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Factors must be considered when buying Second Hand Tractor-Tractorgyan

    Factors must be considered when buying Second Hand Tractor-Tractorgyan

Factors must be considered when buying Second Hand Tractor

17 Jul, 2020

India is an agricultural-based country. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. With the majority of farmers practicing small scale farming, it becomes quite necessary for them to regulate their budget. One of the methods which are widely preferred is buying a second-hand tractor.

Tractors are an investment but buying a tractor that has lower specifications than required would cause a lot of trouble. To avoid this and maintain a quality in limited budget farmers prefer buying an old tractor. This is a lot quicker purchase and you can get to work on the same day of purchase.

There are numerous factors one must keep in mind while buying a tractor:-

  • What are your requirements?

Different types of farming require different sets of specifications from your tractor. Sometimes it gets difficult to put them into your budget. Second-hand tractor solves this problem very easily as you can get a well-equipped tractor from an experienced person who has configured it as per the requirements. 

You tend to get many more configurations and attachments which you may not get in a new tractor at the cost of the uncertainty of the condition of the tractor. If you clearly know how to assess the condition properly, a used-tractor may solve all your problems. 

  • What is your budget?

Second-hand tractors are mostly preferred due to lack of budget but one thing one must keep in mind is repairs may cost us a whole lot of money which you may regret later so an attentive assessment is very important. 

If your budget permits, it is suggested to prefer a new tractor over an older one. As it comes directly from the manufacturer and resells value is higher. No tension of checking the condition and benefits of warranty makes it a very comfortable purchase. 

A used-tractor should be chosen only if your budget doesn’t permit it, as buying a less capable tractor may cost you a lot in the form of less production. 

  •  Is the required tractor available around you?

Earlier this used to be the biggest problem of Indian farmers as the required tractor was difficult to be found anywhere nearby.  Due to the small size of villages and less communication, there was a gap between the buyer and the seller. 

The Internet has surely solved this problem to a very large extent. There are varieties of online websites like TractorGyan which provides a platform for sellers and buyers to meet where you can buy an old tractor and even put your tractor for sale. Finding a right tractor online has become a lot easier and farmers are quite frequently using them for their purchase. 

  • How to assess the condition of the tractors? 

This is the most important part of buying a tractor. If the assessment of the condition is not done properly, this may become costly. Each part needs to be checked from any wear and tear or any leakage, a very thorough test drive and proper working of attachments are also very crucial. 

Along with the purchase cost, people should also calculate the required repair cost after the purchase to know how much exactly this tractor is going to cost you. People do prefer to hire experts for this purpose too. 

This era of the Internet has made this easier too. There are various online platforms like TractorGyan that themselves verify the condition and ensure that a well functioning tractor with minimum wear and tear is given to you.

** We advise you to kindly check the condition of the second-hand tractor and compare offers from various dealers before sealing the deal to get the best deal for your tractor.

If you keep in mind all the factors and duly follow the process, a second-hand tractor may become a blessing but if your budget fits, a new tractor is definitely a better choice with all the warranty and guarantee you get, the new tractor really releases a lot of pressure.

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