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Top 10 Tips To Buy The Best Cultivator For Your Farm | Tractorgyan

Top 10 Tips To Buy The Best Cultivator For Your Farm | Tractorgyan

    Top 10 Tips To Buy The Best Cultivator For Your Farm | Tractorgyan

26 Feb, 2022

The cultivator is a farm implement used to stir soil. The process of stirring is done either before sowing or after the seeds germinate and small plants start growing. The latter process is done to kill the weeds that hinder the crop growth, and the former is done to aerate the soil and prepare a smooth loose seedbed.

A cultivator is the best-helping hand that farmers engaged in modern farming can ask for. From breaking up the hard soil clumps to removing weeds, a cultivator performs a wide range of crucial farming activities for farmers. 

Smart farmers already knew that investing in high-quality cultivators increases farm efficiency and crop yield. A wise decision on this part benefits farmers on multiple fronts. But we also know that finding the best cultivator in India is not easy because: 

  • There are many options available 

  • The cost of cultivator models varies extensively 

  • Many types of cultivators exist 

  • Different cultivator types have different features 

If you want to buy the best cultivator model, you need to learn more about cultivators and their related aspects. This is why we decided to help you. 

Top 10 Tips to Buy the Best Cultivator for Your Farm 

If buying a cultivator is on your mind and you need to make the best choice ever, these expert tips will certainly help you. 

Tip #1- Understand the soil types and conditions 

First, farmers should know the types of soil their farm has. This is important because different soil types and conditions require different types of cultivators. 

For instance, rocky or compact soil will have dense clumps that require many blades to break easily. On the other hand, some farms have loose soil that doesn't require much breaking but a finishing touch. 

These two soil conditions will require different types of cultivators. Disc harrow cultivators have multiple steel discs that can break up compacted soil easily whereas the small tines and chains of tine & harrow cultivators are perfect for giving the finishing touch to the soil. 

So, it’s very important to know the type of soil your farm has and purchase the cultivator accordingly. 

Tip #2- Figure out your cultivation needs 

Every farmer has different types of farming needs. Some farmers require deep tillage while few have to deal with weed control. According to different cultivation needs, your farm will ask for different cultivators. 

For instance, tasks like weed removal and soil aeration are best done with the help of bar point cultivators. But, if you need heavy tillage for crops having a deep root system, you need a chisel plough that can till the soil at a deeper depth. This is why knowing the cultivation needs is very crucial to purchase.  

Tip #3- Consider the types of crops you grow on your farms 

You can’t have the best cultivator if you're not purchasing it according to the type of crop you will grow on your farm. If you do the farming of fruits and vegetables then you require a disc harrow that can handle the shallow roots of these crops. 

Farmers engaged in the farming of crops like corn and soybeans often have to deal with excess weeds. They also have deep roots that require deep tillage. In that case, a chisel plough is a better option. Every crop requires a different type of cultivation ecosystem and a cultivator should be picked accordingly. 

Tip #4- Keep the farm size in mind 

You should be aware of the total farm size before buying a cultivator in India. If you own a small farm, less than 1500 square feet, then a mini cultivator of within 6 HP is the best choice to make. Farms larger than this size require high HP.  

Here is a quick breakdown of cultivator HP based on the farm size. 

Farm Size 

Cultivator HP 

Less than 10 acre 

1-3 HP or 500-2,000 watts

Between 10 to 20 acre

5-6 HP or 2,000-3,000 watts

More than 20 acre

6-7 HP or 4,000-5,000 watts

Tip #5- Check out the operating width and productivity of the cultivator 

Cultivators are available in different types of operating widths, which is the land that they can cover in one go. Farmers need to learn about the operating width of the cultivators before buying them. Cultivators with a small operating width, below 40 cm, will cover a very small part of the land in one go. Hence, farmers will have to invest more time. Cultivators with 20cm-40cm operational width are ideal for farmers owning small farming land. 

Owners of huge farmlands should go for cultivators having operating widths between 70cm-100cm so that a large part of the land is cultivated in a single pass. 

Tip #6- Check the blade material 

Cultivator is an investment for farmers and they need to use this tool every day for years to come. Hence, it’s important to buy a cultivator with the best quality of blades. The type of material used in the blade impacts the durability and strength of the cultivator largely. 

For instance, cast iron blades are heavy and can rust, if not stored properly. They demand regular cleaning and maintenance. Such blades are recommended for farmers owning a farm in a high-humidity area or dealing with wet soil. 

On the other hand, steel blades have great corrosion resistance and can withstand various types of farming conditions easily. So, we recommend you check out the blade material before making any move.  

Tip #7- Understand the drill type 

Considering the drill type of a cultivator before purchasing is essential if you want to buy the best cultivator in India. Drill type has a great role to play in deciding the cultivator's performance, efficiency, and suitability for specific farming tasks. 

Different drill types are designed to create different types of seedbeds. For instance, cultivators with discs can drill at a higher speed and can mix the soil and crop residue effectively. 

But, the chisel cultivator drills at low speed without tilling the soil a lot. Each drill type has a different way of breaking the soil. Understanding the drill type will help farmers make wise decisions when they’re planning to buy the best cultivator in India. 

Tip #8- Compatibility with existing tractor model 

Farmers should never purchase a cultivator in India without seeing its compatibility with the tractor they own unless they’re going to use the cultivator manually. They should always purchase a cultivator model whose HP, PTO, and engine performance are according to the tractor model they own. 

For instance, if they own a mini tractor, they can’t purchase a heavy-duty cultivator because the tractor will not be able to operate it properly. Compatibility of these two aspects is important to ensure the seamless integration and optimal performance of the cultivator. 

Tip #9- Cost of the cultivator 

Money matters! This is why we recommend farmers figure out their spending capacity and then select a cultivator model that fits into their budget. For this, farmers should do market research and learn about the cultivator prices in India. 

Tip #10- Cultivator warranty 

Some manufacturers offer a warranty on cultivators and farmers should always purchase cultivators from such manufacturers. Cultivator warranty provides peace of mind as minor wear & tear will be covered in it. 

Are You Ready to Buy the Best Cultivator? 

Cultivator is going to make farming a little less stress-free and a lot more productive for farmers, if they choose the right model. By considering these factors when purchasing a cultivator, farmers can make informed decisions that align with their specific farming practices, soil conditions, and crops. 

So, keep them in mind and choose the best cultivator. If you feel that there are some factors to consider while buying a cultivator, share them with us. 

The cultivator is one of the very essential implements used in agriculture and hence every farmer once in a while undergoes through a problem of this unwanted confusions and dilemma. The best way to get rid of all these is to analyse your requirements and sources and then decide wisely. There is a wide range of cultivators available in the market of distinct brands with varying prices. It totally depends on what you are looking for and what will result in your favour.

There are several companies that manufacture and sell cultivators and the list include Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, Landforce, Captain, Lemken, Khedut, Soil Master, FieldKing and many more. All these renowned brands manufacture a variety of cultivators and you can purchase the one that suits your requirements and is affordable for you.

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