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Hybrid Tractors: A Step towards Economical Advanced Future

Hybrid Tractors: A Step towards Economical Advanced Future

    Hybrid Tractors: A Step towards Economical Advanced Future

Hybrid Tractors: A Step towards Economical Advanced Future

19 Aug, 2020

Traditional fossil fuels are depleting day by day. Every machine that uses them has either been replaced or modified to run on more sustainable sources of energy. 

One such machine is our automobiles, they consume a hefty amount of fuel and their efficiency is always a question. Many big automobile and tractors manufacturers have shifted to new technology D-E engines and traditionally known as hybrid vehicles. 

Hybrid tractor use D-E engines which have a generator connected to a diesel engine to power it along with fuel. Some hybrid vehicles use batteries for this purpose. A few tractors also offer features to use different power modes like purely fuel, purely electric or hybrid tractor. 

Some notable advantages of these hybrid tractors over conventional diesel engines are:-


  • Improved efficiency

Use of extra generators improves the efficiency by recharging the rechargeable battery equipped inside it. It can be used to power the tractors while heavy operations and recharging during light operations, which improves its efficiency by 10-15% or even more. 


  • Lower emissions

Lower fuel consumption also results in lower emissions which makes these tractors more eco-friendly. With stricter emission norms getting passed every day by the governments, these tractors are really being seen as the future.


  • No use of clutch

Hybrid engines are powered by batteries, so they work like electric engines that provide the torque from 0 rpm without the use of a clutch to revive transmission during the functioning of the engine. It completely eliminates the cost of a clutch.

Clearly Hybrid tractors have many advantages over conventional engines but they are actually a very expensive technology. With the day to day research and developments, they may become more affordable in the future. Many tractor companies have recently launched their hybrid models in expos and exhibitions and some of them have launched their models too. The day is not far when hybrid tractors would be seen ruling the farms of the whole country. 



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