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Kubota Tractors


Kubota tractor price starts from Rs. 4.60 lakh* to 11.80 lakh* in India 2024. The most affordable kubota tractor price is Rs. 4.60 Lakh* to 4.75 Lakh* for the Kubota NeoStar A211N 4WD mini tractor. The most advanced and expensive Kubota tractor price is Rs.11.20 Lakh* to 11.80 Lakh* for the Kubota MU5501 4WD tractor. Kubota tractor hp starts from 21 to 55 hp and there are more than 12 tractors by Kubota available in this hp range. 

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Kubota Tractor Price List 2024 in India

*Ex-Showroom Prices without RTO, Insurances and accessories, Exchange not applicable also Price may vary from state to state

Tractor 45 HPHP : 45

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1640 Kg

Tractor 55 HPHP : 55

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 / 2100 Kg

Tractor 55 HPHP : 55

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 2100 Kg

Tractor 27 HPHP : 27

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 750 Kg

Tractor 24 HPHP : 24

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 750 Kg

Tractor 21 HPHP : 21

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 750 Kg

Tractor 55 HPHP : 55

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800/2100 Kg

*Ex-Showroom Prices without RTO, Insurances and accessories, Exchange not applicable also Price may vary from state to state

Select Kubota Tractor by Wheel drive

tractorsKubota Tractors Key Highlights

Popular Tractors Kubota MU4501 4wd, Kubota MU5501 2WD, Kubota L4508 4x4, Kubota L3408 4x4
Most Expensive Tractor Kubota MU5502 4WD (11.20 - 11.80 Lakh)
Most Affordable Tractor Kubota A211N OP (4.40 - 4.46 Lakh)

blogsKubota Tractor Webstory

news blogsKubota Tractor Industry News Blog

Retail Tractor Sales Register 1.05% Decline in May 2024, Sold 70,065 Tractors
blogs Retail Tractor Sales Register 1.05% Decline in May 2024, Sold 70,065 Tractors

The Indian Tractor Industry  Performance Analysis Through FADA May 2024 Retail Tractor Sales Re...

मई 2024 में भारतीय रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 1% की गिरावट, बिचे 70,000 हज़ार से ज्यादा ट्रैक्टर!
blogs मई 2024 में भारतीय रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 1% की गिरावट, बिचे 70,000 हज़ार से ज्यादा ट्रैक्टर!

अगर आप रिटेल बाज़ारों में भारत के मुख्य ट्रैक्टर निर्मातों के प्रदर्शन को जानना चाहतें हैं तो हम आपके...

3 लाख में ले 55 एचपी ट्रैक्टर के मजे!
blogs 3 लाख में ले 55 एचपी ट्रैक्टर के मजे!

हमने अक्सर अपने किसान भाइयो को धन की कमी के कारण सही उपकरणों से वंचित होते देखा है। पर बिना सही ट्रै...

1,2 या 3 नहीं जाने पूरे 9 ब्रांड की ट्रैक्टर वारंटी के बारे में?
blogs 1,2 या 3 नहीं जाने पूरे 9 ब्रांड की ट्रैक्टर वारंटी के बारे में?

यदि आप एक ट्रैक्टर का इस्तेमाल करते है तो आप जानते है कि यह एक छोटा निवेश नही है। एक ट्रैक्टर की कीम...

अप्रैल 2024 की रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 1% की वृद्धि, बिचे 56,625 ट्रैक्टर!
blogs अप्रैल 2024 की रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 1% की वृद्धि, बिचे 56,625 ट्रैक्टर!

फाड़ा या फेडरेशन ऑफ ऑटोमोबाइल डीलर्स एसोसिएशन ने अप्रैल 2024 की रिटेल ट्रैक्टर बिक्री रिपोर्ट को जारी...

Retail Tractor Sales Register 1% Growth in April 2024, Sold 56,625 Tractors
blogs Retail Tractor Sales Register 1% Growth in April 2024, Sold 56,625 Tractors

Tractorgyan is all set to help you understand the April 2024 retail tractor sales report by FADA.&nb...

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Recently Asked Question about Kubota Tractors

What is the Kubota tractor price in India 2024?

The Kubota tractor price starts from Rs. 4.60 Lakh* to Rs. 11.80 Lakh* in India 2024.

What is the Kubota tractor Hp range?

Kubota tractor hp range is 21 hp to 55 hp.

Who owns Kubota tractors?

The Kubota Corporation of Japan Owns Kubota tractors.

What is Kubota's most powerful tractor?

Kubota's most powerful tractor is Kubota MU5501 4WD.

Which is the most fuel efficient Kubota Tractor?

The most fuel-efficient Kubota tractor is Kubota MU4501 4WD.

Which Kubota tractor is best in mileage?

Kubota L3408 is the best in mileage Kubota tractor.

Where can I find updated Kubota tractors price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Kubota tractors price list.

Which is the best Kubota 4wd tractor in India?

The best Kubota tractor in India is Kubota L4508.

Where to find Kubota tractor dealer and showroom near me?

At tractorgyan, Visit Locate tractor dealer page to find the Kubota dealer and showroom.

What is the Kubota tractor average lifting capacity?

Kubota tractor's average lifting capacity is 615 kg to 2100 kg.

How many tractor models are available in Kubota tractor brand?

10+ Tractor models are available in the Kubota tractor brand.

Which is the best 45 hp Kubota tractor?

The best 45 HP Kubota tractor is Kubota MU4501 4WD.

Which Kubota tractor model has a best hydraulic lifting capacity?

Kubota MU5502 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2100 Kg.

Which is the Most popular Kubota tractor in India?

The most popular Kubota tractor in India is Kubota MU5501 2WD.

Which are the latest models of Kubota Tractors?

The latest models of Kubota tractors are Kubota MU5502 2WD and Kubota MU5502 4WD.

What is Kubota tractor warranty?

Kubota Tractors offers 5-year or 5000-hour warranty on all of its tractor models except Neo Star models which have a 2500-hour warranty.

When to service Kubota tractor?

After every 500 hours of operation, it is recommended to service the Kubota tractor.

Kubota tractor which country?

Kubota Corporation originally originated in Japan.

Which Kubota tractor is right for me?

Kubota Tractors are known for their stylish looks and strong performance. There are many models of kubota tractors and it's up to you which tractor models suit your purpose.

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About Kubota Tractors in India

Kubota tractors are one of the leading players in the Indian tractor market. Kubota tractor price starts from Rs. 4.40 Lakh* to Rs. 11.80 Lakhs* in india. Kubota tractors have a wide range of tractors ranging from 21 HP to 55 HP. Kubota tractors are also differentiated in series according to their features, horsepower, and applications. These series include A series, B series, L series, and MU series. 

Kubota Tractors are available in 2WD and 4WD Variants in different HP ranges to choose the best as per requirements. Additionally, Kubota Tractors has more than 251 authorized dealers across India. This ensures the farmers with easy access to sales and services.

Kubota Company History in India

Kubota first originated in Japan in 1890. Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is a Kubota Corporation (Japan) subsidiary. Kubota Tractor Company was established in india in 2008. From then, Kubota emerged as the leading tractor brand in india with a good customer base. The Kubota tractors are built to provide reliability, durability, and performance to overcome several agriculture and commercial tasks. Kubota also manufactures high-quality rice transplanters, combined harvesters, and power tillers in India. Farmers can improve their farming productivity with advanced and innovative Kubota tractors made with Japanese technology.

Kubota’s first tractor model was the Kubota B2420 for inter-cultivation and spraying in orchards. Thereafter Kubota tractor set up their offices in Chennai, Pune, and other regions of the country. They continued their success by achieving milestones by launching a variety of products consistently in the market. Till now they have launched the Narrowest Tractor Kubota A211N, Kubota L4508, and Kubota MU5501(2WD), etc. They have also launched the NeoStar Tractor series, which includes more features and specifications. Hence, Kubota has made its efforts to provide a versatile range of tractors from rice farming to dry farming. Thus, ensuring versatility and performance with their power and fuel-efficient Kubota tractors. 

Kubota Tractor Price List in India 2024

Kubota tractor price in India varies according to the tractor models, features, and horsepower. Kubota tractor price starts from Rs. 4.40  to Rs. 11.20 Lakhs* in India. Whether you need a Kubota mini tractor price, a Kubota small tractor price, a Kubota 45hp tractor price, or a Kubota tractor price 55 hp, you will get all the information at TractorGyan. 

Different Kubota Tractor Series in India

  • Kubota A Series Tractors - Farmers can buy these Kubota A series tractors, which are the narrowest with 21 HP engines in india. They are made with Japanese technology, that ensures maximum power and performance despite the narrow size. These NeoStar A series Kubota tractors offer short turning radius and minimum ground clearance.

    • A Series has two models, the Kubota A211N tractor model has the narrowest width with 3 cylinders. It is very beneficial for inter-cultivation.

    • The Kubota A211N-OP tractor model is called the little master with optimal width. It comes with big tyres and a super draft control feature to perform farming operations efficiently other than inter-cultivation.

  • Kubota B Series Tractors - Kubota B series tractors have two models with 24 HP and 27 HP engine capacity. The tractor comes with 3 cylinders, ECO-PTO, and a seat suspension feature. 

    • This Kubota Neostar B2441 Model has a 24 HP engine. It is specially designed for inter-cultivation, and spraying of orchards, cotton, and sugarcane fields.

    • Kubota Neostar B2741S is a 27 HP versatile powerful tractor designed for multipurpose farming operations.

  • Kubota L Series Tractors - The Kubota L series tractors also have two models with 34 HP and 45 HP engines. These kubota tractors offer high performance and versatility to accomplish a variety of farming tasks. this series includes a lightweight tractor range. It has an operator-friendly driving system and also provides versatility with attachments for multiple applications.

    • Kubota L3408 is a 34 HP tractor powerful tractor designed for puddling purposes. It has ECO-PTO, integral steering, and a durable transmission.

    • Kubota L4508 is a 45 HP multi-purpose lightweight tractor. It comes with a selectable tyre type, 4-wheel drive, and an operator-friendly driving system. This kubota tractor price 45 hp is also pocket-friendly for farmers.

  • Kubota MU Series Tractors - The Kubota MU Series tractors have four different models ranging from 45 HP to 55 HP engine capacity. These kubota tractors offer Fuel Efficiency, durability, and unmatchable performance. It has unique balancer shaft technology that reduces engine noise and vibrations.

    • Kubota MU4501 2WD is a 45 HP tractor known for providing superior mileage and comfort in operations. 

    • Kubota MU4501 4WD is a 45 HP tractor that ensures a power-packed comfortable drive with features such as a balancer shaft, independent dual PTO, and more.

    • Kubota MU5502 2WD is a 55 HP tractor specially designed for versatile and challenging operations. It can withstand difficult conditions efficiently and ensures high performance with maximum efficiency.

    • Kubota MU5502 4WD is a 55 HP tractor that is known for its remarkable engine and performance. It is built with advanced eCDIS technology with a 4-valve system that makes the engine more efficient and durable.

What Makes Kubota Tractor Famous in India?

Before you plan to buy Kubota tractors in India. You need to understand that this tractor manufacturer has gained popularity and fame in India and abroad for several reasons such as: 

1. Quality and Reliability:-  These tractors offer high built-up quality that is reliable and durable. The brand's commitment to delivering dependable machinery has earned the trust of Indian farmers.

2. Advanced Japanese Technology:- These tractors come with advanced Japanese technology. which ensures superior performance, fuel efficiency, and precision in agricultural operations.

These tractor's technology-driven approach appeals to Indian farmers seeking modern and efficient solutions.

3. Service and Support:- Kubota has established a strong network of service centers and dealers across India. This ensures that farmers have access to servicing, spare parts, and technical support.

You can get authentic spare parts like tracks, lubricants, engines, filters, and so on of all leading Kubota tractor models in India. It even offers free servicing during the warranty period. 

4. Localized Manufacturing:- Kubota has set up manufacturing facilities in India, leading to localized production of tractors. This not only reduces the costs but also demonstrates the brand's commitment to the Indian market.

5. Pricing:- The Kubota tractor price list is one of the main reasons for their popularity in India. From the price of kubota tractor, we clearly see there is something for every budget. Finance Assistance.

Kubota has tie-ups with leading banks and financial bodies so that its customers don’t face any hassles in buying the tractor of their choice. 

What Are The Kubota Tractor Features?

These tractors are equipped with best-of-breed features that increase productivity and performance. As you buy a Kubota tractor in India, you’re about to experience some of the most advanced features like: 

1. Engine E-TVCS Technology in models like A211N, A211N-OP, B2441, and B2741S.
2. PTO with heavy-duty 3P linkage
3. Advanced oil-immersed brakes for better control and smooth operation
4. Short turning radius that makes Kubota tractors perfect to use in compact fields
5. Cutting-edge ECO-PTO in some models
6. Large fuel tank to make sure the tractor continues its operations for a long duration
7. Integrated manual and power steering option
8. Adequate tire size for unmatched balance.
9. Hydrostatic transmission, provides smooth and effortless control, making Kubota tractors easy to use.
10. Genuine direct injection engine
11. Fuel tank top key to prevent fuel leakage
12. Improved handle lever design
13. With All these, the Kubota tractor price is in everyone’s budget as well.

Find a Kubota Tractor Dealer Near Me

Are you searching for a Kubota tractor dealer near me? Then you will not have to suffer more. Kubota Tractor has an authorized dealer network of 251 dealers. Hence anyone can find a dealer at their nearest location. In addition, Kubota tractor dealers also ensure a quick and reliable after-sales service in your place. Any requirements for tractor parts can also be readily available to you. At TractorGyan, we also provide a listing of Kubota tractor dealers near you.

Kubota Tractor Warranty and Support

Kubota offers a comprehensive coverage of 5 years on all Kubota tractors. However, kubota provides 2500 hours of warranty on Neostar tractors. This ensures the reliability and quality of the product. It also offers a sales and support service at your nearby location. The company even provides an after-sales service with experienced and expertly trained technicians. They help you with maintenance, and repairs and ensure better performance. 

Popular Kubota Tractor Models in India

Kubota has a versatile range of tractors for every agriculture and commercial needs. Some of the popular Kubota tractors in india are

Kubota Tractor Sales in April 2024

Kubota Sold 1,077 Tractors in April 2024, with a Market share of 1.90%.

Why Choose Tractorgyan for Kubota tractor?

Do you need every single detail about any tractor or tractor brands in India? Look no further, as TractorGyan provides every piece of information related to any tractor. We have curated a list of popular tractors from every tractor brand, whether it's Mahindra, sonalika, John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, Eicher, and so on.  You can also find the Kubota tractor price list, Kubota tractor features, Kubota Tractor Models, and more here. You can even compare between two tractors to choose the best that suits your needs. 

So, if you need any kind of assistance in the first place, then contact us! We are available there to resolve your confusion related to tractors, tractor tyres, tractor implements, tractor loans, etc. Choose tractorGyan as a starting point to buy your dream Kubota tractor.