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Best 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs in India 2024

Best 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs in India 2024

    Best 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs in India 2024

27 Sep, 2023

The hardest task for any farmer is to decide which tractor they should buy. A tractor acts like the spine of a farmer and is required in almost all sorts of farming-related tasks. From sowing the seeds to cutting the harvested crop, a tractor is going to help in every move a farmer makes while on the field.   

What makes tractor buying a little more daunting task is keeping an ideal budget. A budget of Rs. 8 Lakhs is optimal as this budget is affordable for most Indian farmers. If this is what you’ve saved as your tractor-buying budget then check out this blog.

We have created a list of hand-picked tractor models that you can get under Rs. 8 Lakhs. We carefully understand the features and functionalities of available tractor models under Rs. 8 Lakhs in India and mentioned only the one that outperforms. 

Top 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs in India

tractors under 8 lakhs

#1- Swaraj 855 FE

swaraj 855 fe

Our first pick is Swaraj 855 FE. Designed with inventive features and innovation, this tractor is available in 50-55 HP range. Whether we assess its engine capacity or its PTO power, quality and performance are observed in every aspect. 

  • The three-cylinder engine of Swaraj 855 FE is backed with a boisterous power ranging from 37.28 kW to 41.01 kW (50-55 HP). The rated engine speed is 2000 r/min, so you can enjoy unbeatable performance on the ground.  

  • We loved the fact that this tractor offers three types of clutches, SC/DC/IPTO so that farmers can have great speed freedom. To speed up the farming process a bit more, its transmission box also has three types of shift patterns, 8F + 2R Center Shift, 8F + 2R Side Shift, and 12F + 3R Side Shift. 

  • Whether you opt for its 2WD version or 4WD version, the steering options are power and mechanical. 

  • With a hydraulic capacity of 2000 kg, this equipment is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance for a variety of applications.

  • The PTO HP is 43 HP, which is a great number to consider and the PTO type is 6 spline. The clear headlamps of this tractor give it a modem look and amazing functionality. After seeing all these features, we have no qualms to admit that Swaraj 855 FE is indeed the best tractor under 8 Lakhs in India. 

Swaraj 855 FE Tractor Price in India 

Swaraj 855 FE price in India is within the range of Rs. 7.80 - 8.50 Lakhs*. There could be slight variations in this price because of state taxes. 

#2- New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+

new holland 3630 tx super plus

New Holland is known for manufacturing efficient and pocket-friendly tractors and this one from its TX Series has managed to make it into this list of ‘ best tractors under 8 Lakh’ in India because of these two and many more qualities. It’s available in 4WD and 2WD versions. 

Its key features are as mentioned below.

  • While there is a lot to talk about this tractor, we would especially like to mention its advanced ‘Double Clutch with Independent PTO Lever’. This is a very high-end clutch type designed to deliver and best-of-breed performance on farming fields. 

  • One of the most innovative control systems like Sensomatic24 with 24 sensing points, Lift-O-Matic with Height Limiter, and DRC valve & Isolator valve are used in it. Hence, you can lift the desired weight, up to 2000 KG, with full perfection and ease. 

  • When it comes to additional features, there is no dearth. You have inline FIP, paddy sealing, Up to 2 Remote Valves, Sky Watch, and 48" Potato front axle, ROPS with Canopy, and Dual Spin-on Filters. 

  • Its gear system is also one of the best in the market. In its 2WD version, you will get 8F+2R / 12F+3R Creeper* / 12F+3R UG* gears while its 4WD version comes with 12F+3R UG gear options. No wonder many farmers consider it the top tractor to buy under 8 Lakhs in India in 2024. 

New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus Tractor Price in India

The price of New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ in India starts from Rs. 7.55 - 8.90 Lakhs*. Its price is 100% justified seeing its laudable features and offerings making it one of the best choices for tractors under 8 Lakhs.

#3- Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575

mahindra yuvo tech plus 575

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575 is an ideal tractor under 8 Lakhs if you need a tractor with advanced features at an affordable cost. It's part of the Yuvo Tech Plus series of Mahindra and is equipped with a wide range of features and facilities.

Here, we listed some of its laudable features that we found utterly impressive.

  • This is a 47 HP tractor that delivers outstanding performance on the field with its 2000 RPM and 192 Nm torque. The tractor is designed to work for long hours without any stop or breakdown.

  • When it comes to lifting capacity, it's hard to beat this tractor. It can easily lift to 1700 kg with its powerful hydraulics controls. This is why farmers can use this tractor on construction sites as well.

  • The 4WD system boosts its performance on the field.

  • As the tractor body is built using heavy-duty material, it can last for years and perform exceptionally well.  

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575 Tractor Price in India 

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575 is a pocket-friendly tractor that farmers can purchase for Rs. 7.45 - 7.60 Lakhs*.  

#4- Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx

farmtrac 45 powermaxx

True to its name, Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx is a powerhouse that farmers can purchase to perform in all kinds of farming conditions with ease and perfection. This 50 HP tractor is one of the best tractors under 8 Lakhs in India because it is backed by EPI transmission which makes it an ideal tractor for heavy-duty farming jobs.

  • If you’re a farmer that uses various kinds of implements in your farming operations then Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx is here to impress you. It is fitted with MRPT which gives more speed options for implements. You can easily attach implements like 13 tyne cultivators, heavy trolleys, threshers, 7-foot rotavators, and many more with this tractor.  

  • Don’t worry! You won’t face any troubles while using these implements as the tractor has enough sized tractors and great EPI reduction capability to handle these implements with ease. 

  • Along with advanced farming features, this tractor offers a wide range of accessories as well. For instance, you can enjoy LED fender lamps, a deluxe seat, a tow hook, a fender rail, an overflow reservoir, a direction control valve, and a transport lock. 

  • All in all, we will only say that Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx is certainly the ideal, affordable, and best tractor under 8 Lakhs in India to buy in 2024. 

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx Tractor Price in India

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx price is affordable as it falls within Rs. 7.90 - 8.40 Lakhs* range. Farmers can purchase Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx tractors from the nearest tractor dealers at an affordable cost. 

#5- Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3

eicher 380 4wd prima g3

Eicher is best known for designing tractors that are built to last and perform in harsh farming conditions and if you’re looking for a tractor under 8 Lakh from Eicher then you should try Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3. 

  • This 40 HP tractor is an ideal combination of quality and excellence. It’s backed with a SIMPSON water-cooled 3-cylinder engine. 

  • The fuel injection process used here is inline and it uses the dual-clutch system. It uses a partial constant mesh transmission system with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. That was just the overview of its basic details. 

  • If you talk about its exceptional features then we would like to mention its high lug tyres that provide great support to the tractor. In addition, the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 comes with a highly bold grille with high-intensity 3D cooling technology and a Diginxt Dashboard. All these things are useful to support great cross-flow to keep the engine cool. 

  • The PTO used in this tractor is life, with Six splined shafts and the lifting capacity of the tractor is 1650 KG. Draft, position, and response control are used and links with the CAT-2 category are compatible with it. 

  • This tractor comes with numerous accessories like a bumper, water bottle holder, tipping trailer kit, drawbar, top link, top link, and mobile charger. 

Considering all these things, it’s easy to conclude that the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 tractor is one of the best tractors under 8 Lakh in India to purchase. 

Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 Tractor Price in India 

Farmers can enjoy these advanced features and facilities of the Eicher 380 4WD Prime G3 tractor without heavy investments. The price range for this tractor in India is Rs. 7.80 - 8.10 Lakhs*. 

best tractors under 8 lakhs

#6- Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander

sonalika di 750 iii rx sikander

Sonalika is a trusted brand in India and at the global level. Every Sonalika tractor is laced with advanced farming technologies and Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander is no exception. 

  • This is a great option to consider if you need a tractor under 8 Lakh in India at an affordable cost. Other than standard features, this tractor comes with 10 deluxe features. 

  • This is a fuel saver as its lowest RPM promotes less fuel consumption. Its 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing 235 Nm torque. 

  • It is backed with a 12+12 multi-speed transmission with shuttle tech for better performance on the field. 

  • It comes with a bunch of deluxe features that include a deluxe seat, ergo steering, a Pro+ bumper, LED DRL headlights, and many more. 

  • This heavy-duty tractor is capable of lifting up to 2200 KG without any hassles. To provide more ease in weight lifting, this tractor features precise lift and smart sensing technology. 

  • If we talk about its implement support, the Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander is an ideal tractor as it is compatible with rotavator, plough, cultivator, and various other kinds of implements. So, don’t think twice. Get this tractor today. 

Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander Tractor Price in India

The price of the Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander tractor in India falls within the range of Rs. 7.30 - 7.80 Lakhs*. This is an affordable range and farmers of all sorts can easily get this tractor. 

#7- Powertrac Euro 439 Plus Powerhouse

powertrac euro 439 plus powerhouse

If you’re looking for a tractor under 8 Lakhs in India that is a fuel saver machine then you need to get Powertrac Euro 439 Plus Powerhouse today as this tractor comes with advanced fuel saver technology. 

  • This is a 45 HP tractor designed to deliver performance in every sort of farming conduction. 

  • This tractor keeps safety as the priority with its company-fitted bumper and tow hook for enhanced safety. As the tractor offers a 5-year warranty, you don’t have to worry much. 

  • This is a multi-purpose tractor that is perfect for agriculture and haulage applications. 

  • It works best with a wide range of implements. You can attach a 5-ton trolley, 2 MB plough, 6 feet cultivator, and many more with this tractor without much hassle. 

  • It can lift up to 1600 KG weight with much ease as it comes with an inventive Sensi 1 lift. With the help of this lift, you can get better productivity and uniform cultivation. You also get dual and single clutch facilities for better operations. 

Powertrac Euro 439 Plus Powerhouse Tractor Price in India

Powertrac Euro 439 Plus Powerhouse is available in India within an affordable price range of Rs. 7.30 - 7.50 Lakhs*. 

#8- John Deere 5105 4WD

john deere 5105 4wd

Quality, performance, robustness, and unmatched fuel efficiency are a few evident offerings of the John Deere 5105 4WD tractor. This is a reliable tractor under 8 Lakhs in India because its users are bound to experience a wide range of benefits and features. 

  • As it is available in both 2WD and 4WD versions, farmers have a choice to pick a tractor that fits well into their needs. This is a 40 HP tractor that is best for both dry and wet-land farming needs. 

  • Its 4WD version is delivered with high lug depth tyres and is fitted with a selective control valve to control the hydraulics effectively. 

  • You don’t have to worry about frequent gear changes as the tractor tries to improve operator comfort using its DC and PC control levers. 

  • It is fitted with high-end hydrostatic power steering so that there are smooth steering operations. It also demands low steering operating efforts. 

  • Its PTO HP is 34 and the PTO type used here is independent 6 spline and the hydraulics controls used here are automatic depth and draft control. The tractor comes with accessories like a holder, tow hook, drawbar, and wagon hitch. 

John Deere 5105 4WD Tractor Price in India

Indian farmers can easily purchase a John Deere 5105 4WD tractor at an affordable cost of Rs. 7.90 - 8.50 Lakhs*. 

#9- Massey Ferguson 245 DI

massey ferguson 245 di

Massey Ferguson is India’s trusted tractor manufacturer and has always been very busy manufacturing tractors that empower farmers by all means possible. We selected Massey Ferguson 245 DI to mention in this list of best tractors under 8 lakhs in India. This is a 50 HP tractor that comes with a Simpson SJ327 Engine TI A engine. 

  • This engine has 3 cylinders and it has a line fuel injection pump system and an advanced dual clutch system in place. 

  • When we studied this tractor in detail, we were impressed knowing about its advanced features including a fully adjustable front axle, Quadra PTO, planetary plus with OIB, and many more. 

  • This tractor is perfect for heavy-duty operations as it can lift to 1700 KG weight using its draft, position and response control. Links are fitted with CAT-1 and CAT2 -2 balls for better usage. 

Massey Ferguson 245 DI Tractor Price in India

Massey Ferguson 245 DI is worth a try as this tractor is highly affordable. The price range is Rs. 7.15 - 7.75 Lakhs* in India. 

#10- Solis 4515 E 4WD

solis 4515 e 4wd

Lastly, we would like to recommend you Solis 4515 E 4WD if you’re going to buy a tractor under 8 Lakhs. This is a 48 HP tractor that comes with 3-cylinder engines that can generate up to 205 NM torque. We loved the fact this tractor is highly implement-friendly. 

  • It can easily work with implements like puddling, rotavator, and reversible MB plough. 

  • For the comfort of farmers, the Solis 4515–4WD features a spacious platform and ergonomically designed seating. It offers exceptional vehicle control with adequate tyre size and multi-disc outboard OIB brakes.

  • The state-of-the-art Solis 4515–4WD stands as a technological marvel, perfectly suited for various crops and soil-specific conditions. So, you can easily bet on this best tractor under 8 Lakhs in India. 

Solis 4515 E 4WD Tractor Price in India

Solis 4515 E 4WD tractor is available in India at an affordable cost of Rs. 7.70 - 8.85 Lakhs*. 

Best 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs Price List in 2024

Tractor Model HP Price
Swaraj 855 FE 52 hp Rs. 7.80 - 8.50 Lakhs*
New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ 49.5 hp Rs. 7.55 - 8.90 Lakhs*
Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575 47 hp Rs. 7.45 - 7.60 Lakhs*
Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx 50 hp Rs. 7.90 - 8.40 Lakhs*
Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 40 hp Rs. 7.80 - 8.10 Lakhs*
Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander 55 hp Rs 7.30 - 7.80 Lakhs*
Powertrac Euro 439 Plus Powerhouse 45 hp Rs. 7.30 - 7.50 Lakhs*
John Deere 5105 4WD 40 hp Rs. 7.90 - 8.50 Lakhs*
Massey Ferguson 245 DI 50 hp Rs. 7.15 - 7.75 Lakhs*
Solis 4515 E 4WD 48 hp Rs. 7.70 - 8.85 Lakhs*

Are You All Set To Get An Ideal Tractor Under 8 Lakhs 

Buying a tractor under 8 Lakhs is a great move that farmers can make to enjoy great features at an affordable cost. Our team of Tractor Gyan studies the available models in India and listed the best options after careful inception. So, pick your ideal model and start experiencing new capabilities. 

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Recently Asked Question about Best 10 Tractors Under 8 Lakhs in India 2024

Which are the top tractors under 8 lakhs in India?

Swaraj 855 FE, New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+, Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575 and Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx are some of the top tractors under 8 lakhs in India.

Which are the latest tractors under 8 lakhs in India?

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575, Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx and Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander are the latest tractors under 8 lakhs in India in 2023.

Which tractor is best for me under 8 lakhs?

Here are the best 3 tractors Under 8 lakhs: Swaraj 855 FE, Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander, Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 575.

Which brands offer tractors under 8 lakhs in India?

Mahindra, Swaraj, Farmtrac, Eicher, Powertrac, Sonalika, Massey Ferguson are the brands which offer tractors under 8 lakhs in India.

Where can I find best tractors under 8 lakhs in India 2024?

At Tractorgyan, you can find more information about the best tractors under 8 lakhs in India 2024.

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