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Best Cultivator in India 2023 | Types, Features and Importance

    Best Cultivator in India 2023 | Types, Features and Importance

27 Jul, 2021

Cultivators in India have got another major importance in the agricultural industry. Anything that seemingly has a contribution towards agriculture and farming, has equal weight in yielding high production. Agriculture is the most important sector of the Indian economy and it is even more important for pushing up the employment rate.

Almost 50% or more of the population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture activities and hence, the responsibility of the farmers increases more in employing the best tractor implements that can multiply the production and minimize the efforts. One such tractor implement is the Cultivators in India.

A field cultivator in India is considered to be the most vital field vehicle as it performs the different agricultural tasks with utmost ease and access. Being a farmer we know how difficult it is to take the round of the entire land alone, and thus, making sufficient use of the tractor implement is necessary for them. If you are looking for the best cultivators in India that have all what you are looking for then this blog has a lot of information for you. We have listed here top cultivators in India that you can think of purchasing.

What is a field Cultivators?
Field cultivators in India are the agricultural machines that are used to manage and blend the soil which is used for better cropping and plantation. The cultivator also helps in removing the weed from the soil so that there’s no hurdle during farming and agriculture. The cultivators as the name suggests helps in cultivation of the entire farm land so that the soil can be prepared for fertility. Without using a cultivator, preparing the soil bed for cropping is very tough and over challenging. The farmer’s hustle of yielding utmost productivity is not easy, it requires sufficient help of tractor implements just like a cultivator. These cultivators have rotating discs or blades that deeply cultivate the crop in the field making enough space for the seeds to sow and reap. For a small acre of land having a small and sharp cultivator will do. 


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Types of Cultivators 

Cultivators in India are categorized and available in major four types -

  • Disc harrows/harveters - They have a separate disc attached which blends and deeply manages with the soil. 

  • Spring tine cultivators - These are used for deeper tilling in the soil.

  • Rigid tine cultivators - It is used for subsoil cultivation and almost eliminates the need of using a plough. 

  • Chain harrows - these are used for levelling the land and managing the soil bed or better cropping. 


Top cultivator models in India
Cultivator is the best implement in India for the farmers as it is majorly used for crops and plantation. Sometimes the cultivator attachment also depends on the design of the tractor cultivator machine. The top models of cultivators in India are listed below with their uses and little information that will help you to get educate in an easier way, have a look-


  • Mahindra Cutivators -
    Mahindra cultivator is the most powerful and the strongest implement that helps in facing cruel working conditions of the field. The cultivator is durable and eco-friendly; it blends soil to a great depth, so that it remains fertile throughout.

mahindra cultivator






3.28 Ft

35 HP – 65 HP

265 kg – 335 kg

Rs 30000 approx


  • John Deere Cultivators -
    Excellent tractor implement comes from John Deere company and thus, a cultivator that fits amazing in its performance and quality is most in demand and use. John Deere cultivators are also known as Green system cultivators, these cultivators are used for soft, medium and rugged soil. 


john deere cultivator





1.9 – 2.7 Width

30 HP & More


Rs 24500 approx


  • Fieldking Dangal Cultivator -
    The cultivator is named as Dangal because of its strength and powerful usage. This cultivator is used on hard soil like a solid dabang personality which extracts out dirt and weed from the soil and makes it more productive for use. It includes fewer spare parts and less cost for maintenance.

fieldking cultivator





5.5 Ft – 8.5 Ft length

40 HP – 65 HP

270 Kg – 815 Kg

Rs 30700 approx


  • Sonalika 11 TYNE -
    The cultivator is of excellent quality and comes from Sonalika brand. It is fuel efficient and most important for working and managing the tough lands. Farming activities ease out with the use of Sonalika brand cultivator. 


sonalika 11 tyne cultivator





3.8 Ft Height 

50 HP – 55 HP


Rs 28000 approx


  • Khedut Rigid Cultivator -
    It is the durable and strongest cultivator in India. This cultivator has sharp cutters and powerful cultivator handles that make it more easy and productive for use. The weight of this cultivator may vary according to its model and other specifications yet it is one of the most demanded cultivators of the time. 


khedut cultivator





6.25 Ft – 9.25 Ft width

35 HP – 75 HP


Rs 25000 approx

Hence, now you have the top 5 and the best cultivators in India in the list, you have complete detail of price of field cultivators and their uses. If you want to explore for some more options of cultivators in India then visit Tractor Gyan.



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