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Retail Tractor sales up by 5.5 percent YoY in August 2021 shows Fada Research

Retail Tractor sales up by 5.5 percent YoY in August 2021 shows Fada Research

    Retail Tractor sales up by 5.5 percent YoY in August 2021 shows Fada Research

The tractor sales increases in year, 2021, shows FADA research. Tractor industry has set the benchmark of growth by 5.50%.

07 Sep, 2021

The phenomenal rise by 5.50% in the tractor sales has left everybody surprised and happy about the growing tractor industry. Looking at the close scenarios of the tractor brands, the sales for some of the major players in the market has gradually declined for the month of Aug, 2021 in comparison to the Aug 2020. The reason can be unfavourable economic conditions or the substantial downfall in the purchasing power of the end-user. Thus, Aug, 2021 has seen a decline in sales for some of the brands whereas for the other tractor brands the sales have still managed to do justice. This blog throws light of clarity about the performances of all the tractor brands for the month Aug, 2021.

Here is the detailed description of the sales statistics of all the major players of the tractor industry. Have a look!


  1. Mahindra & Mahindra
    The sales figure computed to 15,917 in the Aug, 2021 with a market share of 22.19% which is collectively less and dissatisfactory than the Aug, 2020. The company shows 16477 sales with a market share of 24.23 in the month of Aug, 2020. Hence, the comparative analysis shows a challenging and “not so good” month of 2021.

  2. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd - Swaraj tractors
    The tractors of this brand have scored sales of 11547 in the month of Aug 2021 which is quite more and a growing figure than the sales of Aug, 2020 which shows the figure of 10638 in the Aug, 2020. The amazing thing here to notice is that the Mahindra & Swaraj tractors have shown huge demand and has become a great preference of the buyers, thus the growth is likely to be impacted in favour.

  3. TAFE limited (Massey Ferguson Tractor)

The sales of TAFE group accounts to 8607 in the Aug, 2021 than the Aug, 2020 which stands like 7736. The comparative analysis reveals the month of Aug 2021 as the growth setting and favourable for the tractor sales. The TAFE group has shown amazing results in selling out the tractors in 2021 and making it the best in the industry with the market capture of 12% which is an increased figure than the month of Aug 2020.

  1. International Tractors Limited (Sonalika tractor)
    However the sales here have a slight decline, still the hopes of increase in sales figure of International tractors for coming years will increase. The sales figure for the month Aug, 2021 shows up to be 8249 and the month of Aug, 2020 shows up to be 8636, which is comparatively less and has a slight decrement, which can be recovered in coming days or months, hopefully.

  2. Escorts Limited (Powertrac, Farmtrac & Digitrac tractor)
    The tractor brand has successfully managed to sell more in the month of Aug, 2021 than the month of Aug, 2020 with a total sales figure of 7526 and 6928, respectively. The tractor brand keeps the number of sales increasing with a slight mark which is although a great thing to celebrate. Thus 2021 sounds to be great and favourable for the Escorts company.

  3. John Deere India Pvt Ltd
    The tractor brand has reported a suitable increment in the overall sales figure by getting on to the total number of 7526 in the month of Aug, 2020 that is more than 6978 which stands to Aug, 2020. The market share for 2021 has reported to 7.60% which is quite satisfactory and great in number.

  4. Kubota Agricultural Machineries

The tractor brand is renowned and has done great to the manufacturing and production of amazing tractors. The sales figure of the company for the Aug, 2021 accounts to 1664 and the sales figure of the Aug, 2020 accounts to 1309 which is quite more in the increase of sales with a successful market share of 2.32%.

  1. Eicher Tractors

The tractors of this brand have a sales of 4271 in the Aug, 2021 than the sales figure of 4477 in the Aug, 2020. The total market share of the tractor is 5.95%, the decrease in the sales for the respective month  is the consecutive result of unfavourable and retarded market support and economic conditions.

Hence, the overall statistics of the tractor brands show up the 50-50 growth and declining performances of the tractor brands. Although the total increase in the sales of the tractors is more in the month of Aug, 2021 than the month of Aug, 2020. Keeping the hardship of the changing economy in mind, the tractor brands are all prepared to get more increment in the sales number by the months of 2022.


1. The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD & TS as they are not yet on Vahan 4.

2. Vechile Retail Data has been collated as on 07.08.21 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and has been gathered from 1,305 out of 1,519 RTOs. VST Tillers Tractors reports PAT of Rs 24.01 crore for Q1 FY22, YoY rise of 40.7 %.
Operating revenues of VST Tillers Tractors rose by 32.39 % to Rs 193.60 crore in the Q1 FY22 as against Rs 146.24 crore during the Q1 FY21. Company re... Escorts Agri Machinery sold 5,693 tractors in August 2021
Escorts Agri Machinery (EAM) in August 2021 sold 5,693 tractors as against 7,268 tractors sold in August 2020.... Mahindra’s FES Sells 19,997 tractors in India during August 2021
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), part of the Mahindra Group, today announced its tractor sales numbers for August 2021....

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