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Why Solis Yanmar is the Best Manufacturer of 4WD Tractors in India?

Why Solis Yanmar is the Best Manufacturer of 4WD Tractors in India?

    Why Solis Yanmar is the Best Manufacturer of 4WD Tractors in India?

22 Feb, 2024

Solis Yanmar is a joint venture of the International Tractor Limited group of India and Yanmar (Japan) - which is 100 years of Japanese technology with Global 4WD tractor experts that provide technologically advanced tractors suitable for all applications. This article further entails the reasons behind why Solis is the best manufacturer of 4WD tractors in India. Its benefits and features. 

About Solis Yanmar Tractors in India

Dr Deepak Mittal, MD is the face behind the popularity of Solis Yanmar tractors in India. Solis Yanmar tractors are manufactured in India under the flagship brand International Tractors Limited (ITL). Solis has collaborated with Yanmar, who are well-known for their 100 years of Japanese diesel engine expertise. Through the Solis Yanmar merger, Solis aims to bring robust and advanced technology to Indian farmers in a cost-effective way. Solis Yanmar has manufactured a range of Solis Yanmar tractors and implements, which are globally popular for their performance, power, reliability and durability. Moreover, Solis manufactures customer-centric powerful 4WD tractors with their R&D to empower the Indian farmers with the needed innovation, and modification in tractors to improve their working efficiency and thus transform their lives for the better.

Solis Yanmar is globally known as a Global 4WD tractor expert. They build their tractors with advanced 4WD technology that offers Fully Synchromesh transmission speeds that enhance the efficiency of the farmers to accomplish their heavy tasks with more speed, ease and flexibility. Solis Yanmar is growing its presence around the world with its tough and powerful 4WD tractors that seamlessly execute a variety of tasks with agricultural & commercial applications. 

Solis Yanmar offers several next-gen agricultural solutions to make farming more advanced and easy. Solis Yanmar offers a wide variety of tractors that range from 20-120 HP.

Solis Yanmar is the First Indian Company to introduce CRDI technology in tractors.

Why Is Solis Yanmar The Best Manufacturer Of 4WD Tractors?

Solis Yanmar is a Joint Venture with Yanmar (Japan) to provide technologically advanced 4WD tractors that are feature-packed for all types of applications. Moreover, Solis Yanmar is a global 4WD tractor expert exporting the best tractors for farm mechanisation around the world.

Since Yanmar is 100 years of Japanese diesel engine expert, it offers cutting-edge technologies in its tractors that provides them with a competitive advantage. Moreover, Solis Yanmar is also well-versed in developing comprehensive solutions in diesel technologies across agriculture, industrial engines, marine, and energy systems and more. Solis Yanmar optimises engine and hybrid technologies, transmission technologies, heat utilisation as well as energy management to the utmost possibility resulting in more robust products that last long. Solis Yanmar is equipped with CRDI technology that allows farmers to boost their productivity. Solis Yanmar has also introduced the first tractor in India with 'E-Powerboost' - the Japanese hybrid technology (Solis 5015 Hybrid tractor) under its E-series range. Solis Yanmar is the Global 4WD expert that is responsible, and reliable and offers the quality and efficiency to accomplish a range of agricultural tasks easily with its powerful 4WD tractors. Other points to consider Solis Yanmar for its global popularity in 4WD tractors are -

  • Japanese Technology E3 engine - E3 engine provides Extra Power, Extra Torque and Extra Mileage is designed by Japanese technology experts. It also has efficient fuel combustion which makes it reliable and durable.

  • Japanese Technology Hydraulics Expert - Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors offer the digitally controlled precise and uniform depth of operations. It also has a next-gen hydraulic valve and automatic hitch lowering and raising for convenient mounting and dismounting of implements.

  • Japanese Technology Transmission Expert - the 4WD tractors of Solis Yanmar comes with Shuttle shift gearbox for all types of applications, multi speed transmission with various speed options up to 12F+12R speed gearbox with smooth gear shifting.

  • Japanese Technology 4WD expert - Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors come with Turn Plus axle. It provides high-ground clearance features for smooth and hurdle-free operations. Plus, it includes a shorter turning radius. These 4WD tractors perform efficiently in heavy applications like Puddling.

Further, we will elaborate on Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors based on their different series for more distinguished features that every series tractor model provides.

Top Reasons why Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors are best among other brands

Let's unleash some features that differentiate Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors from their competitor brands. What makes Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors unique?

Solis Yanmar distributes its tractors in four series according to their features and specification. Every series offers some distinguished features which separate other tractor models from each other. Solis Yanmar includes four series, which are as below:

  1. SN series

  2. E series

  3. YM series

  4. S series

So, let's elaborate on each series for their specific features 

1. SN series

Solis 2516 SN 4wd

  • SN series 4WD tractor models are manufactured by Japanese technology 4WD experts and are best suitable for orchards, vineyards and narrow spaces.

  • These mini tractors Powered with E3 Engine to provide Extra Power, Extra Torque and Extra Mileage can easily manoeuvre through narrow tracks.

  • These 4WD tractors offer a Side shift gear mechanism, Multi-Speed Transmission with a 12F+4R Speed gearbox and Turn plus Axle for a shorter turning radius providing excellent manoeuvrability for inter-cultivation, water sprinklers, imported Heavy sprayers & spraying pesticides. 

  • SN series 4WD tractors range from 20 HP to 30 HP,

  • This series includes the Solis Yanmar mini-tractors which are all packed with exceptional features and performance.

  • These SN series tractors offer a 5 years warranty that justifies the reliability & durability of the product.

  • The popular tractors under the S series are - Solis 3016SN 4WD, Solis 2516SN 4WD, and Solis 2216SN 4WD.

Features include:

  • SN series 4WD tractor models have dynamic styling, side shift gear levers, the highest PTO power with 4 speeds, a highly spacious platform, ADDC hydraulic lift, Digital instrument cluster, optimised turning radius and power steering.

2. E series

Solis Hybrid 5015 E1

  • Solis E series 4WD tractors come with advanced Japanese technology E3 engine, Shuttle Shift Gearbox with 10F+5R transmission and an efficient Hydraulics system for better and faster operation.

  • Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors of the E series have digitally controlled precise and uniform depth of operations with a Next Gen Hydrotronic Hydraulic Control Valve for smooth movement and seamless operations.

  • E series tractor range starts from 40 HP to 50 HP, to provide the flexibility to choose one as per the requirements.

  • Solis E series 4WD tractors also come in hybrid mode with the special E-Power Boost feature, which offers the user more flexibility, power and performance efficiency.

  • The new Solis 5015 E hybrid model (Solis Hybrid 5015 E1) comes with Japanese Hybrid technology, which offers the power of three tractors in one. The E-powerboost feature in this model provides a power booster switch, power enhancer lever and smart led touch display.

Features include:

  • Highest PTO power, Dual Clutch, adjustable seat with a spacious platform, Projector headlamps with LED Guide lights and Aerodynamic styling, instrument cluster, Power steering, multi-disc outboard OIB, etc.

3. YM series

Solis YM 342A 4WD

  • Solis Yanmar YM series tractor are 4WD and equipped Advanced Japanese Technology engine with Zero Noise and Zero Vibration. YM series also provides comfort and safety through its best in class features like seat belt and ROPS. These YM series Tractors have elegant looks with projector headlamps and indicators on the fender.

  • YM series provides the world’s best engine with its renowned 100 years of Japanese engine technology which offers 4 cylinder 16-valve engine with mono plunger FIP and balancer shaft.

  • It also has a fully sealed 4WD front axle, a fully synchromesh transmission having syncreverse technology with 8F+8R speed options and Shuttle lever with finger touch operation with planetary gear drive. 

  • Popular YM series 4WD tractors include - Solis YM 348A 4WD in 48 HP Cat. and Solis YM 342A 4WD in 42 HP Cat. .

Other features include:

  • Underhood exhaust system, balancer shaft to eliminate noise and vibration, hydraulic push button PTO, neutral safety switch and differential lock, Turn plus technology, High Ground Clearance, Gear levers with finger touch operation, lightweight and fully sealed tractor.

4. S series

Solis 2516 SN 4wd

  • Solis S Series 4WD Tractors are designed to perform special applications. These are manufactured with 4WD Japanese Technology. These 4WD tractors can execute several applications and implement with ease providing high performance and output.

  • This is the best tractor if you are looking for performing special applications like loader, grader, dozer, etc. with optimum performance and efficiency.

  • These tractors come in the 50 HP to 60 HP range.

  • Popular Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors of the S series are - Solis 6024 4WD, Solis 2516 SN 4wd, and Solis 5024 4WD.

Other features include:

  • Dynamic styling, instrument cluster, LED guidelights, spacious platform, 12F+12R solis shuttle shift, 6-stage cooling, highest PTO power, power steering, dual-clutch/double-clutch, multi-disc outboard OIB.

Benefits of Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors

  • Solis Yanmar tractors are known for their Japanese technology 4WD expert tractors that offer seamless and hurdle-free field operations.

  • Solis Yanmar tractors offer a 5 years warranty which covers all major components of tractors and gives a complete peace of mind.

  • Solis Yanmar tractors also offer 500HRS of oil change interval which provides longer service duration.

  • Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors are also equipped with 12F+4R, 10F+5R, and 12F+12R transmission systems which induce an easy shift of speeds and gears.

  • Solis tractors also provide Japanese technology E3 Engine that provides extra power, extra torque and extra mileage.

  • Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors also come with Projector Headlamps and DRL’s that offers LED guide lights and LED tail lamps.

  • Solis Yanmar tractor has seat with a backrest and a spacious platform twitch that is ergonomic and comfortable.

  • The 4-wd tractor of ITL group comes with a turn plus axle that offers a low turning radius.

  • This Solis Yanmar tractor also has the highest speed in the segment to maximise your agricultural productivity.

Key features of Solis Yanmar tractors

  • Solis Yanmar tractors provide an Inline mechreverser for more efficient operations.

  • The tractors of Yanmar Japanese technology offer the highest speed options for more speedy work operations.

  • Solis Yanmar has the next-generation hydraulics system for more heavy-duty and complex work operations.

  • Solis Yanmar has 7 stage cooling system for non-stop field operations.

  • The Solis Tractor also has the highest PTO Power to extend your efficiency and productivity.

  • Solis Yanmar is designed with dynamic styling that attracts the next generation of farmers.

Best Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors with Advanced Japanese Technology engine

Solis Yanmar manufactures the best 4WD tractors in India as they are known for delivering Japanese Technology 4WD Expert Range tractors with Best in Class Features & Advanced Technology with Powerful E3 Engine. Some of the best Solis Yanmar 4WD tractors are explained below:

1. Solis 6024 S 4WD

Solis 6024 4WD

Solis 6024 S 4WD Tractor Features:


Engine HP 60 HP
Cylinders 4
Lift capacity  2500 KG
Fuel tank 65 L
Gears 12F+12R
Price Rs. 8.70 - 9.00 Lakh*

2. Solis 5515 E 4WD

Solis 5515 E 4WD

Solis 5515 E 4WD Tractor Features:


Engine HP 55 HP
Cylinders 4
Lift capacity 2000 KG
Fuel tank 65 L
Gears 10F+5R
Price Rs. 10.70 - 11.10 Lakh*

3. Solis 5015 E 4WD

Solis 5015 E 4WD

Solis 5015 E 4WD Tractor Features:


Engine HP 50 HP
Cylinders 3
Lift capacity 2000 kg
Fuel tank 55 L
Gears  10F+5R
Price Rs. 9.65 - 10.00 Lakh*

4. Solis YM 348A 4WD

Solis YM 348A 4WD

Solis YM 348A 4WD Tractor Features:


Engine HP 48.5 HP
Cylinders  4
Lift capacity  1450 KG
RPM  2100
Gears  8F+8R
Price Rs. 9.20 - 9.40 Lakh*

5. Solis 2216 SN 4WD

Solis 2216 SN 4WD

Solis 2216 SN 4WD Tractor Features:


Engine HP 24 HP
Cylinders  3
Lift capacity 750 KG
RPM 3000
Gears  12F+4R
Price Rs. 5.45 - 5.75 Lakh*

Wrapping up

So, I hope this article has cleared up all your confusion regarding the Solis Yanmar tractor. Solis Yanmar is a global brand with a leading exporter of Solis tractors globally. Solis Yanmar is the best player in India as well as in the international market with its powerful, reliable, robust and durable Japanese technology engine. They are widely popular for their Japanese technology 4WD engine which is made with advanced technology to make agricultural operations more efficient and productive. This Solis tractor allows farmers to expand their agriculture business to new heights with its innovative technology-driven and farmer-oriented tractors globally.

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Recently Asked Question about Why Solis Yanmar is the Best Manufacturer of 4WD Tractors in India?

Why is Solis Yanmar considered the best manufacturer of 4WD tractors in India?

Solis Yanmar is considered the best manufacturer of 4WD tractors in India due to its reputation for producing tractors with powerful, reliable, and durable Japanese technology engines.

What are the series of Solis Yanmar tractors available?

Solis Yanmar offers four series: SN series, E series, YM series, and S series, each with specific features suited for different applications.

What are the advantages of using a Solis Yanmar tractor?

Some of the advantages of using a Solis Yanmar tractor are:

  • Powerful and reliable Japanese technology engine

  • Feature-packed and versatile

  • Wide range of models to choose

  • Competitive price


What is the fuel efficiency of Solis Yanmar tractors?

Solis Yanmar tractors are fuel-efficient, with some models achieving up to 26 kmpl.

Where can I find more information about Solis Yanmar tractors?

At TractorGyan, you can find more information about Solis Yanmar tractors.

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