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Sonalika Announces financial support to it's dealers and their employees of up to Rs 2 lakh and medical expense assistance to fight covid

Sonalika Announces financial support to it's dealers and their employees of up to Rs 2 lakh and medical expense assistance to fight covid

    Sonalika Announces financial support to it's dealers and their employees of up to Rs 2 lakh and medical expense assistance to fight covid

21 May, 2021

Sonalika Extends Commitment to support its Channel Partners to win the fight against Covid-19; Announces financial support of up to Rs 2 lakh and medical expense assistance for its dealers and their employees

Giving extreme importance to the health and wellbeing of its channel partners & their employees, Sonalika Group has assured financial support of up to Rs. 2lakhs as well as medical expense assistanceto anyone in its dealer workforce,depending on severity of Covid-19 cases. This is in addition to the on-going, extensive Dealer’s Employees Covid Vaccination Scheme that was launched in the month of April’21 to cover 100% Sonalika family

New Delhi, May 19, 2021:Covid 19 pandemic has led to devastation across majority of states in India and while impacting lakhs of people, its second wave has actually now become extremely unpredictable. Eventually,Sonalika’s family members including – employees, business associates & channel partnersas well as dealer’s employees - have also become prone to corona directly or indirectly.Therefore for Sonalika, India’s fastest growing tractor brand and No.1 exports brand in the country, it is our obligation to ensure the entire company workforce is safeguarded from any unforeseen events that may lead to physical or monetary losses.

Sonalika gives top priority to thehealth and wellbeing of its channel partners as it has always considered each of them as a family member.In order to keep them optimistic even during these troubled times, Sonalika has pledged for an extensive support to dealer’s employees by covering the medical expenses related to Covid-19 treatment. Further,the company has also assured financial assistance in case of any unexpected mis-happening (demise of an employee due to Covid-19), thereby offering mental support. In the initial outlay, Sonalika’s slew of measures include –

  1. Medical Expense Assistance: A sum up to Rs. 25,000/- shall be paid by Sonalika to cover the medical expenses incurred by dealership employee due to Covid-19 infection. This is in addition to other schemes that are already in force to coverkids of dealer’s employees for medical assistance &education of up to Rs. 50000/annually.
  2. Financial Assistance in case of demise of a Dealer Associate/Employee:Sonalika has assured a sum of Rs. 2,00,000that shall be paid to the deceased person’s family member. This is to assure some peace of mind to the family that suffers an unrepairable loss.The company has also requested its dealers to support the aggrieved family financially to best of their ability. 

Sharing his view on Mr Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “The second wave of Covid-19 wave has been extremely unpredictable and unfortunately has impacted many of our business associates& channel partners, especially dealer employees. We believe that no financial assistance can make up for the any kind of health loss or untimely demise of an individual.However, through the new extensive support measuressuch asmedical expense assistance up to Rs. 25,000 and financial support of up to Rs. 2 lakh to the immediate family member in case of demise due to Covid-19, we remain committed to stand together with our dealers and their employees across the country while assuring mental support to all.”

He added, “While we urge everyone to continue exercising Covid-19 safety protocols, we also request our Sonalika family members to stay in a positive state of mind as this will empower us to come out as a winner as we gradually come out of the pandemic.”

Sonalika has already been undertaking vaccination drive for its Pan India workforce along with fully sponsored Dealer’s Employees Covid Vaccination Scheme launched in the month of April’21. These initiatives along with financial support will get them further peace of mind that how much each one is valuedby the organisation.

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