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"5 tips for better soil health."

    "5 tips for better soil health."

"Tips for better soil health."

30 Jul, 2020

Are you not happy with the productivity of your soil? Tried everything from manure to all chemicals but still, it is not up to your expectations. Maybe here are some tips which you are missing out.

As all year soil is giving the nutrients and minerals to your crops after some time it needs something to regain its quality so that it can help you to produce more. Let just move straight to the tips for better soil productivity.


●        Make pathways in the field:

Most of the time,  we don't create separate pathways in the field or unknowingly we start walking from the middle of the crops. And it all results into the compaction of soil which decreases its quality and doesn't support a large nourishing yield.


●        Go for Composting:

When it comes to composting, there is one common misconception among people and that is everything which they make from vegetables and animal dung is suitable for every kind of field. Actually, different scale fields soil need a different type of compost. So try to search the perfect compost for your soil and never use too fresh or too stale compost, it's better to go for the moderate one.


●        Practice Mulching:

Mulching, this simple looking method will help you to fight with so many problems. You just have to cover the soil with a layer of mulch which is basically a mixture of sawdust, compost, etc. It lowers the extent of evaporation and soil erosion and maintains soil temperature and composition.



●        Add Cover crops to the field:

Cover crops like buckwheat, clover rye, sudangrass, etc are used to benefit the soil. Cover crops decrease soil erosion, attract soil benefiting organisms, keep the soil enriched with nitrogenous compounds and also help is proper aeration. This can be one solution for many problems.


●        Practice Crop Rotation:

If you are in this farming business you might have heard this word several times because this is really a great way to always keep your soil healthy and to enjoy great productivity. Those who don't know so much about it, in this method you just have to plant various plants on the same land



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