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Top 10 Best Cultivators in India 2024 : Uses, Features and Price | Tractorgyan

Top 10 Best Cultivators in India 2024 : Uses, Features and Price | Tractorgyan

    Top 10 Best Cultivators in India 2024 : Uses, Features and Price | Tractorgyan

28 Mar, 2024

Cultivators are one of the most important farm implements for Indian farmers, as it aids in a wide range of farming tasks. From enhancing the soil structure to removing unwanted weeds, a cultivator can handle any job that makes it indispensable for modern agriculture. 

Almost 50% or more of the population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture activities and hence, the responsibility of the farmers increases more in employing the best tractor implements that can multiply the production and minimize the efforts. One such tractor implement is the Cultivators in India.

But, the best results come from the best products only. To help our farmers, we decided to provide you with a list of the best cultivators in India in 2024. Scroll down to learn about them. 

What are cultivators?

Over some time, farmland becomes very hard on the surface and it becomes very difficult for farmers to sow needs in such compacted soil. This is where a cultivator comes to their rescue. Cultivators are essential farming tools that farmers use to improve soil fertility and promote better crop growth. They feature a solid frame with an attached teeth-like structure that digs through the compacted soil and breaks it down. They are important for secondary tillage. 

Without using a cultivator, preparing the soil bed for cropping is very tough and over-challenging. The farmer’s hustle of yielding utmost productivity is not easy, it requires sufficient help from a cultivator. 

Types of Cultivators 

To address different farming needs, many types of cultivators are available in India. 

  • Disc harrows/harveters - They have a separate disc attached which blends and deeply manages with the soil. They are perfect for rocky ground and are available in three categories, offset disc harrow, tandem disc harrow, and speed harrow.

  • Spring tine cultivators - These are used for deeper tilling in the soil and are useful for seedbed preparation. They have 15-70 steel tines with either cast or reversible points.  

  • Rigid tine cultivators - It is used for subsoil cultivation and almost eliminates the need to use a plough. They are also known as Chisel Ploughs and feature rigid legs attached to them

  • Chain harrows - They work as a finishing tool and are used for leveling the land and managing the soil bed or better cropping. They feature small tines that move over a chain to break the soil. 

  • Power harrow - They are PTO-driven cultivators and are independent of the forward speed of the tractor. They help farmers to prepare uniform and fine seedbeds with the help of vertically mounted tines. 

  • Rotary tillers - Rotary tillers are also PTO-driven and feature a rotating drum with fine tines attached to it. 

Each type of cultivator has different functionality. This is why we recommend you check out these cultivator-buying tips to make a wise decision. 

Top 10 Cultivators In India And Their Uses, Price List and Features In Farming

Have a look at the top 10 cultivator models, their prices, features, and use cases. 

#1: Mahindra Cultivator

mahindra cutivators

Mahindra cultivator is the most powerful implement that helps in facing the cruel working conditions of the field. The cultivator is durable and eco-friendly; it blends soil to a great depth so that it remains fertile throughout.

You have three models to choose from, Rigid 9 tyne tiller, Rigid 11 tyne tiller and Rigid 13 tyne tiller. Each model is packed with advanced features & facilities. 

Uses of Mahindra Cultivator 

Farmers can use a Mahindra cultivator to mix the crop residue and break down the rough upper layer. 

Features of Mahindra Cultivator 

  • It is compatible with 35 HP – 65 HP tractors 

  • It comes with 9 – 13 tynes 

  • It can break hard soil easily 

Price of Mahindra Cultivator 

Based on the model, the Mahindra cultivator price can vary. 

#2: John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

john deere cultivators

With the quality and excellence of the John Deere brand, John Deere Duckfoot cultivator is here to win the hearts of many farmers. It is very famous in the farmer community because of its amazing land preparation abilities. It requires 30 HP or more power to operate and is available in three models, RC1005, RC1007, and RC1009. 

Uses of John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

Farmers can use it for land preparation. 

Features of John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

  • It comes with 5,7, and 9 tynes 

  • The tyne support size is 65 * 8mm 

  • It is implemented with Cat II hitch geometry 

Price of John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

John Deere Duckfoot cultivator price in India is affordable. 

#3: Khedut Rigid Cultivator

khedut rigid cultivator

It is a highly durable and strong cultivator in India. This cultivator has sharp cutters and powerful cultivator handles that make it easier and more productive to use. The weight of this cultivator may vary according to its model and other specifications. 

Uses of Khedut Rigid Cultivator

It can break hard soil with its powerful body and sharp blades. 

Features of Khedut Rigid Cultivator

  • It comes with an 8mm shovel attachment

  • Its tubular frame is 72 x72 x5 mm in size 

  • It has CAT-II hitch geometry

  • It comes with 25 tynes 

  • The compatible implement power is 35-75 HP 

  • Three available models are KARC 09, KARC 11, and KARC 13

Price of Khedut Rigid Cultivator

Khedut Rigid cultivator price in India is Rs. 23,000*. 

#4: Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

fieldking dangal cultivator

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and powerful cultivator, Fieldking Dabangg is the right choice to make. It has a strong build, has fewer parts, and requires less maintenance. Its usage is easy. As the tynes are adjustable, you can use them on different types of soils. 

Uses of Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

Fieldking Dabangg cultivator is ideal for secondary soil tillage. 

Features of Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

  • The main frame is built from premium-quality material 

  • It is available in three models, FKDRHD-7, FKDRHD-9, and FKDRHD-11

  • The shovels are made from high-carbon 

  • It’s compatible with 40-65 HP tractors 

  • Its working depth is 7 and 9 inch 

Price of Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

The price of the Fieldking Dabangg cultivator in India is Rs. 30,700*. 

#5: Landforce Spring (Std Duty) Cultivator

Landforce Spring (Std Duty) Cultivator

Landforce Spring (Std Duty) cultivator is the right choice to make if you want to experience positive penetration in the soil. It comes with heavy-duty shanks that break the hard top soil easily. Its channel frame comes with high-tension fasteners for better grip. 

Uses of Landforce Spring (Std Duty) Cultivator

Farmers can use Landforce Spring (Std Duty) cultivator in stone and root-obstructed soil 

Features of Landforce Spring (Std Duty) Cultivator

  • It has a unique spring design that absorbs shocks better 

  • Its tynes can perform subtle and shallow incorporation of crop residue in the soil 

  • It comes in three models CVS9S, CVS11S, and CVS13S

  • It requires 35-55 HP implement power 

Price of Landforce Spring (Std Duty) Cultivator

Landforce Spring (Std Duty) cultivator price in India varies according to the features and models. 

#6- Sonalika 11 TYNE

sonalika 11 tyne cultivator

Sonalika 11 TYNE is one of the best cultivators in India and we’re saying so because this cultivator has excellent quality and unmatched performance. It has forged tynes for better penetration and is designed to work in many types of fields. 

Uses of Sonalika 11 TYNE

It is perfect for soil tilling. 

Features of Sonalika 11 TYNE

  • It has 11 tynes made from premium material 

  • It has 100 X 50 (Channel) frames

  • Its implement power is 50-55 HP

  • Its shovel size is 8 mm 

Price of Sonalika 11 TYNE

Sonalika 11 TYNE price is cost-effective and varies according to the models. 

#7- Soiltech Cultivator

Soiltech cultivator is the choice of many Indian farmers because of its versatility. It is available in 2 versions, ST and ST+. Both these versions have different working widths to address diverse farming needs. It’s built with advanced technology and features robust parts. 

Uses of Soiltech Cultivator

Soiltech cultivator is perfect for soil tillage and cultivation of the fields. 

Features of Soiltech Cultivator

  • Its implement power compatibility is between 40-60 HP 

  • It has 36-54 tynes 

  • Soiltech cultivator features pyramid-type hitch 

  • The tillage depth is 5"7" mm

  • The rotor speed is 180-259 RPM 

Price of Soiltech Cultivator 

Soiltech cultivator price in India is suitable for Indian farmers. 

#8- Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) Cultivator 

Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) cultivator is our next pick in this list of top 10 cultivators in India. This cultivator model is designed to handle a wide range of farming tasks and build to last. It’s lightweight and can be attached to many leading tractor models. 

Uses of Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) Cultivator 

It’s perfect for light soil tilling. 

Features of Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) Cultivator 

  • Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) cultivator is compatible with 30-45 HP tractors 

  • It has Forged EN9 type tynes 

  • Its total length is 217 CM

  • It has 9 tynes 

Price of Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) Cultivator 

Soil Master CT-900 (7 Feet) price in India is suitable for Indian farmers

#9-Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

Universal Heavy Duty Rigid cultivator is a great made-in-India cultivator that farmers having small farmlands can own without any worries and hassles. It provides great performance on uneven fields and delivers fuel-efficient work. 

Uses of Universal Heavy-Duty Rigid Cultivator

Farmers can uproot the crops and weeds from the field. 

Features of Universal Heavy-Duty Rigid Cultivator

  • It is a rigid type of cultivator 

  • It has 5-15 tynes 

  • The tyne spacing in this cultivator is 228(9")

  • Its tynes are mounted on a heavy-duty frame 

  • It has reversible steel shovels of high-quality 

  • It’s available in three models, BEHDRC-7, BEHDRC-9 and BEHDRC-11

Price of Universal Heavy-Duty Rigid Cultivator

Universal Heavy Duty Rigid cultivator is available at an affordable cost in India. 

#10- Sonalika 9 TYNE

At last, we have Sonalika 9 TYNE to suggest. This cultivator has the quality assurance of Sonalika, a leading tractor manufacturer brand in India, and is laced with advanced features. It delivers excellent performance in all sorts of fields. 

Uses of Sonalika 9 TYNE

Sonalika 9 TYNE is suitable for crop removal, seedbed preparation, and breaking compacted soil. 

Features of Sonalika 9 TYNE

  • Its implement power is 40-45 HP 

  • It comes with 50 X 27 (Forged)mm tynes 

  • It has a 75 x 40 (Channel) frame 

  • It weighs 878 KG

Price of Sonalika 9 TYNE

Sonalika 9 TYNE price in India is INR 21,000. 

Final Say 

With the help of the right kind of cultivator, farmers can perform tasks like ground levelling, mixing crop residues, and promoting better crop productivity. Farmers need to make a wise choice when buying a cultivator in India and our list of best 10 cultivators in India 2024 will help them a lot. 

We have hand-picked these models and mentioned them in the list after reading the user reviews. Hence, you can bank upon it. If you have some other cultivator models in mind, do share them with us. 

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