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Top 7 agriculture institutions in India.

    Top 7 agriculture institutions in India.

Top 7 agriculture institutions in India.

28 Aug, 2020

In this era, agriculture has grown immensely and now it is not limited to the farms only. People are choosing agriculture as their careers and making most of it and even better than others. And the best thing about the agriculture field is that it can never undergo a shutdown because food keeps us alive.

Agri-business Management, Agriculture biotechnology, Agriculture engineering, Horticulture are some fields which will grow more in future and being a specialist in any one of these will be just like having a jackpot. For being a specialist you need to have proper knowledge about the field and here are some institutions in India which will help you in getting the best:

  • Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Delhi:

This institution was established in 1905 and now it has 20 divisions,3 research projects,5 multidisciplinary and 10 national centres,2 off-season nurseries and 8 regional stations. This is also popularly known as Pusa.


  • Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCSHAU), Hisar:

It was built-in 1970 and there are four different colleges here such as College of Agriculture, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, College of Home Science and College of Basic Sciences and Humanities. The college is well developed.


  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU), Coimbatore:

It was originally established in Saidapet in 1868 but later on, it was shifted to Coimbatore. The university offers 13 UG courses,40 graduation courses and 26 Doctoral programmes. The university also owns 36 Research Centres and 14 science centres.


  • Punjab Agriculture University(PAU), Ludhiana:

One of the oldest and best universities in the country created in 1962. The university has well-developed campus facilities like laboratories, hostels, lecture rooms, etc. They were also behind the PAU Act passed in February 1970.


  • Acharya N.G Ranga Agriculture University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad:

The university was initially named as Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University but later on, as a gesture of respect, its name was changed to Acharya N G Ranga Agriculture University to the memorable efforts and work of Acharya N G Ranga in the field of farming. The university has both UG and PG courses.


  • National Dairy Research Institute(NDRI), Karnal:

This institution in Haryana was established in 1923 and it comes among the top dairy institutes. It offers various UG, PG and diploma courses. The facilities and quality of education of NDRI are great that's why it is favourite of most of the students.


  • GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBPUA&T), Uttarakhand:

The university was created in 1960 and now it offers PG programs in different fields like Agriculture, Basic Science, Fishery, Home Science and many more. The university was started with 2,878 staff and  1500+ other members but now it's among the top.


These were only a few top institutions both there are many in which you can take admission if you are looking forward to a bright future in Agriculture.


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