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VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, Malur Plant in Karnataka wins IMexl Commitment Prize

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, Malur Plant in Karnataka wins IMexl Commitment Prize

    VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, Malur Plant in Karnataka wins IMexl Commitment Prize

11 Jan, 2023

Bengaluru, 11 January 2023

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, one of India’s leading farm equipment manufacturers, today announced that their Malur Plant in Karnataka has been conferred the IMexI Commitment Prize 2022. The recognition is accorded in appreciation of the VST’s verified efforts towards building a sustainable improvement-based culture of operational excellence. 

Mr. Anantha Krishna, Plant Head & Mr. Akash Diwakarrao Somkuwar, Quality Head, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd received the award at a ceremony held in Mumbai.

Mr. Bheem Reddy, Vice President- SFM, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd said “we are thrilled to receive IMexl Commitment Prize 2022 for operational excellence from Kaizen Hansei, a strategic partner of the Kaizen Institute, India. At VST Tillers Tractors we are always committed to achieving operational excellence in every aspect of manufacturing. It is our years of concerted effort in implementing lean operational practices, disciplined execution, and domain expertise that is enabling us to ensure the highest quality and efficiency for our customers. Also, continuous improvement at every level of the organization fosters an engaged culture of innovation for our employees.” 

Mr. Akash Diwakarrao Somkuwar, Quality Head, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd said, “it is necessary for a company to constantly introspect and improve to be competitive in an ever-changing and disruptive industry. We believe that to be future-ready, we need to be curious and courageous to challenge ourselves. IMexl Commitment Prize is a testimony to our undeterred focus on achieving operational excellence. The assessment by Kaizen Hansei will help us in a great way in the coming years to upgrade and upskill. 

The Integrated Manufacturing Excellence (IMexl) Initiative by Kaizen Hansei, a strategic partner of the Kaizen Institute, India, is designed to be a merit-driven initiative, with the Operational Excellence aspirations of the industry participants in mind.

The prize is conferred after a thorough assessment of processes and practices at VST’s Malur Plant that is being adopted by manufacturing companies globally in their journey to be future-ready. The assessment focuses on the adoption of the tools and technologies that are most relevant to the plant, for delivering strategic value in terms of improved financial performance and enhanced customer satisfaction by building smart products, services, and processes at an operational level.

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd

VST Tillers Tractors Limited was established in the year 1967 by the VST Group of companies. With a legacy of more than 54 years, VST continues to drive farm mechanization and empowerment of Indian farmers. The organization is the largest Indian manufacturer of Tillers, and 4WD Compact Tractors, and amongst the leading producers of the other category of Tractors, Engines, Transmission, Power Reaper, and Precision Components. VST also exports products to European, Asian, and African markets. 

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