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5 Reasons for 'Why is the fourth agricultural revolution likely to happen?

5 Reasons for 'Why is the fourth agricultural revolution likely to happen?

    5 Reasons for 'Why is the fourth agricultural revolution  likely to happen?

5 Reasons for 'Why is the fourth agricultural revolution likely to happen

31 Aug, 2020

After the green and white revolution, it's time for us to witness the fourth agricultural revolution. But you all must be wondering, what is the fourth revolution? So, by the fourth agricultural revolution, we are referring to the digital revolution in agriculture.


Change has always been a driven force in life and we have seen that all over the years. To walk hand-in-hand with time we have changed our way of doing things and similarly in agriculture also we have adopted new things over the period. People have started using advanced technology in agriculture for better productivity and results. And this is where it all started but now it's going to take a completely different mode in future and that will be known as the digital revolution.


The thing about which we all should think and that is, 'Why are moving towards this digital revolution?' or 'What are the reasons behind the digital revolution?'. Before answering it one thing which we must notice and that's it isn't happening because of one thing it has a collective of reasons for it. And the major cause behind it is:


●        Growing Demand for food:

High Population is one of the main concerns for a highly populated country like India. The biggest requirement for the survival of people is food so the increase in population also increases the demand for resources and food. And the satisfaction of the hunger of such a huge population with such minimal resources is not an easy task to do.


●        Advanced technology:

Remote sensing, Machine Learning, analytics and technological concepts like blockchain technology have never failed to amaze us with their achievements and now they all are helping agriculture-related people to have better output and to get rid of their problems.


●        Food wastage:

This is not only a problem for developing countries but some developed countries are also not able to manage this issue with their highly efficient system. According to FAO,189.2 million people in India didn't get sufficient food according to their needs for growth and nutrition in 2020. This is just the facts of India, this number is much bigger for the whole world. Dealing with such a serious issue must be on the country's top priority list.


●        Falling farm income:

The scenario of farms is not much more different in India than in the other developed countries. But for us, it's of more concern as India is the agriculture-dependent country. The farm incomes were too low for the year of 2018-19. To bring a change in the scenario we have to focus on the major cause of this.


●        Robotics:

Robotics, the amazing gift of technology has made its place in the agriculture sector also. With constant efforts, Robotics has got a lot better and now it has the precision, accuracy and viability. We can understand its importance through John Deere's obsession to own a technology which creates robots who can spot harmful plants and kill them. They have paid $305 million for that technology.


The digital revolution in agriculture will be one of the best and most effective revolutions in history. And maybe we will witness it too soon. Till then hope for the best!


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