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Escorts Kubota Limited Announced Hike in Tractor Prices!

Escorts Kubota Limited Announced Hike in Tractor Prices!

    Escorts Kubota Limited Announced Hike in Tractor Prices!

23 Apr, 2024

Escorts Kubota, an agri machinery business division announced a price hike for its tractor range on Monday 22nd April. The new price will be effective from May 1, 2024. The increase in prices would vary across models/variants and geographies. Moreover, the company shares are trading 2.11% higher on the BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange after the Escorts Kubota tractor price hike news.

Key Highlights:

  • Escorts Kubota tractor price will increase across models, variants, and geographies from May 1, 2024.

  • Specific price rise percentages not disclosed by the company.

  • This news follows amidst a slight increase in Escorts Kubota's share price in BSE.

About Escorts Kubota Limited

Escorts Kubota Limited Farmtrac tractor and Powertrac tractor ) is one of the top brands in india with a seven-decade-long experience in manufacturing different advanced technology machinery for various sectors. The company is serving its innovation across agriculture, construction, manufacturing of railway technologies, and so on. The company focuses on bringing socio-economic development to the country by developing cost-effective machinery that caters to customers' needs and provides value in their lives. Moreover, escorts Kubota Limited has garnered the trust of over 5 million customers by improving their lives with innovative and valuable products in India. Further, they are committed to providing more innovation in their products in the coming years. इस मानसून किसानों की मौज: सामान्य से ज्यादा बारिश संभव
भारत में इस साल अच्छे मॉनसून की उम्मीद जताई गई है, जिससे किसानों को फसलों की अच्छी पैदावार का अवसर मिलेगा। चावल, मक्का, कपास और दलहन जैसी फसलों की खेत... Will the Indian Monsoon in 2024 Be the Monsoon of Hopes?
The Indian Monsoon in 2024 is predicted to bring above-normal rains, offering hope to farmers and boosting agricultural productivity. Southwest region... Gerrit Marx Returns to CNH as New CEO: Will Navigate Market Challenges with Energy and Focus!
CNH Industrial N.V. appoints Gerrit Marx as CEO, effective July 1, 2024, succeeding Scott Wine. Marx's return brings expertise in digital integration ...

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