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Retail Tractor sales down by 10.32% YoY in December 2021 shows Fada Research

Retail Tractor sales down by 10.32% YoY in December 2021 shows Fada Research

    Retail Tractor sales down by 10.32% YoY in December 2021 shows Fada Research

The sales figure for Dec’21 seems to dishearten us by scoring fewer sales in comparison to Dec’22. Have a look at it!

05 Jan, 2022

The tractor industry sees a huge and massive difference in the sales figure of Dec 2021 as and when compared to Dec 2020. Being into a tiring economical phase, the tractor brands are struggling hard to achieve raise in their total sales. The retail tractor sales graph shows a little disappointing note as the overall sales figure for Dec 2021 stands to be 62250 and 69415 in Dec 2020. Here is how brands have performed in Dec 2021 and managed to achieve better results in selling the tractors.


  1. Mahindra & Mahindra
    Pioneers of the market have lead the scoreboard by scoring 14923 sales in Dec’21 which is still low as compared to Dec’20 which stands to be 16474. The growth here is a necessity more than an expectation.

  2. Swaraj
    Swaraj is the headstrong tractor brand that has always survived against any odds. Speaking factually, the tractor brand has 10475 sales in Dec 2021 whereas in Dec 2020 it has compiled to 11735. The timid difference causes maximum impacts.

  3. International tractors
    Even a bit of decrease rides the heartbeat with speed. International tractors(Sonalika & Solis) seem to be low again but the ratio is a little low which still keeps our expectations on. The Dec’21 sales figure accounts at 7690 than the sales figure of Dec’ 20 which is 9409.

  4. TAFE Limited
    7351 in Dec’21 and 8082 in Dec’20 is the comparative analysis of sales. TAFE (Massey ferguson)has always ranked as the rolled off a player in the industry and has got the capability of turning the game in favours. However, the score this time is not that satisfactory.

  5. Escorts Limited
    Escorts limited is the name of achievers in the industry. The tractor brand is supreme in itself however in Dec 2021 they have computed to 6259 and 7175 in Dec 2020. Which is sadly a low estimate. The fall in sales figure of Escorts tractor is quite heart wrenching and thus, better performance and sale improvement is expected.

  6. John Deere tractors
    4801 happens to be the sales figure in Dec’21 whereas the 5271 happens to be the sales figure in Dec’20. The sales compiled for the respective month is less and disappointing.


  7. Eicher Tractors
    Good things take time might be this is the scenario for a revolutionalised tractor brand like Eicher. As the sales figure, 3994 of Dec’21 claims to be a bit less than Dec’20 which is 4425.

  8. Kubota Agricultural
    Kubota has been the ravishing player in the industry. It is best known for producing efficient tractors yet these tractors are challenging to sell due to unpredictable economic circumstances, but Kubota did it this time. The total sales in Dec’21 happen to be 1355 whereas in Dec’20 it accumulated to 1055 which makes up to another great story of hitting the sales target. 


  1. V.S.T. Tillers & Tractors
    V.S.T. has surprisingly achieved 481 as the total sales for Dec’21 and 452 sales in Dec’20. Kudos to their perseverance and rigorous marketing.

  2. Others -
    Other tractors such as Force, Indo Fram tractors, Captain and many more have given out their best in computing to the total sales for Dec’21. While Force Motors and Indo farm has resulted in an increase in sales figure of Dec’21 that is like 425 and 346. While Captain tractors still hang on at 181 tractors sold in Dec’21 which is too low.

Thus, December 2021 bid adieus with great fortunes yet the tractor industry wish to show some more realistic and arising results in sales figures. To know more about the tractors brands keep tuned to Tractor Gyan.



1. The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD & TS as they are not yet on Vahan 4.

2. Vechile Retail Data has been collated as on 05.10.21 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and has been gathered from 1,357 out of 1,570 RTOs.


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