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Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in December 2023 is 4536, Down by 18.6% YoY

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in December 2023 is 4536, Down by 18.6% YoY

    Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in December 2023 is 4536, Down by 18.6% YoY

02 Jan, 2024

Faridabad, January 1st, 2024: Escorts Kubota Limited Agri Machinery Business Division in December 2023 sold 4,536 tractors as against 5,573 tractors sold in December 2022.

Escorts Kubota Limited Agri Machinery (Farmtrac tractor, Powertrac tractor and Digitrac tractor)Domestic tractor sales in December 2023 were at 4,131 tractors as against 4,979 tractors sold in December 2022. Rural sentiments were impacted due to delay in crop harvest, lower rabi sowing, thus affecting both retail and wholesale.

escrots kubota tractor sales in dec 2023 and dec 2022

Export tractor sales in December 2023 were at 405 as against 594 tractors sold in December 2022.

Sales figure are as follows:

Particulars Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales December 2023  Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Q3 (October-December 2023) Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales 9 Months (April-December 2023)
FY24 FY23 % Change FY24 FY23 % Change FY24 FY23 % Change
Domestic  4,131 4,979 -17.0% 24,628 26,181 -5.9% 70,327 72,185 -2.6%
Export 405 594 -31.8%  1,371 1,844 -25.7% 4,278 6,340 -32.5%
Total 4,536 5,573 -18.6%  25,999 28,025 -7.2%  74,605 78,525 -5.0%

FY- Financial Year from April to March                                                    M- Month 

About Escorts Kubota Limited

“Escorts Kubota Limited (EKL) (formerly Escorts Limited) is one of India's leading engineering conglomerate with over seven decades of experience in manufacturing excellence. Aligned to its purpose led existence of Spreading Prosperity & Impacting Lives, it has helped accelerate India’s socio-economic development through its presence across the high growth sectors of agricultural mechanization, modernization of railway technology and transformation of Indian construction. The company has diversified business across three different divisions, Agri Machinery Business Division, Construction Equipment Business Division & Railway Equipment Business Division. The company is committed to excellence in engineering, innovation in products, development of market-relevant technologies and the highest of cost efficiencies to create value for its customers and shareholders. EKL has earned the trust of over 5 million customers by way of product and process innovations and endeavors to contribute to global food security and smart infrastructure.”

Escorts Kubota Tractors Sales in December 2023 Impact on Escorts Kubota Share Price

With a decline of 18.6% in YoY sales, we’re anticipating a certain drop in the Escorts Kubota share prices in India. The company had a good start on Dec-23 with an opening share price of INR 3,179.95 on 1st December and reaching the high mark of INR 3,284.60. However, the slowdown started in the last Dec-23. By the time we bid farewell to the year 2023, the Escorts Kubota share price closed at INR 2,983.10 on 29th Dec-23.

The Escorts Kubota share price in India was INR 2,996.00 on 1st Jan 2024 and the highest mark was INR 3,.019.00. Presently, Escorts Kubota's share price return on Jan-24 is -2.65%.

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Recently Asked Question about Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales in December 2023 is 4536, Down by 18.6% YoY

How many tractors did Escorts Kubota sell in December 2023?

Escorts Kubota sold 4,536 tractors in December 2023.

How many tractors did Escort Kubota export in December 2023?

Escort Kubota exports a total of 405 tractors in December 2023.

What is the tractor sales performance of Escorts Kubota in December 2023 compared to December 2022?

Escorts Kubota Limited Agri Machinery Business Division sold 4,536 tractors in December 2023, a decrease from 5,573 tractors sold in December 2022.

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