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Vst sold 591 Tractors and 3037 Power Tillers in May'22

Vst sold 591 Tractors and 3037 Power Tillers in May'22

    Vst sold 591 Tractors and 3037 Power Tillers in May'22

01 Jun, 2022

Tractor industry has suffered a significant loss in the recent years due to covid-19, however, by the start of the year, 2022 things seemed pretty promising for the agricultural sector. The economy is getting back to normal Tractor industry is included. V.S.T Tractors, have got its sales records out for May 2022, in which Power tillers stand to be 3037 and Tractors to be 591 which are not that high but promising for better performance in future.


For the current period (in nos.)

For the corresponding period

(in nos.)

May 2022 Year to Date May 2021 Year to Date
Power Tillers 3037 5392 2061 3719
Tractors 591 1098 600 1121


VST the oldest pioneer in the tractor industry has a feet long industry. The tractor industry is known for providing top-class power tillers at prices too good to be true. Founded in 1911, VST is committed to producing compact and agricultural tractors. Here is how the pioneer performed in the month of May 2022 in comparison to May 2021.


Power Tillers:

As the table shows, Power tillers showed quite a promising growth in sales in the month of May of the year 2022. In May 2021 where they sold a total of 2061 power tillers month-wise and 3719 power tillers year to date wise. While in the month of May of this year 2022, power tillers sales went up to 3037 power tillers, and 5392 tractors year to date wise. The overall growth is calculated to be 975 Power tillers sold more than May 2021 and 1673 power tillers year to date wise for the month of May 2022.



Tractor sales showed a slight loss with the figures being 600 tractors for May 2021 and 1,121 tractors year to date wise making it a total of 1,721 tractors sold in May 2021. Speaking of the current figures, in the month of May 2022 the tractors 591 tractors in May 2022 and 1098 tractors year to date wise making it a total of 1689 tractors sold.


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