set up a vertical farm near to the market.


●        Vertical farms require less water, pesticides and fertilisers.


Some points about which you should know-


There are some demerits of Vertical farming which require your concern, so let just have a look at them.


●        If you are thinking of vertical farming as commercial farming then you should be in a state of doing a large investment. Because it requires lots of money to set up a vertical farm.


●        In vertical farming, the energy supply is very important. As it's not necessary that you will get the favourable weather conditions and the appropriate amount of light to each and every sapling then you should be ready with energy back up.


●        Environmental pollution can also be one of the problems if energy needs are satisfied by non-renewable sources of energy.


●        We can't disagree with the fact that natural things are always best and reliable. Failure of an artificial environment will lead to unwanted disturbance in production.

After seeing both sides of vertical farming one might have questions about it but one thing which can help you to come out of this dilemma is 'proper strategy and management '.Opt for a proper strategy and management plan for vertical farming according to your preferences and needs then only you can make the best of it.


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