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Best 55 HP Tractor in India: Solis 5515 E 4WD with Optimal Mileage, Performance & Power

Best 55 HP Tractor in India: Solis 5515 E 4WD with Optimal Mileage, Performance & Power

    Best 55 HP Tractor in India: Solis 5515 E 4WD with Optimal Mileage, Performance & Power

03 Oct, 2023

Solis Yanmar is not an ordinary tractor manufacturer in India. It's the first choice of India's progressive farmers  and it’s because of its inventive features and cutting-edge technologies. Each of its tractors is designed in a way that upgrades the default productivity of farmers and upgrades them so much so that they can perform better than ever.

One such model is the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor. With its unbeatable 49 HP power (55 hp ke dum waala), this tractor is the epitome of high-end mileage, performance, and power. Its features are designed with so much diligence that they are going to modernize the basic farming tasks from the core. 

solis 5515 e 4wd

If you’re still unaware of the power that Solis 5515 E 4WD brings to the table with its high-end features then continue reading this blog. We’ve decoded every feature for you so that you can know what it means and how it is going to upheave farmers. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD Enigmatic Engine

solis 5515 e 4wd engine

Solis 5515 E 4WD is equipped with a 3-cylinder 49 HP engine (55 hp ke dum waala) that is fitted with a dry-type air cleaner. The 3-cylinder engine is highly fuel-efficient and provides adequate power for everyday farming activities.

This engine is backed by Japanese Technology. The E3 Engine Curve is designed by Japanese experts and they ensure that the engine is capable of generating extra torque and has a high pick-up capacity.

Solis 5515 E 4WD dry-type filter does a great job of keeping dust and debris at bay. When a tractor engine is free from these nuisances, it’s likely to perform better. The rated RPM of the engine is 2000 and the maximum torque is 255 Nm. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD Traffic Transmission

solis 5515 e 4wd transmission

For any tractor to perform better on the field, a powerful transmission is imperative. Solis 5515 E 4WD comes with a cutting-edge transmission system that features 12 forward and 3 reverse gears. With such a diverse gearbox, achieving ideal tractor speed is possible.

You have the freedom to use dual or double clutches in this tractor. The PTO speed is 540 RPM, which is the multi-speed PTO. Its PTO type is reverse PTO. The maximum forward speed that one can achieve with a Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor is 34.13 kmph. So, you're all set to perform par excellently with this tractor. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD Highly Efficient Hydraulics

solis 5515 e 4wd hydraulics

Can a tractor perform on the fields if its hydraulics system is not up to the mark? No. Tractor has to have subtle lifting capacities to make sure farmers can attach the right kind of implements with the tractor and carry heavy loads easily. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD will impress you on this front as well with its outstanding lifting capacity. It can lift up to 2200 kg without any hassle. To make sure weight lifting is properly balanced, the tractor uses a Hydrotronic ADDC lift.  

The Next Gen Hydraulic Control Valve of this tractor’s hydraulics system is also backed by Japanese technology. You don’t have to make efforts to lift the weight as the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor has fully automated hitch lowering controls.  

You’re bound to enjoy better control over the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor with its multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes. Its 3-point linkage is compatible with category 2 implements. You can easily work with a dozer, rotavator, and puddling implements.

All in all, the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor ensures that you can lift heavy weights and work with leading implements with zero hassle. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD Designed to Delivery Amazing Performance 

Other than the above-mentioned features, Solis 5515 E 4WD offers many other configurations that are bound to empower farmers. Let’s have a look at them quickly. 

  • It comes with high ground clearance so that farmers can experience smooth & hurdle-free operations on uneven ground. 

  • To grant you outstanding maneuverability on small fields, Solis 5515 E 4WD comes with a turn plus axle for a shorter turning radius. 

  • It comes with power steering so that farmers can easily operate a tractor on terrains. 

  • A spacious and ergonomically designed cabin ensures that farmers can continue long-hour operations without much fatigue. 

  • Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor comes with a dynamic design and a stylish look.  

  • The tyre size of this tractor is perfect and helps it maintain balance on rough terrain. The front tyre size is 9.5*24 while the rear tyre size is 16.9*28. 

Warranty That Gives You Great Peace of Mind 

Apart from these laudable features, Solis 5515 E 4WD is best known for its amazing 5-year warranty that covers wear & tear, and other concerns. Farmers can use this tractor on the field without any worries as they are backed with Solis Yanmar's exclusive warranty. 

Solis 5515 E 4WD Price That Suits Every Pocket

Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor is designed with the best possible features, unmatched build quality, advanced technology, and a premium look, but its price is decided according to the budget of Indian farmers. The Solis 5515 E 4WD price starts from Rs. 10.86 - 10.96 Lakh* in India.

This Price is justified as Solis 5515 E 4WD brings the best features to farmers.  With an impressive warranty and great after-sales service, this tractor is surely the best investment to make. 

Are You Ready to be Upgraded With Solis 5515 E 4WD? 

Solis 5515 E 4WD is a modern tractor and the first choice of India's progressive farmers. It handles all the leading farming tasks with so much ease and perfection. Farmers can continue saving fuel and operational costs while they use Solis 5515 E 4WD tractors for farming.

This is more than a tractor. This is a way to experience high-end productivity and make your way to bag more yield. So, what are you waiting for? Get a test drive of the Solis 5515 e 4wd tractor today and book it. 

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Recently Asked Question about Best 55 HP Tractor in India: Solis 5515 E 4WD with Optimal Mileage, Performance & Power

What type of engine does the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor have?

The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor features a 3-cylinder engine with Japanese technology.

What is the horsepower of the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor?

The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor has a horsepower (HP) of 49.

What is the transmission type of the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor?

The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor has 12 forward and 3 reverse gears with dual/double clutch option.

What is the lifting capacity of the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor?

The Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor has a lifting capacity of up to 2200 kg.

What is the warranty on the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor?

The warranty on the Solis 5515 E 4WD tractor is for 5 years.

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