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"Role Of Cow in Agriculture"

    "Role Of Cow in Agriculture"

Role Of Cow in Agriculture"

31 Jul, 2020

Cows are an integral part of Indians life. The major portion of our working population is engaged in farming and therefore there is no farm Product that is not produced in India. In a country like India where agriculture is so prominent the importance of livestock is also there. The cow is one of those animals that is worshipped in our country and they too play a very significant role in our agriculture.

Therefore, there is a huge importance of cows in the agricultural domain because of numerous reasons.

Below are some ways through which they contribute a lot to the agriculture and thus prove their importance



Majority of our farmers have a small piece of land and to plough such a small area through tractor is quite expensive. Therefore, they use oxen to plough their field. While ploughing the chance of your field being damaged is also less than that can occur if you use a tractor.


Cattle manure

We are switching towards organic farming with a great pace and one of its important components is organic manure. Cow's dung is natural manure that is highly beneficial for plant growth. Dung from a single cow is sufficient for five acres of land. It is affordable, at the same time it prevents land degradation also due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and maintains soil fertility.


Insecticides from cow

Cow's urine is the best natural insecticides that is used to kill insects and pests that can damage our crop. It is estimated that urine of a single cow can protect crop of 10 acres of land area.



Around 6,00,000 villages in India do not have motorable roads and in such vulnerable areas, oxen prove very important. Now, Also the majority of farmers transport their harvest through Ox- Carts. Therefore, they are of prime importance in rural areas for so many transporting activities also.


Cow Products

The different popular beverages like tea, coffee, etc require milk which is obtained from a cow. Not only this, but milk is also used in numerous edible items production like Ghee, butter, curd. All these items are an essential part of our Indian meal.

So, overall cow is a part and parcel of our agriculture. They provide us with so many valuable things and also do lots of laborious work. Therefore, they must be protected and cared to the same extent as they work for us. Proper health check up and nutritional feeding can make them stronger and healthier.


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