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Tractor Rice Planter in India

Rice Transplanter is an innovative machine that helps farmers in India to transplant rice seedlings quickly and easily. The machine is also friendly to the environment and works faster than manual transplanting. It has been designed with a wide variety of features that make it easier for the farmer to use it for planting rice seedlings. Rice transplanters are offered in India from a number of local and international businesses, including Mahindra and Kubota. Rice transplanter price in India ranges from Rs. 30 thousand to 4.5 lacs*. Rice Transplanters have simplified rice plantation labour for farmers significantly more than traditional ways. Rice Transplanters not only helps you finish the plantation on schedule, but they also help you save money by requiring less labour. Farmers just have to invest once on rice transplanter.

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Recently Asked Question about Rice Planter Tractor Implements:

A rice transplanter is a specialised transplanter fitted to transplant rice seedlings onto a paddy field. Mainly two types of rice transplanter i.e., riding type and walking type.
Price of Rice transplanter starts from 1.45 to 3.20 Lakhs*.
The riding-type rice transplanter (RTMRT) is designed for transplanting rice seedlings into a puddled and levelled field.
In transplanting, farmers prepare nurseries where the paddy seeds are first sown and raised into young plants. These seedlings are then uprooted and replanted 25-35 days later in the main field.
Fast and efficient (1–2 ha/d), uses less labour and ensures timely planting. Reduces stress, work load, and health risks. Ensures uniform spacing and plant density. Seedlings recover fast, tiller vigorously, and mature uniformly.
Heigoro Kawano invented the transplanter.
Mahindra , vst, yanmar, khedut, companies are best for rice transplanter machine.

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About Rice Transplanter Machine For Tractors

A rice transplanter is a specialised machine that replants rice seedlings in paddy fields. The seedling tray is located in the transplanter device, which is the most crucial component.It improves your farming business's profitability by increasing operational efficiency. For Indian farmers, the Rice Transplanter is an excellent option. It provides exceptional performance and long-term durability. Furthermore, Rice transplanter price in India is quite reasonable which ranges from Rs. 30,000 to 4,50,000*. Mainly there are two type of rice transplanters Riding Type and Walking Type. With a field capacity of 0.45-0.55 ha/day, the mechanical transplanter is a manually driven machine that transplants rice seedlings in rows. With the transplanter, a seedling pad measuring 20.5 cm wide by 40 cm long is employed.

How does Rice Transplanter Works?

Rice transplanters are machines that are used to transplant rice seedlings into paddy fields. Rice transplanters are made up of a mover, transmission, engine, lugged wheels, seedling tray (which is made up of bundles of rice seedlings attached together), seedling tray shifter, and a pick-up equipment such as a fork. The rice planter can be used to plant any type of seed or plant, but it's most commonly used for planting rice and also Rice transplanter price in India is reasonable for our farmers friends.

What is the Purpose of a Rice Transplanter Machine for tractor?

A rice transplanter is a device that is used to plant rice seeds into the ground. It has a vertical auger or spade on the end of it and is typically buried in the ground. Rice planters are used in many countries, including China, Japan, and India. They are also used in many parts of Asia and Africa. The main purpose of these rice planters is to make sure that there is enough water for the rice plants to grow properly. Rice planters are used to plant rice seeds in the ground. They are also used to transplant seedlings from the garden into the field.

Furthermore, the rice transplanter is a machine that is used to plant rice in the field. It has a rotating drum, which has a number of small holes in it. It also has a series of paddles that are used to push the rice through the holes and into the soil. Rice planter machine can be operated by hand or by an engine, depending on what type of crop needs to be planted and how much land it will cover. They are used to create a surface that is even and level. They can also be used as a tool for weed control or fertilizer application.

How many types of rice planters are there?

Rice planters are one of the most important pieces of equipment for farmers. They help to ensure that the crop is properly planted and harvested. There are many types of rice transplanter Machine available in the market, but they all have one thing in common - they sow rice seeds and plant them into the ground. However, there are two main types of rice transplanter - the standing rice planter and the walking rice planter.

Standing Rice Transplanter:

The standing rice planter was first invented in 1878 by a French engineer, Joseph Clement. It was designed to plant seeds and water them. The device has since been improved upon and is now used worldwide for planting rice, corn, sugarcane, sorghum, soybean and other crops. The standing rice planter is also known as a seed drill or seedling drill because it can be used to plant seeds in rows or columns.

The benefits of using Standing Rice Transplanter are:

-Standing rice planter saves space as it doesn't need to be stored in a garage, basement, or warehouse.

- It is easy to use and maintain.

- It saves time and effort as it can be done by one person at a time.

Walking Rice Transplanter:

The walking rice planter is a device that is designed to grow rice in small spaces. It consists of a small container with water, seeds, and nutrients. This device uses the power of gravity to help the water and nutrients reach the bottom of the container where they can be absorbed by the seeds.

A walking rice planter has been around for decades and is still being used today. The first walking rice planters were invented in Japan during the 1930s by farmers who wanted to grow more food on less land.

The benefits of using walking rice Transplanter are:

-Waking rice planter is easy to use.

-Doesn't require much maintenance.

-Can be used in colder climates.

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