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Rice Transplanter and its usage

    Rice Transplanter and its usage

Rice Transplanter and its usage

27 Jul, 2020

Rice plantation is one of the most difficult agriculture practices.  Rice plantation requires a lot of effort and hard work. The planters have to suffer from severe health issues like backache problems, bone problems,  etc. Hence, rice transplanters are the gift from technology, which have solved this problem.

What is a rice transplanter?

Rice transplanters are basically a machine that transplants rice seedlings onto paddy fields. Rice transplanter consists of mover, transmission,  engine, lugged wheels, seedling tray(it is bundles of rice seedlings stuck together), seedling tray shifter, pick up tool i.e pickup fork, etc. 

Basically, there are two types of Rice Transplanters as:

  • Riding Type

  • Walking Type

Riding Transplanter is a type of Rice transplanter that can be run through the electric motor and it transplants six to eight lines in one pass.

And, Walking Transplanter works manually and it passes Four seedlings in one go.

You can change the space between rows and individual seedlings of the same row by doing simple adjustments. Rice transplanters provide great work and efficiency because Rice transplanters sow the seed with uniform gap and depth, and with great speed. And because of rice transplanters, the plantation can be done with very few laborers.

Rice Transplanters Mechanism:

The mechanism is quite simple, it just involves some steps as.

  • Step 1:

There is one driving for as in case of riding it is motor and for walking type it is human. 

  • Step 2:

Once the initialization is done there is some kind of mechanical parts inter-linked which creates several rotatory motions inside the machine.

  • Step 3:

And then the pick-up fork whenever comes upward takes the seedling from the tray and while going down it places the seedling into the mud.

And this process goes on again and again, and due to the slope type construction of tray space and tray shifter, seedlings tray slides move towards the pickup fork.

Rice Transplanters in India:

Although rice transplanters are widely accepted in countries where there is a shortage of workers or workers payment is too high, but in India also farmers are using Rice Transplanters as it finishes the work within the time limit, without any human efforts and also you can control several measures like seedlings per hill, space, and depth, etc. There are several local and global companies providing Rice transplanters available in India, for example, Mahindra and Kubota. The Rice transplanters price goes from 20k to 3.5lacsINR in India.

Rice Transplanters have made rice plantation work far easier for the farmers than the traditional methods. Rice Transplanters not only helps you in completing the plantation within the time limit but also helps you in saving money as you require less work. Rice Transplanters is just a one-time investment for farmers.


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