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"Enhance your knowledge with these amazing agriculture courses."

    "Enhance your knowledge with these amazing agriculture courses."

"Enhance your knowledge with these amazing agriculture courses."

13 Aug, 2020

Agriculture in itself is a vast field and the more you know about it, the more you will find to explore. In this journey of exploration and learning, it is important that you must know what can be the best for you.

Now in India also you can get to learn about some unique and amazing agriculture fields. So,  here are a few courses that you can do if you want to do something in the field of agriculture.


●        B.Sc in genetic plant breeding:

This is a three-year course and one with higher education in physics, chemistry and biology from any college in India. It mainly focuses on genetics application to improve the cultivation.


●        B.Sc in soil and water management:

This is a four-year course and anyone with 10+2 education in PCB can apply for it. This involves the study of various soil and water management methods. You can learn how to enhance the quality of your soil and water through this course.


●        B.Sc in Agriculture Economics and Farm Management:

The eligibility criteria are the same as others i.e.10+2 education in PCM and the time period of this is also four years. This course is helpful for you in the management of your farm and economics.


●        M.Sc in Plant Physiology:

Through this course, you can have a wide knowledge of plants like the various processes such as respiration, photosynthesis and transpiration. It will help you in gaining detailed knowledge about plants. And it's a full-time course.


●        M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology:

This course deals with three fields mainly-pathology, breeding and physiology of the plant. It will train you about how to use the knowledge in the industry. The time period for this course is two years.


●        M.Sc in Soil Science:

This course will take two years to complete and you will learn about GPS and GIS techniques, watershed management, plant biology, agriculture machinery, and land deprivation.


●        Diploma in Agriculture:

This can be a great option if you don't want to do B.Sc or M.Sc.The period for this is also 2 years. Through this course, you will get an idea about agriculture, biology, horticulture, and many things.

One thing which you should know is that eligibility criteria for all these courses will vary from college-to-college. Getting a degree in agriculture will not only help you in gaining knowledge but you can also get a nice job in a related field.


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