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Tractor Plough in India

Plough is a farm implement used as a tractor attachment for the primary tillage of the soil. It is specially used in areas with heavy rain to remove weeds by completely turning and pulverizing the soil. It basically lifts, turns and breaks the furrow slice while mixing it with weeds and crop residue. As we all know different type of soil requires a different type of tillage, therefore, plough comes in various types like general-purpose, stubble type, sod or breaker type and slat type. MB plough not only helps in soil inversion but also helps in mixing and uprooting weeds, trash, lime, manure and crop residue with the soil. It also helps in protecting crops from pests and maintaining a good temperature of soil hence providing a healthy environment for the growth of crops that too in a minimum amount of efforts, labour, fuel, energy and time used. Price of MB Plough in India: Rs. 25000-90000

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Recently Asked Question about Plough Tractor Implements :

The advantages of plough are that it loosens the soil and it helps in the easier transportation of air and water through the soil.

Types of plough are wooden ploughs, iron or inversion ploughs, and special purpose ploughs.

A tractor plough is a combination of an iron and steel frame with a blade attached to it to cut and loosen the soil.

A plough or plow is a farm tool for loosening or turning the soil before sowing seed or planting.

The price of a plough in India is Rs. 25000* to 90000*.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest plough models in India.

The most popular ploughs in India are the Fieldking mounted disc plough, Landforce mb plough standard duty, and Soiltech MB Plough.

The best plough brands in India are Lemken, Agristar, Fieldking, and Farmking.

The amount of subsidy and the process vary by area, for more information on plough subsidies, you can visit

The disc plough is best for all types of soil conditions like hard, dry, stony, trashy, and more.

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About Tractor Plough

Ploughing is the process of allowing and turning the soil to bring soil nutrients on top. Before planting seeds, it is required to loosen and turn the soil in the fields to break it down to the size of the grains.  

Tractor Plough is an agricultural tool or tractor implement that has the fundamental goal of ploughing to turn over the topsoil, which brings new nutrients to the surface while burying weeds and crop residue to allow them to decompose. Furrows are the names given to the trenches made by a tractor plough tool. A ploughed field is typically allowed to dry out in modern farming before being harrowed and planted. The starting price of plough tool is around Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000 respectively.

What are the Uses of Plough tool?

  • A tractor plough is used to break, churn, and mix with different types of soil.
  • It is also suitable over rocky and rooted areas with tough structures.
  • It is also advantageous in places where soil erosion has taken place.
  • The soil is turned over and ground up to eradicate weeds in regions that receive a lot of rain. It raises, rotates, and splits the furrow slice, mixing it with crop debris and weeds. 
  • The many sorts of ploughs include general-purpose, stubble type, sod or breaker type, and slat type because, as we all know, different types of soil call for different forms of tillage. 
  • Additionally, it aids in keeping the soil at a healthy temperature and defending crops from pests, creating a favorable environment for crop growth.

Famous Tractor Plough Brands in India:-

Many famous tractor plough brands in India are highly known and recognized in the market.

1. Fieldking Jumbo Fixed Mound Board Plough

The Fieldking Jumbo Fixed Mould Board Plough in India has an implement power of 50–110 HP and is very affordable and fuel efficient. The farmers choose it because of its extraordinary quality and efficiency, which are incompatible. The Fieldking Jumbo Fixed Mould Board Plough in India increases agricultural output and makes complicated, time-consuming tasks easier to do.

Shear bolts are used to safeguard it for security. Its robust tubular construction and sturdy frame design aid with load resistance during deep ploughing. wheel. High-strength load protection is provided by its high-quality boron steel tyne.

The Fieldking Plough prices are around 20,000 Rupees.

2.  Khedut MB plough

The Khedut MB tractor plough is constructed with cutting-edge technology to guarantee increased productivity and the cheapest prices. It can also function in any type of soil, breaking up clumps, turning, pulverizing, etc. The Khedut MB Plough is suited for use with compatible tractors since it is available in the tillage category and has implement power ranging from 45 to 125 HP.

The Khedut plough price starts at around 15,000 Rupees

3. John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough

The John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough is ideal for farming. It belongs to the category of a plough. Additionally, it features 50 to 55 HP of Implement Power for fuel-efficient work. It is an item made by the John Deere company, which is renowned for its excellent quality.

The John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB plough price starts at Rs 15,000 Rupees

4. Sonalika MB plough 2 furrow

Sonalika MB PLOUGH (2 FURROW) is suitable for agriculture since it allows efficient work on the ground. It belongs to the category of the plough tool. Moreover, it includes 45–50 HP of Implement Power for work that is fuel-efficient. It is a tool that is manufactured by the Sonalika brand.

Sonalika Mould Board plough 2 furrow Price is around 15,000*. rupees

5. Landforce Mb Plough 

The plough implement is under the category of tillage and is owned under the Landforce brand. It has an implemented power and efficiency range of 50 to 90 HP. This type of plough is extremely effective and excellent for multi-tasking in agricultural fields. This plough model is highly fuel-efficient and includes all the features needed by farmers to manage and run their farms more effectively.

Landforce Mb Plough price is around Rs. 16,000*.

6. Mahindra Reversible Plough 

Mahindra is a well-known manufacturer in the tractor market, and it has established itself as the leading player in the tractor sector thanks to its power and capacity range of 45 to 65 horsepower. This design falls under the tillage category and is known as the reversible plough. 

It provides deep penetration and extends maximum depth by 12 to 14 inches. It has a 305mm maximum cutting depth and a 610mm to 915mm maximum cutting breadth.

Mahindra Reversible Plough price is around Rs. 15,000*.

Advantages of Ploughing Machine in Agriculture:-

•           Tractor Ploughing machine contributes to restoring the proper composition of the soil. blending the lumps and leaving room for new plant growth on the surface. 

•           Ploughed field will become oxygen-rich and waterproof. The plough's depth-dug waste from earlier crops serves as a source of nutrients for the new plant. 

•           Rolling up the soil also entails eliminating weeds that hinder crop growth. The weeds are strictly controlled.

Types of Tractor Ploughing Machines:-

According to local farming requirements, such as the soil and weather, there are various types of ploughs that are listed below:

Disc Plough

Disc Plough is basically used for mounting the tractors which are used to prepare the rocky and rooted areas of soil for seed planting.

• Reversible Mould Board Plough

A reversible mould-board plough tool rotates the top layer of soil to the right or left, depending on the situation.

One – way – plough

For the hardest ploughing duties, a one-way plough uses a steel blade with bar points. Additionally, it has one direction of movement.

Harrows Plough

Harrows Plough is used for shallow cultivation in tasks including seedbed preparation, seed coverage, and weed seedling elimination.

Chisel plough

Chisel ploughs are used to break up hard pans and to dig deep (60–70 cm) holes with little disruption to the top layers of soil.

What is the Price of tractor Plough in India?

The tractor plough price starts from Rs. 50,000 and goes up to Rs. 1,00,000 

Where can you find the latest tractor Plough in India?

Visit Tractor Gyan if you're searching to buy the latest tractor plough tool and aren't sure which brand or model to choose. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the tractor accessories available in India so you can quickly learn about the tractor Plough Price, features, and specifications. Soon, start asking questions on Tractor Gyan about the tractor plough prices so that they may be accommodated in your budget.

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