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क्या आप जानते है कि 55-60 Hp ट्रैक्टर किन किसानो को खरीदना चाहिए।

क्या आप जानते है कि 55-60 Hp ट्रैक्टर किन किसानो को खरीदना चाहिए।

    क्या आप जानते है कि 55-60 Hp ट्रैक्टर किन किसानो को खरीदना चाहिए।

क्या आप जानते है कि 55-60 Hp ट्रैक्टर किन किसानो को खरीदना चाहिए।

19 Aug, 2020

There are a vast number of tractors of different brands that are available in the range of 55- 60 HP in India. But the question is to which group of farmers or customers this particular range is suitable. 

Some points that describe specific features of tractors that come in this range :

  • The lifting capacity of tractors lie in this range have lifting capacity from  1500 kg to 2000 kg. Hence, they can be used as goods carriers.

  • The tractors of this range are best suited for utility operations.

  • The 50-60 HP range tractors provide an ideal condition for square bailing.

  • The tractors fall under this range can also be used as brush hogging. A brush hog is basically a mower that rotates. It is hitched at the back of the tractor.

         The customer who has the requirements as mentioned earlier should buy tractors that have the HP rating of their engine              in the range 55-60 HP. 

        The various brands that manufacture their different models in this specific range are listed below:

New Holland tractors

         New Holland tractors produced three tractors that lie in this range, and they are:

  • New Holland 6010 has a 60 HP rating engine. Excel version of New Holland 6010 also has

  • the same HP rating.

Turbo super of New Holland tractors comes in 55 HP rating engine.

Kubota tractor

          Kubota's MU5501 4WD and MU5501 both are available in 55 HP rating engine.

John Deere tractors

         This brand of the tractor has three models in this specific range, and they are:

  • John Deere 5055E and 5310 have 55 HP rating engine.

  • The 5060E model of John Deere comes with a rating of 60 HP.

Swaraj Tractors

  • The three models of its FE series make a place in this category:

  • Swaraj 963FE, Swaraj 960FE, and Swaraj 855FE with HP rating as 60 HP, 60 HP, and 55 HP respectively.

  • 855XM model of Swaraj has an engine with an HP rating in the range 50-55 HP.

Powertrac tractors

        The powertrac brand of tractors has launched about three models in the 55-60 HP range. These include :

  • Escorts powertrac Euro 60 is available in 60 HP.

  • Escorts powertrac Euro 55 that has 55 HP engine.

  • Escorts powertrac 4455 BT is also available in 55 HP rating.

    These are the models of different brands that accomplish the task of 55-60 HP tractors. If your requirements lie in the features as mentioned above about these types of tractors, then you should buy after analyzing more facilities and specifications of that particular tractor.


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