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"Smart Crop Monitoring tips for an increase in yields."

    "Smart Crop Monitoring tips for an increase in yields."

"Smart Crop Monitoring tips for an increase in yields."

We are already well aware of the fact that crop monitoring helps farmers to a great extent to keep their yields safe and secure from unwanted insects and weather changes. Despite  the traditional methods here are some tips which must be known by a farmer for better results:


●        Use Flytraps:

Generally, farmers spray pesticides and insecticides to stop the interaction of insects, pests and fly with their crop. The side effects of which is a drop in the quality of the crop. Farmers can use venus flytrap which will trap flies for them and will also help in decreasing the usage of chemicals on the crop.


●        Do Weather Monitoring:

You must be wondering, 'Why are we talking about weather monitoring?.' Because, most of the people neglect this point but as the weather plays a significant role in crop growth so keeping a check of it's also necessary. You should regularly analyse the temperature, wind speed, precipitation, humidity and sun radiation for better crop results.


●        Use crop monitoring application:

As we have already mentioned some farming-related applications earlier similarly there are many applications available for crop monitoring. You just have to search for it and you will find a list of some best apps, choose the one with which you are comfortable. But definitely use them because they have detailed information about everything from experts.


●        Use Digital Pest Control:

Digital Pest Control will definitely help you in keeping your crops pest-free. Although farmers prefer doing the pest control manually with a digital pest control system you can easily locate the insects and kill them in a few minutes. This way your work will be easier and effective.


●        Monitor your crops from the sky:

Drone usage in farming is normal now. Recently, we have used drone technology against locusts. In this way, drones have made their way to small farms also. Drones can help you in spraying work as well as it can help you to keep an eye on insects. So if you feel like investing in a little bit for crop security then you should definitely check drones for once.

These were just some simple tips for crop monitoring which will help you in doubling your production. Sometimes small doing gives you great results, so DO TRY them!.



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