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Tractor Sales Witness a 1.59% YoY Slide in Jan-Sept 2023

Tractor Sales Witness a 1.59% YoY Slide in Jan-Sept 2023

    Tractor Sales Witness a 1.59% YoY Slide in Jan-Sept 2023

13 Oct, 2023

While the Indian landscape is growing exponentially and is making new records, the growth of the tractor industry has also shown growth. The direct impact of the Indian agricultural industry is on tractor sales as both these things are codependent.  

Farming is uplifted in India and elsewhere in the world with the help of advanced tractors and courses because of inventive farming techniques. No wonder tractor sales in India are experiencing a great boom.

If you’re interested to know about the tractor sales in India since January 2023 then we have the right numbers to share with you. We studied the market extensively and ended up with this informative post where you’ll get month-wise details of domestic and export tractor sales in India.

India is a Leading Tractor Market of The World

We all know that farming is at the core of the Indian economy. But, what we don’t know is the fact that India is the largest export and manufacturer of tractors in the world. Over one-third of the world's tractors are produced here in India and are further exported to the rest of the world.

With such impressive numbers, it won’t be erroneous to call India the tractor hub of the world.

This is why tractor sales in India are mostly an impressive number. In 2022, the total tractor production in India was 1,004,976 units, which is an impressive number. We all know that India is the world's leader when it comes to tractor manufacturing and this number proves that. 

Tractor consumption is equally high in the Indian market. India sold a total of 1,043,911 tractor units in the domestic and export market in the year 2022. 

The export-only market also had some exciting numbers to deliver. A total of 1,31,850 tractor units were exported from India to the rest of the world. 

While the year 2023 has not ended, the tractor sales numbers are still impressive. From January 2023 to September 2023, total 7,55,165 tractor units were already sold in the Indian market. 

India performed well in the tractor export markets. Till September 2023, India managed to export 74,924 tractor units to the world. We’re sure that we will get to see impressive numbers by the time we reach the end of 2023. 

Today, let’s only talk about the total and export sales of tractors in India since January 2023.

January 2023 Tractor Sales India- A  Good Start of The Year

In January 2023, the total sales of tractors, including exports, were 73399 units, which was a great number in comparison of January 2022 as the total sales including exports were only 63,257 units. If we especially talk about export sales then India managed to export 7,764 tractors in January 2023, in comparison of 10,490 tractors in January 2022, to the other countries of the world.

February 2023 Tractor Sales India

February 2023 experienced a certain drop in both total and export sales of India.  A total of 69,673 tractors were sold during this period out of which 7306 tractors were exported to other nations while in 2022 the total and export sales were only 62338 tractors out of which 10385 tractors were exported to other nations.

March 2023 Tractor Sales India

The tractor industry picked up quickly and made a whooping sale of 92,647 tractors in March 2023 in comparison to 84182 tractors in March 2022.  If we talk about only the export sales then 9,791 tractors out of these tractors were exported in March 2023 while 11294 tractors were exported in March 2022.

April 2023 Tractor Sales India

April 2023 was also a great month for the Indian tractor industry as 86,940 tractors were sold in domestic and export markets, while in April 2022 total sales including exports were 99,916 tractors. 7,652 tractors were exported in April 2023 while a total of 10715 tractors were exported in April 2022.

May 2023 Tractor Sales India

In May 2023, a total of 91,263 tractors were sold in India while in May 2022, a total of 93522 tractors were sold in India. India exported 8,356 tractors to the world during this period in May 2023, while in May 2022 a total of 11582 tractors were exported.

June 2023 Tractor Sales India

As India entered into the middle of the year, tractor sales hit new highs as the total sales, including domestic and export, was 1,06,620 units highest this year, while in June 2022 tractor sales were higher as a total of 107326 tractor sales were recorded. Export sales in June 2023 was 8,198 while in June 2022 it was 12849.

Month Domestic Sales Exports Total Sales (Including Exports)
Jan-23 65635 7764 73399
Feb-23 62367 7306 69673
Mar-23 82856 9791 92647
Apr-23 79288 7652 86940
May-23 82907 8356 91263
June-23 98422 8198 106620
July-23 58583 8460 67043
Aug-23 53249 8874 62123
Sep-23 96934 8523 105457

July 2023 Tractor Sales India

In July 2023, India managed to sell a total of 67,043  tractors in comparison to 67047 tractors in July 2022 and the export sales in July 2023 were 8,460 tractors in comparison to 11836 tractors in July 2022.

August 2023 Tractor Sales India

August markets the lowest sales of the year 2023 as only 60,123 tractors were sold in domestic and export markets which was also less than August 2022’s total sales of 64809 tractors. Out of these, a total of 8,874 tractors were exported by India in

August 2023 while 12118 tractors were exported in August 2022.

September 2023 Tractor Sales India

The total tractor sales in India boomed once again as a total of 1,05,457 tractors were sold in comparison to 125006 tractors in September 2022. Only 8,523 tractors were exported by India in September 2023 while 11320 tractors were exported in September 2022.

Tractor Sales 2022 v/s 2023 - Which One Performed Better

Before concluding, let us make one thing clear: the year 2023 hasn’t ended and three more months are yet to go. So, commenting on a better-performing year with inadequate data would be wrong.

We can help you understand which year performed well from a period of January to September. As of Sep- 2023, India has sold 7,55,165 tractor units and the year 2022 performed well during this period. In 2022, India sold 7,64,403 tractors in domestic and export markets. With the upcoming festival season, we feel that this gap will be filled quickly.

Month Domestic Sales Exports Total Sales (Including Exports)
Jan-22 52767 10490 63257
Feb-22 51953 10385 62338
Mar-22 72888 11294 84182
Apr-22 89201 10715 99916
May-22 81940 11582 93522
June-22 94477 12849 107326
July-22 55211 11836 67047
Aug-22 52691 12118 64809
Sep-22 113686 11320 125006
Oct-22 123525 8888 132413
Nov-22 67940 9884 77824
Dec-22 55782 10489 66271

Final Say

India is a booming tractor market and is making history by reaching new highs with massive tractor sales month after month. Whether we talk about domestic markets or export markets, India is leading the tractor industry.

Tractor Gyan always keeps tabs on this industry and its related trends.  Like always, we will bring you updated data about the tractor industry and its performance over the years. So, stay connected with us to know more about tractor sales data.

https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/109217/651e78d1cdca3-sonalika-monthly-sales-report-september-2023.jpg सोनालीका ने सितंबर 2023 में दर्ज़ की रिकॉर्ड तोड़ 15.8% की कुल बाज़ार हिस्सेदारी
सोनालीका की सितंबर'23 की बिक्री रिपोर्ट आ गयी है , वित्त वर्ष 24 की पहली छमाही में अधिकतम घरेलु बाज़ारों में बिक्री को दर्ज़ करके हमने कुल ट्रैक्टर बाजा...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/109267/65239098a47a1-fada-retail-tractor-sales-in-september-2023.jpg Retail Tractor sales decreased by 9.66% YoY in September 2023, shows FADA Research
The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) released data that caught the attention of both industry insiders and enthusiasts alike. Acco...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/109270/6523a0594bd94-retail-tractor-sales-report-sept-2023.jpg सितम्बर 2023 की रिटेल ट्रैक्टर बिक्री में 9.66% की गिरावट - फाडा रिसर्च
फाड़ा ने हाल ही में सितम्बर 2023 की वाहन बिक्री रिपोर्ट को जारी किया है। इस रिपोर्ट से हमे पता चलता है कि सितम्बर 2023 में कुल 54,492 ट्रैक्टर्स की बिक...

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