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Watch Escorts 'Esclusive 2019’ Live Only on TractorGyan

Sep 06, 2019- Welcome to TractorGyan. Today we will bring you all the live updates from Escorts yearly event ‘Esclusive 2019' happening in New Delhi.

Live updates from Escorts yearly event 

1. Escort is going to launch 5 new Tractors this year.
2. Escort Announced India first Hybrid Tractor running on 70 HP Diesel engine and 20 HP electric engine.
3. Self-propelled sprayer along with tractor driver sugarcane harvester is announced in smart farming.
4. The autonomous tractor will be available in India and the global market by 2020
5. Hybride Beck-HOE loader shop form diesel engine and 20 HP from Battery.
6. Farmtrac 6090 EH is India's first Hybrid.

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