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Importance of Tractor for Farmers in India

    Importance of Tractor for Farmers in India

29 Mar, 2022

Tractors have been an important part of a farmer's life since the beginning of civilization, as the entire farming process is dependent on them.

A tractor is a vehicle that is designed to deliver high traction or power at slow speeds for a variety of uses, such as carrying a trailer or other agricultural or construction machinery.

Tractors have assisted farmers in completing their jobs. A tractor is a farm machine that can be used as a scraper, digger, or bulldozer.

Tractors are classified according to their original purpose. For example, utility tractors are used in farming, whereas industrial tractors are used on building sites and are responsible for lifting and carrying heavy loads.

A tractors usage depends upon its types for instance tractors that are used in Farming is known as utility tractors whereas tractors which are used in constructions sites are known as industrial tractors their work lies in lifting and lugging heavy loads.

Farmers use tractors for tasks such as plowing, sowing, tilling, grinding, and other agricultural tasks. In addition, the tractor is utilized to push or pull machinery, making farming activities easier.


Here Are Some of The Importance of Tractors.

1. Tractor Acts as A financial Support to Farmers

At times of non–cropping season farmers are left with no source of income as the cropping season is overdue to which tractor cannot be used and as there is no season there is no income too.

So, in this circumstance, the farmer can lend his tractor to those who require it, or he can rent his tractor to other farmers whose cropping seasons are approaching, allowing farmers to earn a small sum of money.

A tractor is a tool that delivers financial and social stability in addition to performing its functions and meeting the requirements for which it was created.

Tractors have a high resale value these days, making them a reliable source in an emergency and saving the farmer from significant consequences.

Buying a new tractor to replace an old one can be a lengthy process, but if the buyer guarantees that he or she is familiar with the company and its assets, the tractor can be an asset.

Similarly, where traditional chakkis are absent, the tractor can be transformed into a grain crusher, offering not only convenience for families but also financial support for the farmer or tractor owner.


2. Tractors provides a greater set of social status

The boost in social status is the least known factor in the importance of tractors.

The farmer who owns a tractor is regarded as a knowledgeable and well-off member of the community. Because a tractor is such a huge investment, most farmers finance it. In the local business and banking circles, a tractor owner is thus considered responsible.

Tractor ownership also indicates superior farming knowledge, which leads to other farmers appealing to the tractor owner for assistance and guidance.


3. Tractors Deliver Easy Transmission and Operational facilities.

Tractors, particularly the most recent ones, include an automated transmission system that makes operating much easier and more seamless.

Aside from that, they've included power steering, which makes turning as simple as possible. Through automatic responsive gearbox and exclusive shift control, certain models can relieve stress.

These new measures ensure that operating the tractor is as safe as possible.


4. Tractors Can Be Used in Other Ways As Well.

Apart from using tractors over the field tractors can be used in a wide range of operations. For instance, you can make use of a small or compact tractor for your regular gardening tasks with suitable ease.

Furthermore, they can be fitted with a range of equipment, such as backhoes or front loaders, to carry even larger duties.

You may be able to reduce the quantity of other equipment you need to buy by purchasing a multi-purpose tractor.


5. Tractors Provide Durability To Farmland.

In our country, it becomes extremely important to check the durability of the farmland as well as the equipment. Unfavorable climatic conditions such as excessive heat, humidity, rains, or dry or rough landscapes may lead to certain damage.

Though the tractors come as a rescue which is typically designed with powerful engines

strong engines capable of loading/pulling huge loads and appropriate for all weather conditions These tractors also have cast-iron fronts or axles, which contribute to their long-term durability.



Since a tractor is the most expensive piece of farm equipment a farmer owns, modern agricultural tractors are designed to have a longer shelf life, avoiding marginal or small-scale farmers from spending a lot of money on new tractors in short periods.

Tractors can be innumerable; it depends on how and when you use and allocate it to their best efficient utility. Just make sure to invest your time and effort to purchase a tractor that meets all your expectations and requirements

Then, shortlist those that you believe would meet your needs, and finally, buy the one that proves to be the best value for money.


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