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Which tractors are best-budget tractors in 2022? Where to buy them from?

    Which tractors are best-budget tractors in 2022? Where to buy them from?

18 Jun, 2021

Make your purchase more smart. Know the exact and the best budget tractors in India so that you can enjoy having its ride in a better way. The question of having a tractor that fits the budget of the farmers is a big concern, hence this blog is all to help you understand and know about the best-budget tractors in India.

Purchasing a tractor that is efficient on fuel consumption plus it should be amazing in its performance is the most vital aspect of looking for the best tractor options. Best budget tractors in India are not that challenging to search since you have come to Tractor Gyan, things will be more sorted and you’ll get detailed information about each and every tractor in India of different brands. That’s enough to evaluate whether the tractor is budget-friendly or not?

Let’s take a ride to this blog which reveals the best-budget tractors in India that are affordable and within the range.

What do you mean by best-budget tractors in India?

Tractor is the most essential equipment of farming, thinking to carry out agricultural activities without it is just not possible.Tractors in India are more than an investment for the farmers. Each of the farmers need a tractor to carry out their land activities and hence, buying decision regarding it should be profitable and worthy.

The best-budget tractors in India  is any tractor of the respective brand that fits your economy and budget periphery, more than that serves you like a profitable investment. Have a look to our exclusive categories of best budget tractors in India.

Best budget tractors are new or second hand?

The simple answer to this quest is that if a second hand or a new branded tractor fits into your investment estimate or matches up to your priority than it is the best fit for you to purchase. Any tractor that fots your priority line is perfect to purchase. Even in case if you want to buy a new tractor after having one already than search for tips for buying a new tractor, hopefully it will be of immense knowledge and will be effective in minimizing your confusion.

Even in a limited budget you can have the treat of purchasing a tractor that fits your pocket, go for used tractor taht are in good and a classic condition because Tractor Gyan has a list of complete tractors that can be sold or purchase at affordable prices. 


Best tractors in India in 2020 that can be in your budget too. 

Before we proceed ahead, check on your budget planning, we are sure you might have done it? If not, then set a budget now. Budget makes your investment happen in line and in best methods. 


Tractors to buy upto 5 Lakhs -

The top tractors that range in your budget upto 5 Lakhs are:-
1. Mahindra 265 DI :-

It has an engine of 30 HP, with amazing lifting capacity and high performance. The price of this tractor is 4.60 - 4.90 Lakhs*.

2. Sonalika DI 734 (ST) :-

It has an engine of 34 HP with a price of 4.92 Lakhs*. The tractor is amazing to use and has impeccable durability.

3. Massey Fergusson 1030 DI MAHA SHAKTI -

This tractor has an engine of 30 HP and it costs Rs 4.50 - 4.80 Lakhs*. It is the best budget tractor in India.

4. Force Orchard Deluxe -

The tractor has 27 HP engine and is priced between 4.50 - 4.85 Lakhs. It does an efficient work and has an accurate speed.

5. Kubota Neostar B2441 4WD -

It has an engine of 24 HP. The price of this tractor is 4.99 Lakhs*.

Tractors between 5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs

If you have a budget between 5-10 Lakhs then you might get a variety of the best tractors in India. Have a look at some of it with their engine HP and price range. Hopefully, it will be easy for you to decide amongst them.

1. Mahindra 475 DI -

The tractor has an engine of 42 HP, the price of this tractor is between 5.45 - 5.80 Lakhs*.

2. Sonalika DI 60 SIKANDER -

It is the best mileage tractor in India. The tractor comes with an engine capacity of 60 HP. The price of this tractor is 7.60 - 7.90 Lakhs*. 

3. Swaraj 855 FE -

The price of Swaraj tractors is much preferred and very likely to be invested in by the farmers. The engine of this tractor is 52 HP and the price of this tractor is 7.10 - 7.40 Lakhs*.

4. John Deere 5405 GearPro -

This tractor in India has the most popularity and fame amongst the farmers. The engine of this tractor is 63 HP and the price of it is between 8.80 - 9.30 Lakhs*.

5. New Holland 3630 TX Plus -

It is a 55 HP tractor with a price range between 7.25 - 7.75 Lakhs*. The tractor is easily affordable and managed to operate by various farmers.

6. Farmtrac 60 epi t20 -

It is an engine of 50 HP with a price range of 6.30 - 6.80 Lakhs*.The tractor is most demanded and it will surely blow off your mind while you see it in operations. 


7. Kubota MU5501 2WD -

Kubota is a brand of the tractor that supplies innovative tractors in India. The tractor has a 55 HP engine and it costs Rs 8.70 Lakhs*.


Tractors in India between 10-20 Lakhs

The best tractor between this range are listed below. Kindly stroll around the blogpost to know which tractor suits your budget. 

1. Mahindra NOVO 755 DI -

Mahindra is a powerful tractor that has an engine of 75 HP and is priced between 11.20 - 12.50 Lakhs*.

2. Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx 4WD -

The engine of this tractors is 90 HP and it is priced between 12.30 -12.60 Lakhs*. 


3. John Deere 5065 E - 4WD -

The tractor comes with a 4 wheel drive variant and has an engine of 65 HP with a price range of 12.60 - 13.10 Lakhs*.

4. New Holland 7500 Super Turbo -

The tractors is one most loved amongst the new generation farmers, however, the tractors have 75 HP engine with a price range of 11.20 - 11.90 Lakhs*.

5. Powertrac EURO 60 next -

It is one of the durable tractors with an engine of 60 HP and a price range of 11.20 -11.90 Lakhs*.


Tractors in India to buy above Rs 20 Lakhs

The more you spend the better you get, if you have a surplus budget with a willingness to spend over 20 lakhs then these below-listed tractors are one to be considered.

1.  Preet 9049 AC – 4WD

This tractor is the strongest in engine with a 90 HP capacity. Also, the tractor is priced between 20.20 - 22.10 Lakhs*. 


2. John Deere 6110 B -

The tractor is very famous for its heavy-duty functionality. The engine range is 110 HP with a price between 27.10 - 28.20 Lakhs*. 


3. New Holland TD 5.90 -

It is a world-class tractor with all the powerful features and an engine of 90 HP. The price of this tractor is 25.30 Lakhs*. 

Buying the best tractor that fits into the budget is very important, hopefully, this blog has helped you in making a viable purchase decision, to purchase the best tractor that fits into your budget you should definitely visit Tractor Gyan. We have a complete and detailed list of tractors at their affordable price. The best budget tractor in India is not impossible to get if you know where to search and how to search for it. Visit Tractor Gyan and get the best options in tractors to purchase.

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