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Multi-layer farming : The Why and the how.

Multi-layer farming : The Why and the how.

    Multi-layer farming : The Why and the how.

Multi-layer farming : The Why and the how.

06 Aug, 2020

It is a type of intercropping that involves growing of plants at different heights on the same field at the same time. This method of cropping is mostly practised in orchards and plantations.

The method came into practice to have good utilisation of available land as well as solar energy. Those plants are planted at the top which requires more sunlight and is less prone to transpiration while those require to shed and high humidity are situated at the bottom.

Process of Multilayer Farming

●     The method involves the use of a multilayer seed sowing method in which vegetables and fruits are sown in the deep middle or topmost region based on their favorable conditions.

●     The seeds of various creepers like bottle guard, the bitter guard are sown in small pits along with the mixture of organic manure and soil.

●     Several farmyard manure, leaf-based liquids are applied for proper growth and to maintain the health of crops.

●     There should be mixed Cultivation in multilayer farming like leguminous crops should be planted along with non-leguminous crops. Deep-rooted crops should be mixed with shallow-rooted crops.

●     Crops like sweet potato and elephant foot yam should be mixed with leafy crops.


Benefits of Multilayer Farming

●     Multilayer Farming sustains the cash flow. As multiple crops avail farmer to remail financially capable throughout the year.

●     Also, it employs a lot of people for the entire year.

●     It also reduces the impact of heavy rainfall, landslides and soil erosion.

●     Multiple crops require multiple nutrients and hence soil gets enriched with numerous nutrients increasing its fertility.

●     Multiple crops also enhance biodiversity which indirectly helps to prevent crop attacks of weeds, pests and several other crop diseases.

●     Water retention capacity of the soil improves by this method.

●     The farming method maintains ecological balance in the environment.


Multilayer Farming is a very useful farming method for farmers having a small piece of land. Moreover, it gives a satisfactory amount of income to farmers throughout the year. Also, the chances of crop failure degrade due to multiple cropping. Therefore, one should try this sustainable agricultural method and get benefitted. Specially plantation crops like Coconut, Areca nut, Coffee, and Cashew receive high benefits from multi-layer farming and you can try your hands at this. The method will maximize the proper utilization of resources with higher efficiency.


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