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Carbon Farming: The climate saviour

    Carbon Farming: The climate saviour

कार्बन फार्मिंग: जलवायु रक्षक।

29 Aug, 2020

Pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, climatic changes all of these issues have now become front-page headlines but taking appropriate steps to solve this issue is still not a matter of concern for many authorities. And our delay in overcoming these issues is having a serious negative impact like the forest fires.

But we can deal with them by choosing sustainable methods for our normal day-to-day activities and just like that the idea of carbon farming has come. Carbon farming is the climate saviour because it can be our weapon in the fight against climate change.


What is carbon farming?

Carbon farming is a sustainable way of farming which not only benefits farmers but also helps us in fighting with environmental issues. Carbon farming involves those practices which help in decreasing the carbon contents in the atmosphere. And the food from carbon-rich soil (calculated not too much) tastes better.

As we all know that CO2 is used in the process of photosynthesis by plants and they not only absorb CO2 through leaves but they also store it below the ground and when we till the soil it gets diffused into the atmosphere. But we can store the carbon in the soil for a long time and this will help us in decreasing carbon or greenhouse gases content


What should farmers do?

Farmers should try to adopt practices which will help in soil carbon sequestration which is basically the process of keeping carbon stored in the soil for a long time period and it will lead to more absorption of CO2 by plants than release.


Suitable practices for carbon farming:

●        Practice organic farming as the organic matter absorbs carbon easily.

●        Grow cover crops.

●        Add regular composting in the routine.

●        Proper management of grazing land.

Carbon farming will not only help in keeping the environment clean but it will also improve the soil quality and hence can be beneficial for farmers. A country like India can do a lot better with this practice as we have our traditional knowledge and modern vision.


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