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Top 10 Mini Harvester Price & Features in India 2024

Top 10 Mini Harvester Price & Features in India 2024

    Top 10 Mini Harvester Price & Features in India 2024

13 Jan, 2024

A combine harvester (mini combine harvester) is a complex agricultural machine that operates and functions to cut and threshes grains and several crops. Mini harvesters are used for harvesting, winnowing, and threshing grains like wheat, barley, maize, oats, and rice, as well as various non-grain crops such as flax, rapeseed, soybeans, and sunflower seeds. This article is written to provide you with the top 10 mini harvester prices and features in India 2024.

Moreover, investing in a high-quality and efficient mini combine harvester will gain you profit, good output, and high returns. Thus, buying good quality and a high-end mini harvester will help you accomplish your time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks in no time with better results compared to manual work. 

So, today at TractorGyan, we will be listing to you the best Tractor mini combine harvester Price in India with features, benefits, and importance.

List Of Top 10 Mini  Combine harvesters  In India

top mini combine harvesters in india

Here we have listed the top 10 combine harvesters or mini harvesters that are demanding and popular in 2024 among farmers in India. This will help you decide the one that will be suitable for your needs and budget. 

1. Dasmesh 3100 Mini combine harvester

dasmesh 3100 mini combine harvester

Dasmesh 3100 is a self-propelled mini combine harvester manufactured in India for fulfilling all sorts of harvesting needs of farmers. This mini combine harvester proves to be an efficient machine that prevents grain loss, and grain breakage during the process. You can ensure great output as well as profit by leveraging this powerful mini harvester machine. Moreover, this Dasmesh 3100 offers various features to make your farm operations more productive, easy, and maintainable like crystal headlights, power steering, a heavy-duty gearbox, etc. this Dasmesh 3100 is a low-maintenance harvester that will save you time and money behind maintenance.

Other features include:

- 4 straw walkers
- High grain unloading speed
- Well-built under-body diesel tank
- Include extra large size sieves for better and uniform cleaning area

Dasmesh 3100 mini combine harvester offers a minimum speed of 680@1800 rpm and a maximum speed of 785@1850 rpm for more speedy operations. The machine offers a 900 kg of grain tank capacity for paddy crops and has 1000 kg capacity for a wheat crop with a 200-liter capacity diesel tank. The approximate cutting capacity for wheat crops is 1.5 acres/ hour and for paddy crops is 1.0 acres/hour. Hence, Dasmesh is the most suitable combine harvester for small and medium fields and guarantees better grain-cutting in no time. Dasmesh mini combine harvester price in India 2024 starts at Rs.19 Lakhs*.


2. Fieldking Combine Harvester

fieldking combine harvester

Fieldking combine harvester is a solid harvester having an HST (Hydrostatic transmission) system with 42cc & electromagnetically operated valves that bring high efficiency, and performance along with easy steering and operations in the field. It has longer and wider rubber tracks that offer less ground pressure, which results in smoother and quicker operations in swampy, uneven, and wetlands. Fieldking has a compact size structure, which adjusts in narrow spaces and occupies less space for efficient working in uneven, wet, swampy, and small fields. Moreover, it is a lightweight machine, which reduces and avoids the earth's pressure and you get more comfortable, effortless, and seamless operations in swampy and wet fields. Fieldking combine harvester is a multi-crop mini harvester, which helps you in harvesting multiple crops like paddy, wheat, corn, pulses & soybean more quickly, ensuring higher productivity and profits. Moreover, it has a 88 hp/100 Hp powerful engine that enhances the capacity of the machine to perform more efficiently. The fieldking mini harvester price list in India starts at Rs.23.00 lakhs* in 2024. 

Other features include:

- It includes a Vertical threshing rotor and strong concave sieves.
- 2.2-meter cutter bar for consistent work
- Larger feeding bridge for high feeding capacity
-  Axial flow technology threshers prevent less damage and provide cleaner and unbroken grains.
- 1600 liters grain tank capacity to avoid short-term refueling and enhances productivity.

3. Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester

preet 849 mini combine harvester

Preet 849 is a mini combine harvester that provides better features and specifications to make your harvesting experience more satisfying and pleasing. This combine harvester offers great maneuverability in wet and soft fields and also gets adapted to slightly wet, lodged, or hard-to-thresh crops. Moreover, the harvester provides a large sieve area for flawless grain cleaning. This self-propelled mini combine harvester machine includes a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine offering 2200 RPM with a large torque reserve.

Moreover, it features an Improved Augar System, which provides rapid unloading of grains into trucks and trailers. On the other hand, it has a threshing system with a better and more flexible concave that works by providing precise separation and preventing damage in the most complex and challenging field conditions. Moreover, the specially selected Shaking amplitude of walkers brings maximum recovery of grains from the straw mat. Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester price in India 2024 starts at Rs.16.50 Lakhs*.

Other features include: 

- Cutter gear and disc brakes with better durability
- Foldable stainless steel elevators
- Large straw walker
- High-capacity diesel tank
- No grain damage 
- Small turning radius
- Low maintenance cost and heavy duty double reel


4. Dashmesh 7100 – Mini Combine harvester

dashmesh 7100 mini combine harvester

DASMESH 7100 Combine Harvester is a powerful and highly advanced mini harvester machine with a 101 HP capacity engine that brings more profit, productivity, and efficiency to your hands. Dasmesh 7100 offers incredible performance on both wet and soft soils with its high-quality features and specifications. Moreover, It is suitable for different terrains and soil conditions and offers unmatchable performance for multiple crops wheat, paddy, barley, etc. It has a robust and technologically advanced engine of Ashok Leyland. Dasmesh 7100 Mini Combine Harvester price in India 2024 starts at Rs. 22.50 Lakhs*. 

Other features include:

-Pro Knife Type Cutter-bar Drive 
-Includes Cutter-bar Dust Remover Blower.
-Highly powerful Hydraulic System.
-Durable and Heavy Duty Gear and Disc Brakes 
-High-Capacity Diesel Tank
-Includes Adjustable and simple Front Ladder &seat.
-Canopy With Music System, Mobile Charger, and focus Lamp for better night vision.


5. New Hind 499

new hind 499

The new Hind 499 company manufactures a high in quality built gardens and agricultural equipment. It manufactures a wide range of products, including lawnmowers, power weeders, electric shredders, and more. As it offers, a 76-horsepower engine. There are four cylinders in the new Hind 499. A 180-liter fuel tank is available on the Mini harvester machine. 2200 RPM is generated by the powerful engine. The harvester machine is self-propelled with a width of the cutting bar of 2744 mm.
The new Hind 499 is price at around 24,50,000 * respectively.

Other features include:

- The maximum speed of 2200 RPM
- Large Diesel tank capacity of 180 liters
- Better cutter bar width
- 1.2 knife speed
- Threshing drum for wheat & paddy with rasp bar and peg tooth type
- 4 straw walkers
- 8500 kg of drain tank capacity

top mini combine harvesters in india


6. Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776

shaktiman paddy master 3776

Shaktiman paddy master 3776 is a 76-hp powerful mini harvester for paddy fields. It has a max. Ground speed of 7 kmph. Shatiman paddy master has an axial flow threshing system that enables easy flow of crops. It has a grain tank capacity of 1250 L/imp and a fuel tank capacity of 110 L/imp. This shaktiman paddy master 3776 will help you perform all your threshing tasks more effortlessly and flawlessly ensuring better outcomes. Shaktiman paddy master 3776 price in India 2024 starts at Rs. 25 Lakhs*.

Other features include:

- Extra and wide Storage Space
- Quick unloading Auger
- Advanced grain tank sensor
- Wide, long, and thick rubber track
- Dual Knife Cutter Bar
- Comfortable and attractive Operator Platform
- Includes stainless steel feeder


7. Kartar 4000

kartar 4000

Kartar 4000 Tractor mini Harvester has outstanding working efficiency and performance. The engine in this Kartar 4000 provides a lot of power and is a good value for money Kartar 4000 combination pricing.
In India, the Kartar 4000 Tractor Harvester is an effective farming machine. Kartar 4000 Multicrop Harvester is widely used by farmers in their fields. In addition, the Kartar 4000 harvester has amazing characteristics. As a result, the Kartar 4000 harvester machine is one of the most popular farming machinery in India.
Farmers will benefit from Kartar 4000 pricing in 2024. Furthermore, the Kartar 4000 harvester equipment is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to improve performance in the field. The price of Katar 4000 is priced around 20 lakhs*.

Other features include:

- Offers 101 HP ashok leyland engine at 2200 RPM
- 6 cylinders with cutter bar width of 4199 mm
- Thresher drum with 8 rasp bars and 128 spikes
- Concave clearance between 16 to 39 mm
- 5 straw walkers with a total area of 46565 sq. cm
- Hydraulic steering system
- Fuel tank capacity of 380 ltr, grain tank - 2.64 meter
- High working capacity with wheat - 4 acres/hr & paddy - 3 acres/hr/


8. John Deere w70 grain harvester

john deere w70 grain harvester

John Deere Combine Harvester W70 comes with 100HP powerful and turbocharged fuel-efficient engine with exceptional features and specifications. It is capable of harvesting multiple crops like Rice, Wheat, soybeans, Corn, etc. This john deere combine harvester W70 is a synchro smart enabled mini harvester, which includes a rasp bar & spike tooth threshing system. moreover, the mini combine harvester W70 has straw walker separation with 8 wing beaters and a beater grate. The price of John Deere w70 grain Harvester starts at Rs. 27 Lakhs*.

Other features include: 

- Self-cleaning radiator & a six-bat reel
- Electrically operated header reel speed adjustment 
- Adjustable floating drum-type feeder house
- Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
- Posi -torq Drive
- Adjustable cutter bar
- 3 - lever hydraulic valve
- Dust diverter
- Wobble box technology


9. Vikas 325 Mini Combine Harvester

vikas 325 mini combine harvester

Vikas Agro is a renowned maker of harvesters, reapers, rotavators, and other agricultural machinery. It designed machines to meet the needs and demands of farmers. Vikas 325 Mini Combine Harvester is a self-propelled machine that can harvest many crops. It boasts an upto 35 horsepower engine with a high RPM range followed by five straw walkers. The machine's cutter bar is 6-8 feet wide. The tiny harvester has a cutting capability of 1.5 acres/hour. The machine's pricing range is appropriate for the customer's budget and financial situation. The price of Vikas Agro starts at Rs. 6.50 Lakhs*. 

Other features include:

- Highly powerful multi-crop self-propelled mini harvester
- Upto 35 HP robust engine
- 6-8 feet cutter bar width
- Cutting capacity of 1.5 acres/hour


10. Preet 749 Mini Combine Harvester

preet 749 mini combine harvester

Preet 749 mini combine harvester is a 70 HP multi-crop harvester that is capable of harvesting several crops like wheat, soybean, sunflower, paddy, mustard, and grams. It is manufactured with advanced technology to offer you more features and improved specifications for better productivity. The powerful engine spins at a pace of 2200 RPM followed by 32 blades and a fuel tank capacity of 125 liters. The cutter bar is 9 feet wide and a heavy-duty 5-speed single-lever gearbox is included with the mini combine harvester. The price of Preet 749 mini combine harvester starts at Rs. 25.50 Lakhs*.

Other features include:

- Single sheet burm
- Stainless steel elevators
- Heavy duty double reel
- Wide straw walker
- Highly efficient threshing system
- Clean separation
- No grain breakage
- Small turning radius
- Tilt and power steering
- Low maintenance cost
- High performance in wet and soft soils
- Highly adapted to the crops of slightly wet, lodged & hard to thresh.

Benefits of a Mini Combine Harvester for Agriculture

- Leveraging the best mini combine harvester can let you work uninterruptedly for a timely harvest.
- It can help you maximize the grain storage amount.
- Advanced technology mini combines harvesters to provide high-quality crop yield compared to other methods of harvesting.
- The method of harvesting is a cost-effective and reliable operation with this machine.
- Higher profits and income can be earned from high-quality crops harvested with the help of mini combine harvesters.
- Timely harvesting can be done with this machine and can prevent a loss from natural disasters such as non-seasonal rains, hailstorms, and floods. 
- Buying a mini combine harvester is the best choice for farmers growing commercial and large-scale grains in their fields.
- Commercial and large-scale harvesting can be done seamlessly and effortlessly in no time. 
- Mini harvester machines can help farmers save on labor costs and time in manual harvesting.
- Modern versions of tractor mini harvesters have made it possible to handle fragile seeds more gently than before, which were generally frequently -crushed and destroyed earlier. 
- tractor mini combine harvester price in India is so affordable and it's the best investment for your agricultural works.

Top 10 Mini Harvester Price List in India 2024

Mini Harvester


Dasmesh 3100 Mini combine harvester

Rs. 19,00,000*

Fieldking Combine Harvester

Rs. 23,00,000*

Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester

Rs. 16,50,000*

Dashmesh 7100 – Mini Combine harvester

Rs. 22,50,000*

New Hind 499

Rs. 24,50,000*

Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776

Rs. 25,00,000*

Kartar 4000

Rs. 20,00,000*

John Deere w70 grain harvester

Rs. 27,00,000*

Vikas 325 Mini Combine Harvester

Rs. 6,50,000*

Preet 749 Mini Combine Harvester

Rs. 25,50,000*


A Mini harvester is an important piece of agricultural gear for harvesting. It cuts the crop, threshes, and cleans the grain from chaff all in one step, saving valuable harvesting time. The combine harvester gets its name from its capacity to combine all of these processes of harvesting, threshing, and winnowing into one process. Before the invention of these contemporary mini combine harvesters' equipment, farmers had to rely on hand-harvesting by laborers, which may take weeks and result in the risk of grain damage due to severe rains. Thus, incorporating the best mini combined harvester in 2024 can bring you high productivity and profits, making you more efficient to work more in less time.

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Recently Asked Question about Top 10 Mini Harvester Price & Features in India 2024

What are the most popular mini harvester brands in India?

The most popular mini harvester brands in India are Fieldking, Preet, and Dashmesh.

Which is the best mini harvester in India?

Dasmesh 3100 is the best mini harvester in India.

What are the key factors to consider when purchasing a mini harvester?

When purchasing a mini harvester, the key factors are engine power, cutting width, and grain tank capacity.

What is the mini harvester price in India in 2024?

The price range of a mini harvester starts from Rs. 6.50 lakhs and can go up to Rs. 27.00 lakhs or more.

Where can I find the latest models of combine harvesters in India?

To find the latest models of combine harvesters in India, you can visit Tractorgyan.

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