Escorts Sold 1,06,741 tractors in FY21, up by 24.1 percent YoY

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Escorts Sold 1,06,741 tractors in FY21, up by 24.1 percent YoY

    Escorts Sold 1,06,741 tractors  in FY21, up by 24.1 percent YoY

01 Apr, 2021

Faridabad, April 1st, 2021: Escorts Ltd Agri Machinery Segment (EAM) in March 2021 sold 12,337 tractors, the company's highest ever March sales and registering a growth of 126.6 percent against 5,444 tractors sold in March 2020.


Domestic tractor sales in March 2021 were at 11,730 tractors registering a growth of 124.4 percent against 5,228 tractors in March 2020.


यही ब्लॉग अगर हिंदी में पढ़ना चाहते है​ तो नीचे क्लिक करे



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The tractor demand is expected to continue to be strongly led by higher Rabi output, favorable crop prices, and an initial positive forecast of 2021 monsoon season, all supporting rural customer sentiments. The rising inflation however continues to be a worry.

Export tractor sales in March 2021 were at 607 tractors against 216 tractors sold in March 2020, registering a growth of 181%.


Sales figure are as follows:

Particulars March Q4 (January - March) FY (April - March)
FY21 FY20* % Change FY21 FY20 % Change FY21 FY20 % Change
Domestic 11,730 5,228 124.4% 30,930 19,122 61.8% 1,01,848 82,252 23.8%
Export 607 216 181.0% 1,658 986 68.2% 4,893 3,766 29.9%
Total 12,337 5,444 126.6% 32,588 20,108 62.1% 1,06,741 86,018 24.1%

* March 2020 sales were adversely affected by the Covid-19 lockdown and are not strictly comparable.


We are also pleased to announce that in Fiscal 2020-21, for the first time ever in any financial year, the company (Powertrac, Farmtrac and Digitrac) has crossed the 100,000-unit landmark in terms of tractor sales and tractor production in India.


About Escorts Limited:

Escorts Ltd is one of India's leading engineering conglomerates with over six decades of experience. It has helped accelerate India’s socio-economic development through its presence across the high growth sectors of Agri-machinery, construction & material handling equipment, and railway equipment. The company has diversified business into three different segments. Escorts Agri Machinery (EAM), Escorts Construction Equipment (ECE) & Railway Equipment Division (RED). The company is committed to excellence in engineering, innovation in products, development of market-relevant technologies, and the highest of cost efficiencies to create value for its customers and shareholders.


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 Mahindra sales down April 2020       


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Mahindra sales down April 2020        

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Mahindra sales down April 2020        

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