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Different types of Air Filters for your tractors that you need to know

Different types of Air Filters for your tractors that you need to know

    Different types of Air Filters for your tractors that you need to know

25 Aug, 2022

What is an Air Filter ?

An air filter is a machine made of porous or fibrous materials that filter the air of solid particles like dust, pollen, mould, and bacteria. Volatile organic compounds, ozone, and other gaseous pollutants, as well as doors, may be removed by filters that contain an adsorbent or catalyst like charcoal (carbon). When air quality is a concern, air filters are utilized, most notably in engines and ventilation systems for buildings.

Why is an air filter important?

A new air filter allows your vehicle's engine to get clean air, a key component in the combustion process. The air filter prevents airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust, and leaves from getting pulled into your car's engine and potentially damaging it.

One advantage of a high-flow air filter is that, in contrast to normal filters, you don't need to replace it annually. All it needs is a good cleaning every two years or so. This is because they offer improved airflow and better filtration of the air entering your engine while not becoming clogged as readily or rapidly. Additionally, if your engine is receiving more air, it will run more effectively. A high-flow air filter can boost your horsepower by 3 to 5 HP and torque by the same amount. Additionally, this may result in better fuel economy.

Air filters are among the most crucial parts for farmers to pay close attention to while they operate their equipment. An engine's ability to burn gasoline efficiently is significantly impacted by a dirty air filter, which also reduces the engine's power and fuel economy. 

To prevent wear and other issues, filters, which are made up of primary and secondary filter units, gather all the dirt, dust, and other particles that are bad for engines. 

To ensure that filters don't get too dirty from all the debris they have accumulated over time and use, they must be checked regularly.

How do I know when my air filter needs changing?

  1. Lower fuel efficiency 

  2. Engine with a problem. 

  3. Strange engine noises. 

  4. Examine the engine Lighting turns on 

  5. The air filter seems to be dusty. 

  6. Diminished horsepower 

  7. Flames or black sooty smoke coming from the exhaust. 

  8. When starting the tractor, smell petrol.

When there is a need to change your air filter your vehicle shows different combinations of features which allows you to make a distinction that yes a change is needed.

a. Lack of acceleration

When you press on the accelerator, if it seems like your vehicle is taking a while to move, it may be because your engine isn't getting enough fresh air. Because less clean air is passing through the air filter and into the engine, the engine's power and performance are reduced. Your engine will accelerate more quickly if you replace your old, dirty engine air filter with a fresh, clean one.

b. Poor engine performances

A blocked engine air filter is the likely cause of engine misfires, harsh idling, and difficult starts. Unburned fuel forms a sooty deposit on the spark plug as a result of the filthy air filter restricting airflow to the engine. The spark plug(s) become dirty as a result, making it harder for them to produce the spark that the combustion process requires. Your engine's performance will be improved by replacing the air filter and any damaged spark plugs.

Different types of air filters for your tractors

1. Oil filter

Inside the tractor, the slick, oily substance serves a purpose that is more advantageous than simply spreading everywhere and leaving black stains on hands and clothing. The majority of the parts inside and outside a tractor are made of metal, therefore no matter how robust a mechanism is, it won't last for very long when two metal parts are constantly being rubbed against one another and under friction pressure.

However, a tractor's oil may be changed when necessary, and doing so is crucial since the slick, greasy oil congeals into lumpy globs over time and when exposed to the heat of the engine, turning it black. This type of brackish glob, which might clog some engine components, will be removed by the oil filter's tube-like design.

2. Air filter

A square or rectangular piece of dense fibrous material, used as a tractor's air filter, is designed to block out big particles like dust, pollen, and other substances. 

The nose, throat, and windpipe are all made to prevent these huge particles from entering the body because they will cause more damage there, just like in a human. The air filter on a tractor operates similarly. The filter's job is to remove any particles of dust or pollen before they can interfere with the delicate mechanism inside the engine.

3. Fuel filter

The fuel filter gets rid of dust and other cutting tools that could block your fuel injectors and scratch the engine's surfaces. A lack of fuel reaching the injectors may be the cause of an overall loss of engine power; a clogged fuel filter will cause the flow of fuel to be decreased or even stopped. Either clean or replace the filter. Your tractor will have trouble starting if the fuel filter is clogged. The tractor may stall, experience misfires, lose power and acceleration, or become extremely dusty or clogged, especially while traveling uphill.

4. Hydraulic filter

Every hydraulic filter's effectiveness is gauged by how well it removes contaminants, or by how well it can hold onto dirt. Nearly all hydraulic systems include multiple hydraulic filters. Oil filters are crucial in making sure that only high-quality oil is being passed through the engine. The engine's parts could experience significant wear if any abrasive particles were to enter the oil. Every time you replace your oil, it is advised that you also change your oil filter because doing so will maintain your engine running at its peak efficiency.

To continuously check airflow, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the air filter indicator and, if you haven't already, install one on every piece of farm machinery. However, it's a good practice to examine an air filter's potential soiled status at the beginning of each season. 

Make sure the air filter is placed correctly and is sealed to the engine intake in addition to cleaning it. Verify that the fuel tank and crankcase do not have any missing caps.

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