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VST registers growth with 45122 Power Tillers and Tractors sales in FY23

VST registers growth with 45122 Power Tillers and Tractors sales in FY23

    VST registers growth with 45122 Power Tillers and Tractors sales in FY23

01 Apr, 2023

Today, Vst Tillers Tractors Ltd. disclose the VST tractor sales report for March 2023. If we look into the vst report, VST tillers tractors ltd is successful in selling 872 tractors and 5596 Power Tillers in March 2023. So, let's go deep into the reports.



For the current period (in Nos.)

For the corresponding period (in Nos.)

March - 2023

Year to date

March - 2022

Year to date

Power Tillers










Total (Tillers & Tractors in Nos)





Note: The above figures furnished are not audited. Hence the audited figures may vary.

The Above VST tractor sales report shows the tractors sales for March 2023, which accounts for 872 sales against the 683 tractor sales noted in March 2022. Hence, there is an increase in the vst tractor & power tillers sales in march 2023 with 189 more product sales.

Similarly, power tillers have also shown a rise of 5596 total sales in March 2023 against the sales of March 2022, which accounted for 3093. Hence, there is also an increase in the sales of power tillers with a difference of 2503 more power tillers sales. Which is quite higher than the previous year's sales.

If we calculate the overall sales of both tractors and power tillers, In march 2023 6468 product sales, against the sales of march 2022 which was 3776. Hence, it shows an increase in the overall sales of Vst Tillers Tractors with a huge difference of 2692 sales. 

So, In March 2023 Vst Tillers Tractors successfully sold their tractors and power tillers with a good increase in its sales compared to the year March 2022. 

Moreover, if we look into the year-to-date sales of Vst Tillers Tractors, they have been successful in selling their products with a good hike in sales numbers. Year-to-date sales of 2023 are 45122 which is comparatively higher than year-to-date sales of the previous financial year 2022, which accounted for 39767.

About VST Tillers Tractors

VST Tillers Tractors Limited  was established in 1967 by the VST Group of companies. With a legacy of more than 55 years, Vst Tillers Tractors continues to drive farm mechanization and empowerment of Indian farmers. The organization is the largest Indian manufacturer of Tillers, and 4WD Compact Tractors, and amongst the leading producers of the other category of Tractors, Engines, Transmission, Power Reaper, and Precision Components. Vst Tillers Tractors also exports products to European, Asian, and African markets.

https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/28376/63fee9854770d_vst-sales-figure-february.jpg Vst sold 491 Tractors and 3511 Power Tillers in February, 2023
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https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/103142/6427c78c1e069_Escorts-Kubota-March-2023-sales-figure.jpg Escorts Kubota creates history by selling over 1 lac tractor in FY23
Escorts Kubota Limited Agri Machinery business in March 2023 sold 10,305 tractors, registering a growth of 2.3 percent as against 10,074 tractors sold...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/103143/6427eda297da1_Escorts-Kubota-March-2023-sales-figures.jpg एस्कॉर्ट्स कुबोटा लिमिटेड ने वित्तीय वर्ष'23 में 1 लाख से अधिक ट्रैक्टर बेचकर रचा इतिहास
एस्कॉर्ट्स कुबोटा लिमिटेड द्वारा मार्च 2023 में 10,305 ट्रैक्टर बेचे गए और यदि हम 2022 का आंकड़ा देखे तो मार्च 2022 में 10,074 ट्रैक्टर्स की बिक्री की ...

Recently Asked Question about VST registers growth with 45122 Power Tillers and Tractors sales in FY23

How many tractors did VST sell in March 2023?

VST sold 872 tractors in March 2023.

How many power tillers did VST sell in March 2023?

VST sold 5596 power tillers in March 2023.

How do VST's tractor sales in March 2023 compare to previous years?

In March 2022, VST tractor sales were 683 while the total tractor sales in March 2023 is 872.

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