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VST Tractors Sales Witness a Slight Drop But Tillers Sales Soar in February 2024

VST Tractors Sales Witness a Slight Drop But Tillers Sales Soar in February 2024

    VST Tractors Sales Witness a Slight Drop But Tillers Sales Soar in February 2024

01 Mar, 2024

As February 2024 ended, we have the VST Tillers Tractors sale report for February 2024 with us. The recently released VST sales report throws light on the tractor and power tiller sales. Let’s decode this report for a better understanding. 

VST Power Tiller Sales in February 2024   

VST excels as a power tiller manufacturer and the report proved this once again. The VST sold is 3,773  power tillers in February 2024 against the 3,511 power tillers sold in February 2023.

VST Tractor Sales in February 2024 

VST sold 397 tractors in February 2024, which is less compared to the VST tractor sales in February 2023. During that duration, VST sold 491 tractors.

VST Total Sales in February 2024

The total VST sales were 4,170 units in February 2024. while it was 4,002 units during February 2023. Seeing this, we can conclude that February 2024 was better for VST in terms of total retail sales.

vst sales report in february 2024

Year to Date VST Power Tiller & Tractor Sale in February 2024 

Talking about YTD February 2024, VST sold 32,507 power tillers. while this sales was 32,653 units during YTD February 2023. The YTD February 2024 tractor sales is 4,626 units against the 6,003 units during YTD February 2023.

The total Year to Date February 2024 sales is 37,133 units while it was 38,656 units during the Year to Date February 2023.

The below table provides a quick overview of VST tillers and tractors' February 2024 sales.

Particulars For the current period (in Nos.) For the corresponding period (in Nos.)
VST Tillers Tractors Sales February 2024 Year to date VST Tillers Tractors Sales February 2023  Year to date
Power Tillers 3,773 32,507 3,511 32,653
Tractors 397 4,626 491 6,003
Total (Tillers & Tractors in Nos) 4,170 37,133 4,002 38,656

About VST Tillers

VST Tillers Tractor Limited is one of the most trusted power tillers and tractor manufacturers in India. The company manufactures power tillers and tractors for both national and international audiences. Since its inception in 1967, VST Tillers has focused on farming with advanced technology. With the help of invention, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd is working towards the betterment of Indian farmers. Its focus is on farm mechanization and increasing the base productivity of the farmers.

The advanced power tillers and tractors of VST have a huge demand in leading markets like Asia, Africa, and Europe. The international quality standards of these solutions make them ideal for modern farming.

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महिंद्रा की चालू वर्ष की फरवरी 2024 तक की घरेलू ट्रैक्टर बिक्री 340250 यूनिट्स और निर्यात ट्रैक्टर बिक्री 12112 यूनिट्स रही। इस तरह, चालू वर्ष की फरवर...

Recently Asked Question about VST Tractors Sales Witness a Slight Drop But Tillers Sales Soar in February 2024

How many tractors did VST Tillers Tractors sell in February 2024?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 397 tractors in February 2024.

How many power tillers did VST Tillers Tractors sell in February 2024?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 3,773 power tillers in February 2024.

What were the tractor sales figures for VST Tillers Tractors in February 2024 compare to February 2023?

VST sold 397 tractors in February 2024, a decrease from 491 tractors sold in February 2023.

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