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Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx is a 50 HP 2wd tractor from the escorts group that comes with an advanced technology 3443 cc engine rated at 1850 ERPM, which produces the highest power and offers a fuel-efficient engine. It has a peak torque of 20 Nm with a reliable EPI backend transmission to execute high performance on heavy-duty applications. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx price is between Rs. 7.90 lakhs* - 8.40 lakhs* in India in 2023. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic lift of 1800 kg, which allows the tractor to perform better with advanced implements. This 45-farmtrac powermaxx tractor comes with big tyres of sizes 6.5x16, and 14.9x28, and an MRPTO for PTO-driven application-making that offers more speed options for implements. moreover, the farmtrac 45 powermaxx price is also budget-friendly against the several features and specifications of the tractor.

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx are heavy-duty tractors providing optimum performance, durability, and various features to enhance your field productivity rapidly. Moreover, the farmtrac 45 50 hp tractor offers the flexibility to use various applications for different agricultural tasks. Its powerful engine allows the tractor to perform seamlessly in fields. Farmtarc 45 powermaxx is one of the popular tractors among all farmtrac tractors which offers 5 years warranty and 500 hrs service interval that makes you work more comfortably. The big tyres and EPI reduction of farmtrac 45 powermaxx makes it the best product for haulage and commercial applications. Furthermore, the tractor offers unmatched power for implements like 7 feet rotavator, 13 tyne cultivator, thresher, heavy trolleys, etc. At TractorGyan, you can view all the minute details regarding the farmtrac 45 powermaxx. Plus, you can contact us for more specific guidance related to buying the best farmtrac tractor for your agribusiness.

Here, we will cover everything related to the farmtrac 45 prices in India, including engine capacity, features, and specifications to help you purchase the farmtrac tractor of your choice.

Features of Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx Tractor

  1. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has an advanced technology engine generating 1850 ERPM, providing the highest power and making the engine fuel economical

  2. Farmtrac tractor 45 powermaxx comes with MRPTO for PTO-driven applications offering you the versatility of speeds for different soil conditions.

  3. This farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor has Heavy-duty hydraulics lift capacity to perform flawlessly and seamlessly in all conditions.

  4. Farmtrac 45 hp is a 50 hp engine capacity farmtrac tractor loaded with power and technology to maximize productivity

  5. It also has large tyres sized 14.9*28, Which extends its capability to work under different conditions with diverse speed options.

  6. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx offers less maintenance and a super filtration system to save you time, resources, and money.

  7. Farmtrac tractor price of 45 powermaxx is super affordable.

  8. This farmtrac tractor 45 Powermaxx comes with 5 years warranty and 500 hrs of service interval which shows its durability and efficiency.

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx Price In India In 2023

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx is an advanced technology heavy-duty tractor for Indian farmers under a highly affordable budget. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx price in India starts from Rs. 7.90 lakhs* - 8.40 lakhs* in 2023. Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx price in India varies according to regions, states, etc. You can get the accurate farmtrac 45 powermaxx on-road price with the help of our experts. TractorGyan helps you buy the best farmtrac tractor according to your budget at a reasonable price. The Farmtrac 45 tractor price is decided according to the features and specifications of the tractor model.

You can also get in touch to get an estimate of the farmtrac 45 powermaxx prices, on-road price, or the used farmtrac tractor/ second-hand farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx is the ideal tractor for your farming purposes in 2023 with a reasonable price and advanced features to get your agricultural business to new heights. Moreover, you can also check out the farmtrac 45 prices at TractorGyan. We ensure you get a fair deal on farmtrac 45 prices in India without any hassle or difficulties. So reach us to buy the best tractor suitable to your needs.

Specifications of Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx Tractor

  1. Farmtrac Engine:- Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has 8F + 2R gearboxes with full constant mesh transmission. Farmtrac 45 specs include a side shift with 30.9 Kmph forward road speed.

  2. Transmission system:- Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has a 50 HP powerful engine equipped with 3 cylinders that generate 1850 ERPM.

  3. Clutch:- 45 Farmtrac tractor has a dual-clutch system. 

  4. Brakes and Hydraulics:- Farmtrac 45 powermaxx comes with oil-immersed brakes. It has a hydraulics lifting capacity of ADDC - 1800 kg.

  5. Steering and power take-off:- Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has a balanced power steering with MRPTO PTO type.

  6. Tyre sizes and Front Axle:- Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has a front tyre size of 6.5*16 and a rear tyre size of 14.9*28. It also comes with a Flexi adjustable front axle and an epicyclic reduction type of rear axle. 

  7. Fuel tank, weight & Dimensions:- Farmtrac 45 has a 50-liter of fuel tank capacity. Plus, the tractor has a total weight of 2245 kg. It has a wheelbase of 2145 mm.

Framtrac 45 Powermaxx Ex-Showroom Price

From the features and specifications, it is clear that the Framtrac 45 Powermaxx is a powerful tractor that farmers can purchase to enjoy a wider range of advanced features and increase their efficiency for farm and commercial purposes. Inventive transmission systems, high-power engines, modern hydraulics, and ergonomic design are some of the specifications of this tractor that make it stand out from the other tractors.

The Framtrac 45 ex-showroom price in India varies according to the model and variants. Also, the Framtrac 45 Powermaxx ex-showroom price is the price at which dealers buy tractors from manufacturers in India.

Why Choose TractorGyan for Buying the Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx tractor?

TractorGyan is your trusted partner for buying the 45 Farmtrac Powermaxx tractor at a very reasonable price. You can get the Farmtrac 45 powermaxx on-road price immediately, as we are available 24*7 to help you in resolving any issues or confusion arising in buying the Farmtrac 45, 50 hp tractor. Reach us at TractorGyan and find out the Farmtrac 45 powermaxx price in your budget.

Moreover, the Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor is a powerful and reliable tractor that executes your heavy farming activities more seamlessly with its strong engine and powerful performance. It has a variety of features, benefits, and specifications to maximize your working efficiency and farm productivity extensively. Farmtrac 45 powermaxx offers the power and innovation your tractor needs to overcome large farming tasks more easily. Moreover, we will provide you with every detail about the tractor including Farmtrac 45 price in India in 2023.

You can also visit our webpage at Tractorgyan.com for details related to the Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor and our blog section for more exceptional features and benefits. So, hurry up and grab the opportunity to get the best suitable tractor of your choice.

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farmtrac 45 on road price is pocket friendly and 45 farmtrac tractor is amazing high quality tractor

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farmtrac new tractor model farmtrac 45 ki kimat mujhe shi lgi. maine aasani se 7 feet rotavator chlaya iske sath.

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Recently Asked Question About Farmtrac 45 powermaxx Tractor:

What is the HP of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx is a 50 HP Tractor.

What is the price of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx Price is Rs. 7.90 - 8.40 Lakh*.

What is the PTO HP of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has 50 HP PTO.

What is the transmission type of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has EPI.

How many gears are there in Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has 8F+2R gears.

Which types of brakes are there in Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes.

Which type of steering is there in Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has Balanced Power Steering (BPS).

How many engine cylinders are there in Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has 3 Engine Cylinder.

Which type of Clutch are there in Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has Dual Clutch.

What is the Engine RPM of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Farmtrac 45 powermaxx has 1850 Engine RPM.

Is EMI option available on Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor?

Yes, You can buy Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.

Is Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor available on subsidy in my state?

Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.

What is the lifting capacity of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Lifting capacity of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx tractor is 1800.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 Lit liters

Is there any discount available on Farmtrac 45 powermaxx?

Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.

Which are the best selling tractor models of Farmtrac tractors?

Farmtrac 60 and farmtrac 45 are the most popular Farmtrac tractor models.

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