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Solis 5015 E Most Powerful 50 HP Tractor: Know what features make this tractor the best?

Solis 5015 E Most Powerful 50 HP Tractor: Know what features make this tractor the best?

    Solis 5015 E Most Powerful 50 HP Tractor: Know what features make this tractor the best?

17 Oct, 2023

Every Solis Yanmar tractor is the first choice of India's progressive farmers because they are designed in a way that empowers farmers instantly, provides advanced technology, and uplifts their operations with high-end work capabilities like advanced hydraulics and powerful PTO.

Tractors offered in each HP category hold this potential and if you’re looking for a 50 HP category tractor from the brand, we must recommend Solis 5015 E. In this HP category, Solis 5015 E is delivering the most powerful performance.

Here, we will provide you with a quick overview of the key features of Solis 5015 E  so that you can decode the secret of this Solis Tractor powerful performance.

Solis 5015 E - Bringing Japanese Technology at Your Disposal

solis 5015 e 2wd and solis 5015 e 4wd

Solis 5015 E is a 50 HP tractor offered in 2WD and 4WD versions. It’s an ideal combination of advanced features and top-notch technology that makes this tractor perform par excellently on the field.  

Whether we talk about its engine that comes with E3 Engine Curve technology or its strong brake system, this Solis 5015 E tractor is designed to bring the best performance. To have better clarity on its features, we’ve come up with this detailed explanation of key tractor components.

Solis 5015 E’s Engine That is Made to Perform

solis 5015 e engine

The heart of every tractor is its engine and gladly, Solis 5015 E is laced with a high-end Japanese technology engine. It’s a 3-cylinder engine that operates at 2000-rated RPM. With its dry-type air cleaner, it’s easy for tractor owners to experience smooth engine operations as only filtered air enters into it. When the engine receives debris and dust-free air, combustion is better than ever.

Solis 5015 E can generate a maximum torque of 210 Nm, which is more than enough for heavy-duty agriculture farming operations. This engine comes with fuel-efficient combustion capabilities allowing farmers to continue using this tractor without worrying about excessive fuel expenses.

Solis 5015 E Transmission that Transforms Farming Operations

solis 5015 e transmission

Solis 5015 E is laced with a high-end transmission system that offers multiple speed options and allows you to have a smooth gear change experience.  The gearbox of this tractor has 10 forward and 5 reverse gears.

As the gear shifting is powered by Japanese technology, tractor owners can shift the gears seamlessly. There will be no lagging as and when farmers are changing the gears.

The clutch options are dual and single. With all these features, Solis 5015 E certainly offers a top-notch transmission system.

Solis 5015 E PTO and Hydraulics that Enable Multiple Operations

solis 5015 e hydraulics

Solis 5015 E features a 540 PTO standard RPM that makes it suitable for a wide range of implements. When we talk about hydraulics, this tractor can lift up to 2,000 kg weight with utmost control and precision.

For better weight control, it comes with next-gen hydraulics valve control. To make sure farmers don’t have to make efforts to implement lifting and managing, this Solis 5015 E tractor comes with automatic hitch-lowering and raising abilities. ADDC control and 3-point linkage are other capabilities of its hydraulics system.

Solis 5015 E Perfect Dimensions that make this tractor a perfect match for Indian farmers

Solis 5015 E tractor is designed very carefully. Its dimensions and tyre sizes are planned strategically so that its performance is at par. If we talk about the tyre sizes then the front and rear tyres dimensions are  7.5*16 and 4.9*28/16.9*28 respectively in its 2 WD version.

If you buy Solis 5015 E 4WD then the tyre dimensions are 8.3*20 for front tyres and 14.9*28 for rear tyres.

If we talk about the tractor weight then Solis 5015 E 4WD weighs 2330 KG while Solis 5015 E 2WD weighs 2060 KG. For optimal stability and balance, the wheelbase of this tractor is 2080 mm(4WD) and 2090 mm(2WD).

The 4WD version is 3610 mm long while the 2WD version is 3600 mm long. Lastly, the width of this tractor is 1970 mm in the 4WD version and 1800-1830 mm in the 2WD version.

Blending Every Possible High-End Capacity

This is not the end of its high-end features that add to the unbeatable performance of the Solis 5015 E tractor. The list continues with:

  • Multi-disc outbound oil-immersed brakes that are powerful and stop the tractor without any lagging. 

  • LED guide lights that have great visibility during the night. This will help farmers to operate in the dark without any worries. 

  • Solis 5015 E has a Dual clutch option. 

  • The fuel tank's 55-liter capacity allows tractors to use it for long hours without being worried about fuel running out quickly

  • It has highly dynamic styling and a fully automated instrument cluster

  • To provide you with the ultimate peace of mind, the Solis 5015 E tractor offers an impressive warranty of 5 years. Under this warranty, material and workmanship defects are covered. 

Affordable Solis 5015 E Price

We know that the features of Solis 5015 E are very impressive. But, there is one more thing that makes it a preferred choice of many, and that is its cost-effective price. Solis 5015 E 2WD price starts from Rs. 8.33 - 8.43 Lakhs* and Solis 5015 E 4WD price is Rs. 9.81 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 9.91 Lakh*. This is a highly affordable price range.

Get Solis 5015 E for Improved Performance

Looking at the features it would not be wrong to say that all these amazing features are the secret of its performance and we can easily conclude that Solis 5015 E is First choice of India's progressive farmers and here to make sure that farmers are their best when they’re in the fields. They are performing better than before and enjoying bountiful yields. So, get this tractor today for a better future.

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Recently Asked Question about Solis 5015 E Most Powerful 50 HP Tractor: Know what features make this tractor the best?

What type of engine does the Solis 5015 E tractor have?

The Solis 5015 E tractor features a 3-cylinder, E3 Engine Curve technology.

What is the Solis 5015 E horsepower (HP)?

The Solis 5015 E horsepower (HP) is 50.

What are the transmission options available in Solis 5015 E?

The Solis 5015 E offers 10 forward and 5 reverse gears, with both dual and single clutch options.

What is the hydraulic lifting capacity of Solis 5015 E?

The Solis 5015 E tractor has a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg.

What is Solis 5015 E tractor price?

Solis 5015 E 2WD price starts from Rs. 8.33 - 8.43 Lakhs*, while Solis 5015 E 4WD price is Rs. 9.81 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 9.91 Lakh*.

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