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"Mixed farming: Profit-Earning way of farming."

    "Mixed farming: Profit-Earning way of farming."

Mixed farming requires much attention and management skills

04 Aug, 2020

In any kind of business profit is the most significant thing. And as we know that earning profits in farming isn't an easy job to do because here everything depends on lots of factors and there is no control of yours among some of them like weather conditions.

 But there is one thing which is in your hand and that is to adapt those ways in which the risk is less and options are more just like Mixed farming. Let's just explore mixed farming.


What is mixed farming?

In mixed farming different types of farming practices are done on the same land. It has the involvement of both crops and animals  There are several types of mixed farming but the one which is popular among people and convenient is Mixed Cropping.


Why should you choose mixed farming?


●        Your land will be productive for the whole year. And you can continuously produce goods from it.

●        Some crops benefit each other by creating the necessary conditions for one to grow.

●        You don't have to spend much on insecticide, fertiliser and all. You can reuse the waste from some crops and can turn it into valuable compost or manure for other crops.

●        Reduction in wastage is a big benefit of mixed farming. Someone can feed the crop waste to their animals.

●        Fewer chances of disease and insects spread in the field than monoculture.

●        A stable source of income for farmers as they have something whole year to earn from it whether it's their yield or through animals.


Points to keep in mind -

●        Mixed farming requires much attention and management skills of a person than simple farming because it is difficult to take care of a variety of crops and animals.

●        You need to have great knowledge of each crop that you are growing and also how to take care of animals, vaccination and all. There is so much one should know before going into mixed farming.

●        There are limitations on the space for one crop or each agriculture practice you do. You are not able to grow one kind of crop in half of the field, you need to maintain the ratio.

●        Sometimes one crop can damage the other and it can be of great loss for you.

Mixed farming can be the best way for you to make money but if you don't have the management skills then you will face great losses. So try to make a suitable strategy for you and then go for the best-mixed farming practice.


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