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Tractor Plough in India

Plough is a farm implement used as a tractor attachment for the primary tillage of the soil. It is specially used in areas with heavy rain to remove weeds by completely turning and pulverizing the soil. It basically lifts, turns and breaks the furrow slice while mixing it with weeds and crop residue. As we all know different type of soil requires a different type of tillage, therefore, plough comes in various types like general-purpose, stubble type, sod or breaker type and slat type. MB plough not only helps in soil inversion but also helps in mixing and uprooting weeds, trash, lime, manure and crop residue with the soil. It also helps in protecting crops from pests and maintaining a good temperature of soil hence providing a healthy environment for the growth of crops that too in a minimum amount of efforts, labour, fuel, energy and time used. Price of MB Plough in India: Rs. 25000-90000

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Recently Asked Question about Plough Tractor Implements :

There are five types of plough are available: Mould Board Plough. Disc Type Plough. Rotary Plough. Chisel or subsurface Plough. SubSoiler Plough.
Plough in India are available from Rs. 3500 to 125000.
Top companies for plough in India are Lemkin, Maschio Gaspardo, Agristar, Fieldking,
Yes, you can use plough after the harvest or first rain.
You need a minimum 15-20 HP power tractor to run the plough properly.
Rotavators are available in the range of 90 CM to 200 CM.
No, it works by being attached with a tractor and gets power by the tractor's PTO.
Average PTO speed of the tractor for implements is 540 RPM.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit
If you want to know about any brand of plough, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features and many more about plough.

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MB plough is the abbreviation for Mould Board Plougher. It is the most important and very dynamic kind of tractor implement in India. MB Plough is used basically to pulverize and smoothen the soil surface to wash away all the weeds, trash and other unwanted foreign particles. The crop residues are also buried and blended with the soil through these MB ploughers.

Plough tractor implements in India is the most common most important plough basically used by the farmers for creating tillage in canal irrigation and practising tillage in the area where water gathers in quantity and weed and is widely used. The most crucial farming operation is to maintain soil quality and its productive properties. Thus, a mouldboard plough implement helps in maintaining the soil structure by making it more fertile and best for farming and agriculture. Many times crop residues and soil particles exploit the real quality of soil that could be otherwise used for better irrigation and crop plantation thus, farmers who lookup for productive farming always use MB Plough as a great source of tractor implements in India.

What are the advantages of MB Plough tractor implement in India?

Tractor implements in India are of immense importance and MB plough is definitely the next big thing in use for the farmers. The plougher used by farmers on the field helps in maintaining the quality of the soil and enriching its value for plantation too. Here are some of the advantages of using MB plough tractor implements in India.

  • Efficient in operations -
    The MB plough can automatically seek out the desired depth in the soil that can be the best for sowing the seeds. It helps in harvesting perfectly with ease in operation and efficiency in output.

  • Versatile implement model -
    MB plough tractor implements are versatile and available in different categories. Some of the models have two or more mould-boards. These are used for digging out to the depth of the soil. Some models are versatile and used for multiple purposes on the field.

  • Controls weeds and crop residue mixing-
    Weeds usually spring up after harvesting and agricultural preparation, it is important to remove them within the time. The plough completely inverts the soil and removes the weeds out of it. It helps in saving time and labour costs.

  • Pest control is another benefit -
    Mould boards plough is best to get rid of the pest that gets settled in the farm field. Often pest on the crop is considered as exploitation of food, keeping that in mind plough should always be used to eradicate the risk of having pests on the soil.

  • Improving soil health -

With the help of MB Plough, the crop gets buried deep into the soil which leads to decomposition. It also promotes evaporation of excessive moisture present in the soil that makes the environment and soil quality more favourable for farming and agriculture.

What are the Specifications of MB Plough tractor implements in India?

Before you go on for purchasing a plough in the market learn about its specifications and amazing features so that your buying becomes more wise and intelligent. Here are some of the specifications of a plough, have a look-

  • The plough is made from a steel body that is strong and rust-free. This tractor implement is made up of steel and metallic body which helps in a strong performance and effective activity on the farm field.

  • Height adjustable drawbar. It is important to have an adjustable drawbar in the plough for better performance. When the height of it gets adjusted the soil activity is improved in a better way.

  • Working depth gets adjusted. Plough is basically used for creating a deep way in soil that can help in sowing of the seeds by the farmer. Cropping becomes easy with this feature of the plough. 

Hence, these specifications of the plough will always help in better performance and operation on the farm field. This tractor implement is of immense importance to a farmer as it will help the farmer to sow the seeds and improve the soil quality easily, so next if you want to buy a plough and want to make a wise decision about it then consider these specifications and its uses to a farmer. Tractor Gyan is always there to help you impart the best of your knowledge.

What is the MB plough tractor implement prices in India?

Plough tractor implements are very affordable and cost-efficient in price. For farmers bearing the additional cost of farming equipment is not that easy, hence companies work tremendously to bring prices that are affordable and very cheap to be afforded by the farmers. In India, MB Plough price is more than 20000. There is a variety of plough used by the farmers and thus, these plough comes into the various price range.

Thus, tractor implements in India are very important for agricultural activity in India. If you are looking for the best variety and best in quality plough for use then visit Tractor Gyan soon. 

These are the popular MB Plough Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, New Holland, Captain, Solis

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