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Top 5 Most Demanded Power Tiller in India | 2023

Top 5 Most Demanded Power Tiller in India | 2023

    Top 5 Most Demanded Power Tiller in India | 2023

17 Mar, 2022

What raises our interest when we say farming? It is the power tiller. Power tiller is one of the most important as well as a popular component or farming tool that is highly required.

Power tillers are the multipurpose tool for farming which means they are responsible for ample number of things not just tilling of the soil.

Power tiller not only replaces the animal power with human labour, but it is one of the successful equipment for farm-based workload.

The power tiller comes handy in variety of tasks namely for ploughing, improving the fertility of the soil, harvesting, combining, division rotating ploughing etc.

One of the most significant tasks of the Power Tiller is that it accurately seeds the crop to be planted and warms the soil before sowing by burying its head in it.


It nourishes in the growth of the crops by handling or controlling the areas of plants where their growth is not required.

Power tiller is a motorised agricultural tool with proper system of tiller which also a smooth flow or resistance over the farming operational activities.

It serves a variety of functions, including soil fertility, seed sowing, fertiliser, pesticide, herbicide, and water spraying, as well as water pumping, harvesting, threshing, and corps transportation.

Power tiller is used in cultivating the land it is cheap and easily accessible and works brilliantly to make the soil ready for cultivation. Power tiller assures to be the best choice for small and medium-scale farmers.

A power tiller is a machine that comes with a powerful engine, and it is designed to perform the forward and backward push. As its main role is to correctly seed the crop and warm the soil before planting it and controlling the weeds is very important for plant growth.


Types of Agriculture Tiller


Power Tillers

Power tillers are two-wheeled agricultural or machinery with rotary tillers that can be used for a variety of tasks. Because they are strong and heavy, they are best suited to difficult and sloping terrain.


Types Of Power Tillers are


1. Mini–Sized Power Tiller

The mini-sized power tillers are ideal for small fruit and vegetable farms where the farm’s cultivation is limited, and the soil is relatively loose compared to other types of soil that do not require much tilling.


2. Medium–Sized Power Tiller

Medium–Sized Power Tiller Power tillers of various sizes are primarily utilized in locations where the soil is thicker, tougher, and rockier, requiring a medium to heavy amount of tilling.


3.  Power tillers of a large size

Power tillers of larger sizes are better suited to more extensive farming. We’ve included some of my most powerful and sought-after Power Tillers in India below.


Here Are the Top 5 Most Demanded Power Tillers in India


1.  VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra.

VST Shakti is one of the most demanded power tillers till date because of its smooth functioning and easy to use properties and handy features which comes along. Vst Shakti is a power tiller manufacturer that uses cutting-edge technology. This Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra has all the essential features that boost farm productivity.

It possesses all the sophisticated characteristics necessary for effective and efficient work. This style of power tiller is made to meet the needs of farmers. The price of a Vst power tiller is determined by the farmer's budget.

It has a water-cooled horizontal 4 stroke single cylinder diesel OHV engine. On this Power Tiller, the governor is mechanical and centrifugal. The Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra has a side drive rotary transmission. It has a combustion chamber with direct injection (DI). Internal expanding metallic shoe type brakes that can be controlled by hand are also essential.


Engine VST shakti 135 DI
Power 13 Horsepower
Fuel Tank 11 liters
Tilling width and depth 600mm and 150mm

Price – 195000*


2.  Kirloskar Mega T 15 Power tiller


The Kirloskar T 15 Mega Power tiller is the second most highly demanded power tillers across India. The Kirloskar t 15 is an economically designed for better balance and steady movements. One of the advantages of this power tiller is its small turning radius tires designed for narrow spaces, small fields, and corners too.


Mega T 15 offers optimum efficiency for minimal fuel use, thanks to a single-cylinder, horizontal, water-cooled diesel engine with a displacement of 995 cc and a Good Design Award from Japan. It has works well in both dry and wet area of land.


Engine Kirloskar Oil engines limited
Power 15 Hp Category
Fuel Tank  
Tilling width and depth 600mm to 810mm and 3020mm

 Price – 2.10 lakh*


3.  Honda FJ 500


The Honda Power Tiller FJ500 has all the features that a farmer looks for in an implement. It is efficient and effective. On the farm, this Honda Power Tiller is quite productive. The Honda FJ 500 comes with an adjustable height handle with On and OFF switch and steady speed control. It has access to best quality belt Tyne cover for operator safety as well as Tyne width adjustable strong and quality tynes.


Following are some of the Honda Power Tiller FJ500's unique characteristics.


Engine GX160
Power Lever For simple Speed Control
Fuel Tank 2.4 liters
Tilling width and depth 3600/ 2.9 kw  

 Price -  74000 (approx.)


4.  Graves Cotton GS 15 DI


Greaves Cotton power tiller is widely utilized across the country. In India, the GS 15 DIL is one of the most extensively used power tillers. Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL is multipurpose farming equipment designed to make farming easier for farmers. The Graves Cotton Power tiller has all the product quality which makes it stand superior over the ground it comes with a double-disc constant mesh type clutch and 1.5 tons of haulage capacity.

In India, the GS 15 DIL price is more cost-effective for farmers in all locations. This sophisticated Power Tiller has the following features:-


Engine Horizontal Water-Cooled Diesel Engine
Power 15.4 horsepower
Fuel Tank 15 liters
Tilling width and depth  

 Price - 2,2400


5.  Kubota PEM 140 DI power Tiller


The mixed-curve rotary blades of the I Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller can till the soil deeper in a dry field up to 12cm and up to 15cm in an open field, and they can work in both wet and dry fields without changing blades. Long-range illumination and increased operator visibility are provided by the Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller's distinctive headlight design. It has a simple ridge crossing and increased ground clearance for improved land optimization. It also has a comfortable working seat belt.


Engine 140 DI Power tiller
Power 14 horsepower
Fuel Tank 11 liters
Tilling width and depth 800 to 950 cm

 Price – 2.2 Lakh


We hope we have delivered the best of best knowledge regarding the top 5 most demanded power tillers in India. For further details you can contact Tractor Gyan.


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