VST sells 7,991 tractors in FY22

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VST sells 7,991 tractors in FY22

    VST sells 7,991 tractors in FY22

01 Apr, 2022

The tractor industry had faced a huge decline in sales during these covid targeted years. However, the start of 2022 has shown a fortunate result in selling out tractors. The market seems to get leveraged a bit and the scope of shooting high sales is possible and quite determinant. VST tractors have got its sales records out for March 2022 where power tillers sales stand to be 3093 and tractors sales stand to be 683 which in comparison to March 2021 is just satisfactory.



For the current period For the corresponding period (in nos.)

For the corresponding period (in nos.) (in nos.)

March 2022

Year to Date

March 2021

Year to Date

Power Tillers











About VST Tractors

VST is the oldest and century built tractor giant that has its feet long in the industry. The tractor brand is most popular for the  production of power tillers and tractors in India. Having a south base and operating centres, the expectations of selling out tractors to the rural community of the country is quite possible. The brand has rolled out its operations in 1911. Since then the tractor company is working to produce compact and agricultural tractors in India that are technologically wise and functionally sound. Now the brad is more familiar as “VST Shakti” which says all about ist potential and power in the industry.


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 Escorts Agri Machinery sold 94,228 tractors in FY22 Down 11.7% YoY       

Escorts Agri Machinery sold 94,228 tractors in FY22 Down 11.7% YoY             

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 Mahindra Fes sells 3,54,698 tractors in FY22       

Mahindra Fes sells 3,54,698 tractors in FY22                                                     

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 Escorts Agri Machinery sold 6,114 tractors in February 2022, Down 45.6% yoy       

Escorts Agri Machinery sold 6,114 tractors in February 2022, Down 45.6% yoy

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