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5 Initiatives by NGOs to help Indian farmers grow

5 Initiatives by NGOs to help Indian farmers grow

    5 Initiatives by NGOs to help Indian farmers grow

"5 Initiatives by NGOs to help Indian farmers grow."

10 Aug, 2020

Agriculture is the backbone of India but the conditions of farmers contradict the importance of them in our country. But now the government is also paying attention to farmers and has created many schemes and subsidies for them.

Some people who are devoted to the growth of agriculture and farmers have created NGOs especially to solve the problems of farmers and provide them with an extra hand of help. Below is the list of NGOs who have taken great initiatives for farmers-


●        Dreams Alive:

This NGO was started in 2011 and now they are running a project named as HiFi -Help in Farmers interest. The main purpose of the project is to provide a better water source for farmers. This NGO is active in Tamil Nadu.


●        Krushi Vikas:

This NGO has been working for farmers welfare since 1991. They have received awards and a special mention from World Corporate Social Responsibility Congress and CSR. They have helped around 10,000 farmers in case of irrigation,village-based training, etc and this number is supposed to grow in future.


●        Mukti:

Mukti is devoted to uplift the economic conditions of farmers of the Sunderban Delta. They have come up with a HEALER initiative which focuses on Health, Education, Agriculture, Livelihood, Environment and Rights. They have encouraged farming of a local variety of crop.


●        Vruti:

It was started with the thought of improved food security, income security and better opportunities for Indian farmers. For effective implementations, they have formed the Kagina Farmers Producer Organisation. This NGO is working to help farmers fight against changing climate conditions.


The doors of the above mentioned NGOs are always opened for the one who wants to seek help or wants to provide help.


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