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Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 16/07/2020

Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 16/07/2020

    Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 16/07/2020

ट्रैक्टरज्ञान आपके लिये लाया है कृषि जगत से जुड़ी आज की मुख्य खबरें!

16 Jul, 2020

1.खरीफ फसलों के लिए आर्थिक सहायता कर रही है नाबार्ड


पूरे देश के किसानों के लिए खरीफ की खेती हेतु नगदी उपलब्ध कराने की मंशा से नाबार्ड (नेशनल बैंक फॉर एग्रीकल्चर एंड रूरल डेवलपमेंट) ने 5,000 करोड़ रुपए के फंड को मंजूरी दे दी है। बंगाल में आए अंफान चक्रवात को देखते हुए नाबार्ड ने बंगाल के लिए 1,070 करोड़ रुपए की अतरिक्त राशि मंजूर की है, अभी तक लघु सिंचाई योजना के तहत 276 करोड़ रुपए राज्य को आवंटित हो चुके हैं। सहकारी बैंक, ग्रामीण बैंक, माइक्रो फिननांस संस्था और एनबीएफसी की सहायता से 5,000 करोड़ रुपए की ऋण के रूप में किसानों में बांटी जाएगी।

नाबार्ड के 59 वर्ष की सालगिरह के अवसर पर पश्चिम बंगाल में नाबार्ड के मुख्य महा प्रबंधक सुब्रत मंल ने यह जानकारी उपलब्ध कराई, उन्होंने बताया अंफान से कृषि को हुई क्षति को देखते हुए 1070 करोड़ रुपए की राशि राज्य में 20 लाख किसान क्रेडिड कार्ड देने में खर्च की जानी है।

अमफान से बंगाल में कृषि को भारी क्षति हुई है, उत्तर 24 परगना में 1 लाख हेक्टेयर से अधिक कृषि भूमि पानी में डूब गई, दक्षिण 24 परगना में 16000 हेक्टेयर की फसल नष्ट हो गई। इसके अलावा हुगली में 600 करोड़ की अनाज़ की फसल नष्ट हो गई, इस तरह बंगाल के कई ज़िले में बड़ा नुक़सान हुआ है।

यह भी बता दें ढाई करोड़ किसानों के लाभ के लिए पूरे देश में किसान क्रेडिट कार्ड देने के लिए 2 लाख करोड़ रुपए का खर्चा होगा।


2.Coriander: The crop of marginal farmers.

Maa Tara Tarini Producer Group of Garadamunda village in Odisha has set a huge example for the world showing them how agriculture can bring huge profits in less than two months. The main occupation of people in Garadamunda was agriculture but they were dependent more on wage labour instead of agriculture. And to restore their faith in agriculture 116 women farmers from Malimundaguda and Garadamunda village came forward and formed a group of 5 women named as Maa Tara Tarini Producer Group that was later joined by 20 farmers of the village.

After several meetings and research they decided to grow coriander on 18 acres of land in the Rabi season. In the beginning people doubted the idea of cultivating coriander but the results left them shocked. With a foolproof plan and trained farmers they were able to get Rs 50-60 thousand on just a low input cost of just 8-10 thousand per acre.

The problem was not only growing the crop but also to get a good trader for their coriander. This is where NGO stepped in and helped them in marketing their products. Consequently today they are able to sell their product even in Vizianagarm and Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh.

These astounding outcomes made farmers gain faith in agriculture and empowered the women of Garadamunda village. It showed everyone that coriander is a crop with huge profits for small scale farmers as it has high demands in the market while requiring low cost inputs and only 45 days for cultivation.


3.PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

According to the government latest information,10 crore plus farmers will get their sixth installment of Rs.2000 from 1st of August. It is the part of Rs.10000 amount that the government distributes under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi yojana.

If you want to check your PM Kisan status then follow these steps-

1. Go to the PM Kisan website(www.pmkisan.gov.in)

2. Click on the' farmer corner 'section on its page.

3. Click on Beneficiary list. And check there for whatever information you are looking for.

4. Enter the details required and submit it.

And if you have not registered for PM Kisan then you can do it by following this step.

1. Go to the PM Kisan website(www.pmkisan.gov.in)

2. Click on the' farmer corner 'section on its page.

3. There you will find new farmer registration.

4. Enter the Aadhar card details there and verify that you aren't a robot by typing the Captcha.

5. And click continue and you will get to know about your current status of registration.

6. If you will be the new user it will reflect 'record not found'. And it will ask you, 'Would you like to register?'.

7. Click yes. Fill the details and save it.

For further information and queries, you can check on:

1.PM Kisan Toll-Free Number - 18001155266

2.PM Kisan Helpline Number - 155261, 0120-6025109, 011-24300606

3.PM Kisan Landline Numbers – 011-23381092, 23382401

4.Email ID - pmkisan-ict@gov.in




Necessity is the mother of all innovation. We all have studied this but a few implement it. Named as the Henry Ford of India, Hasmukh R Patil is a farmer who has assembled a  solar-powered tractor that will help millions of farmers bring down their cost of cultivation, and reduce dependence on expensive fossil fuels. 

He is on a mission to make tractor operations easy and the tractors affordable to farmers. Hasmukh is known in his village as somewhat of a mechanic and loves tinkering with toys and auto parts. Using scraps and automobile parts bought from different garages and mechanics, he assembled and reassembled his tractor multiple times until he got it right.

 Hasmukh had assembled four solar-powered tractors before he could get this working prototype. He subsequently assembled three more tractors and is now testing them on different soils in the state of Gujarat. He had showcased his solar-powered tractor at the Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit 2018 and got good recognition. 

With regular plowing, the tractor can be used to pump water from bore wells & clean roads and also as an invertor to provide light to farms. This tractor will be beneficial for all the farmers and save their lots of money

5.Seed Saving


Seed saving is a very important agricultural practice that must be adopted by every farmer to ensure sustainability. The method is to save seeds or other reproductive parts from flowers, vegetables, grains, and herbs to reuse them in the next sowing season. The practice is exercised from the last 12000 years. 

Seeds of open-pollinated species, peppers, tomato are easiest to save. Some skills you must develop to practice it with perfection like a proper distance must be maintained between different species, proper care and safety of seeds must be ensured, and you should also conserve the seeds according to your local atmosphere. 

But from the past few decades, especially from the late 20th century, the use of this method declined as now more people are shifted towards purchasing seeds from commercial suppliers. The method is nowadays mostly adopted by home gardeners but is very efficient and hence this practice should be adopted on a large scale.


6.अब मशीनों से होगी गाजर की बुवाई और धुलाई आसान

लॉकडाउन के चलते किसानों को गाजर की बुवाई के लिए मजदूर नहीं मिल पा रहे हैं । ऐसे में बेड प्लांटर और मल्टी क्रॉप बुवाई मशीन उनकी मदद कर सकती है । हरियाणा के रहवासी महावीर प्रसाद जांगड़ा द्वारा निर्मित इस मशीन की मदद से बुवाई के साथ साथ मेंड़ बनाई जाती है । जिससे फसल की बुवाई आसान हो जाती है । इस मशीन का इस्तेमाल प्याज, मूली, पालक, धनिया, अरहर, जीरा, गेहूं, मटर, मक्का, चना भिंडी, टमाटर, फूलगोभी, पत्ता गोभी, सरसों आदि फसलों की बुवाई के लिए भी किया जा सकता है ।
 इसके अलावा बाजार में गाजर की धुलाई करने की मशीन की उपलब्ध है , जिससे कम पानी वाले क्षेत्रों में भी आसानी से गाजर अदरक और हल्दी जैसी फसलों की धुलाई की जा सकती है । साथ ही ट्रैक्टर की मदद से मशीन को कहीं भी ले जा सकते हैं । इंन मशीनों  का लाभ उठाने के लिए अपने क्षेत्र की निजि कंपनियों से संपर्क करें । वहां आपको गाजर की बुवाई और धुलाई करने वाली मशीनों के कई विकल्प मिल जाएंगे । जहां से इन मशीन को कम लागत में खरीदा जा सकता है ।



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